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Thanks for the advice on disassembling my 12/2 from my previous thread.  I will heed it.  Here is another question.  What is the ideal operating temperature of a 12/2? 

The real reason I am moving the ‘roid into the basement of the garage is to plumb the engine into the central hydronic heating system on my property.  I plan on both using the heating system, powered by free, waste dead wood, to constantly heat the Listeroid, as well as to use the waste heat from the engine when it is running, to heat the house, apartment, hot tub and pool.  I do not know yet what the duty cycle will be of the engine and generator, but I assume it will be no more than 8 hours running and 16 hours at rest a day.

I had always intended to do some type of  ”co-gen” system with the Listeroid, that is, use the waste heat as well as the electricity from the gen set, but now that I moved to a large property with a few buildings, now all connected with highly insulated, underground thermal PEX, all the pieces are coming together for my dastardly plan.

My question is this:  What is the ideal temperature to run a 12/2?  Can anyone give me a good reason why I should not run hot water through the engine at all times regardless of the engine running or not?  The water will be between 174 and 186 degrees and the flow will probably be about 6 or 8 gallons a minute.  The fluid I am using is essentially 400 gallons of tap water, with a small amount of corrosion inhibitor, and is corrected for a neutral Ph level.  There is no antifreeze in it at all, but provisions are made to prevent it from freezing as well as overheating (boiling)

My little scheme seems to be like a win-win.  Use the waste wood (and waste vegetable oil) furnace to heat the engine (and waste vegetable oil fuel for running the Lister) to operating temperature 24/7, while at the same time, when the engine is running, harness that waste heat to reduce the burden on the furnace, offering perhaps 40K btu of free heat – all without having to build a radiator for the ‘roid or expose the engine to cold motor oil or warm up times.

Does anyone know if I am missing a real showstopper of a blunder?    I would love your comments!
Thanks again!


Listeroid Engines / Chopping up my Listeroid!!
« on: November 16, 2007, 12:51:57 AM »
I am looking for some advice from the forum regarding disassembling and moving my Listeroid 12/2.  In order to complete my new design of a waste vegetable oil based cogenerator, I need to move my Listeroid into the basement of my garage.  Yes, it is strange that a garage would have a basement, but this new property I bought is a strange place indeed! 

There is a trap door in the garage floor that will allow me to use a winch to lower heavy loads to the basement, but it is fairly small, about 2 ½ ‘ X 3’

I will have to partially disassemble the engine to get it through the hole, but I want to do this intelligently and not just take the impact wrench out for gratuitous disassembly.

Can anyone tell me what easy, basic pieces from the Listeroid 12/2 can be taken apart for moving?  Roughly what will the size and weight of the largest single piece be?

Also, when I remove the fly wheels, will I have to mark the original positions of the wheel relative to the crankshaft because of balancing issues?

Any advice would be great, as I am about to chop my baby up any day now!



Straight Vegetable Oil / I finally am generating AC on SVO
« on: June 18, 2006, 03:07:38 AM »
I Just wanted to share the excitement with the forum.  While far from finished with my project, I did have an important milestone today.  I ran a large, 220v air conditioner from my Listeroid using straight Vegetable oil. 

I am still working on the vibration dampening and exhaust system, as well as basically every other system too, but for the first time, actually ran this big AC with 100% straight VO.  I ran for about an hour!  I posted a little MPG of the proof of concept milestone.
AC running on SVO

Listeroid Engines / World’s Stupidest Lister Question!
« on: June 12, 2006, 08:50:15 PM »
After months of sitting, followed by weeks of building, today I am ready to start my brand new, Listeroid 12/2 for the first time.

Problem is I don’t know how.

Yeah, I know about the decompression levers, spinning the wheel, but where is the On / Off switch?  I mean the fuel pump switch, called the governor lever, I think?  Which direction is on?  It says nowhere?!  Is it with the lever  up or down?

Either way, my Listeroid does not start.

Please help!

Here is what I did.

1)   Put in fresh oil
2)   Put in fresh diesel
3)   Open fuel valve.
4)   Bled the fuel filter with the little bleed screw on the top of the fuel filter housing until my filter and fuel lines seemed filled with fuel, at least from the filter to the fuel tank.
5)   Set the Governor Lever UP (also tried down – don’t know which way is RUN?)
6)   Set both push rod blocker thingies so the rod can not come down and thusly, there is no compression.
7)   Crank the handle and spin the flywheels as fast as humanly possible, or to the point of near vomit.
8)    Flicked the closest decompression lever clear so compression is in one of the cylinders.
9)   Cranked even harder, since now one cylinder has compression.
10)   Sweat and pant.  No Listeroid seems to be starting.

I would expect one cylinder to pop a bit with life, and then I was planning on throwing the second decompression lever – but it does not start at all.

I do not know what I am doing wrong.  Any ideas?  Any advice would be great.  I am as green as  Lister!

Listeroid Engines / Is this normal?
« on: June 06, 2006, 02:37:00 AM »
Hi Forum Folks!

I am finally getting a chance to get my Lister project going after not touching it for several months.  I have a couple quick questions, that I am hoping someone can answer for me before I get too much further in the project.. 

When I took off my valve covers, I noticed that one of the eight head bolts sticks out about an inch and a half from the nut, while all the other bolts are flush with the nut.

Please see the picture provided. Is this normal?  Is this OK

See that one bolt sticking out?  I am feeling like I have three nipples here!

Also, When I took off one of the coolant flanges, I was shocked and saddened by the Indian Quality Control or lack thereof.  I don’t know if it is poor casting, or what, but what looks like it should be a large diameter opening for water is sealed almost shut with cast iron. Please see Picture provided.

My Sphyncter is gafloogeled!
Again, Is this normal? Is this OK? Should I bore this out and look for others like this on the other opening of the engine and fix them too?  I want to install an active cooling system, and I suspect that this is not a good thing in terms of aperture size.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks guys!


Hi fellow Listeroidheads,

I hope I am not missing a thread about this subject elsewhere, but I can not seem to find it so I thought I would start a new thread

I live in an urban area and I am ON-Grid.

My urban dwelling friend just installed a solar photovoltaic system on his house and is currently selling back excess electricity he produces to the electric company in the form of reversing his power meter and gaining credits. 

I am told that under no circumstances, would he ever actually receive a check from the power company, but he would pay into the system in terms of credits, and on cloudy days, use those credits he may have earned on sunny days and essentially get power for free.

I called my local electric company to ask about the details of this, since I am only a short way away from producing power from my Listeroid running on free, waste Vegetable  oil.  When I spoke to the power company about this, National Grid thought I was speaking Venetian, and had two heads -- and recommend high doses of Lithium to cure my mental illness!

Does anyone know for sure, what is involved for me to hook up my Listeroid based 8KW generator into my house, and have any excess electricity go back to the grid and credit my account?  No one here seems to know anything about this, and can only advise me on how to use my generator only when if I were to disconnect from the grid.  This is not my intention.  I live in grid land!  I want to use the grid as my “battery”

I am not an electrician, but I am sure there is a fairly simple answer.  I have read Utterpower’s explanation of syncing the phase of a ST head to the grid, but this all seems like voodoo, and does not really answer my question of how I can get National Grid to eat my excess power made from used won-ton oil!!
Are there any electrically savvy --  rebellious folks out there that can guide me in the right direction?  Do I need a special box? Meter? Hire a vegetarian electrician? How can I do this,  It is too cool not to do!

Again, I want to generate electricity with my Listeroid on free waste fuel -- while on the main power grid, and what I don’t actually use, I want to automatically sell back to the grid. 

Any one there who can guide me on this profoundly cool venure?

Thanks for any advice!! 

Waste Vegetable Oil / Waste Veg Oil
« on: October 31, 2005, 03:09:38 AM »
So, I plan on doing some WVO Lister action. I just finished my car conversion and now I want to convert everything to WVO.  How about a WVO blender? or a WVO lawn mover??  Ahhh the possibilities!

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