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Listeroid Engines / Real life test values, Diesel to electricity and heat
« on: December 23, 2006, 06:05:45 PM »
Finally the first tests done. Nothing theoretical at all, this is real life values!
Testing is knowing  :)

More tests will be made over the coming weeks (two weeks of christmas vacation  ;D ).

Electrical output: 5kW
Thermal output: 3 kW (output temp from het exchanger: 47 degrees C, 120F)

JKSON 10/1.
Thermostat 85 degrees C (190F).
STC 7,5 genhead.
Engine speed: Approx 650 rpm.
Thermosiphon heat exchanger.
Techem water energy meter (temp in / out, flow, energy). Typically used when charging for hot water use in apartments.

Ambient temperature at testing: ~5 C (40F).

Electrical load: ~ 5 kW (+ / - 10%)

Cooling water flow in heat exchanger: 77 liter (20 gallons) per hour.

Inlet cooling water temp: 10 C (50F).

Outlet cooling water temp: 47 C (120F)

Thermal energy transferred from the engine to the cooling water (exhanger cooling water): ~3 kW.

Time from startup to "steady state" (readings): Approx 35 minutes.

To be tested next time:
Fuel consumption, precise electrical load, output at various cooling water temps.

Pictures will be posted later.

Other Slow Speed Diesels / I want one...
« on: November 19, 2006, 04:45:29 PM »
Just look, and listen...
Then find a way of getting one...

Not a clue to what it is, and where I can look at it, but I do know one thing: I NEED one...


General Discussion / Travel tips around Chicago
« on: June 09, 2006, 04:30:37 PM »
Ok, this post will get old really quick, but still, I'll give it a go:

I will be travelling from Sullivan, Illinois to Port Washington (north of Milwaukee) next weekend (17-18/6). Always fun to have your boss plan the business trips in such a way that you have a weekend away from the family...  And the "Roid"... :-\

Anyway, does anyone have information about any "must see for a Swedish enginehead" around this area?
Any feedback will be appreciated.

Lister Based Generators / JKSON (VOLVOX) test run
« on: April 19, 2006, 01:42:56 PM »
So, finally it is here.
Worked day and night for some time, and finally got it up and running.
Film clip under

Still a lot of modifications to be made, but pleasantly surprised so far.

Engine is a JKSON 12/1 (at 1000 rpm), but will be de-rated to about 10 hp (800) as soon as I get the ratio to the genset right.
No modifications made to the engine so far. Jsut opened and cleaned the crankcase before first start. Looked OK.

Setup works with a dual V-belt drive (A profile, 13mm top width). Will see how long that lasts, since the big (12") pulley on the crank is not round, so tension varies a bit... Also the two grooves are not of the same width (depth), meaning setting the right tension is not really all that easy...
Anyway, guess I have to change the ratio a bit, rev the engine sligtly higher to use the full power.
The belt setup I have now uses short (46") belts working on pulleys with approx 6" and 12" diameter. Make your maths and see that there is only about 1-2" between the pulleys.
This means that the widest part of the setup is (almost) the flywheels, since they are 26", and the frame is 30". Will fit through any standard doorway, if you have the right equipment for handling it like that...

Anyway, I am pleased with the frame setup, the genhead works OK, although not properly tested so far.
The oveall footprint of the frame, no parts sticking out over the frame sides is 30" x 55".
Frame is too lightweight though, but that can be solved (concrete anyone?).

To do.
-Remove radiator, replace with heat exchanger.
-Work on the regulator. (longer softer spring).
-New exhaust (Volvo muffler already purchased...)
-Exhaust heat exchanger.
-Veg-oil conversion including dual tanks.
-Electric start.
-Bypass oil filter.
-New fuel filter.
-Auto shut-down.

Well, looks like it will keep me busy this summer.  ;D


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