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Original Lister Cs Engines / Re: waddya reckon?
« on: February 15, 2020, 04:55:28 PM »
I'm glad I don't live in New Zealand and Thank God they're not twins.  Now that would be a lot of pressure to immigrate.

Nice find.  Any guesses where it'll end next Thursday?


I said guesses.

Other Slow Speed Diesels / Re: Genuine Indian Slow Speed Diesel
« on: February 10, 2020, 07:25:08 PM »
I was afraid the operator was going to suffer some kick-back a couple of times.

Very nice.  Thanks

Listeroid Engines / Re: EPA Regulations
« on: January 29, 2020, 05:12:33 PM »
I can't believe the amount of gain my solar system is putting out now compared to two years ago when we were having VOG (Volcano generated SMOG).  It is amazing.

We face the same forced obsolescence here in Hawaii.  I wouldn't be able to put my inverter on a system seeking licensing today even though being twelve years old it's purring right along.  This regulation is just a door stop the Hawaii Electric Company uses to discourage wider use of solar.  It is not a function of government code.

At the same time if I increase my system size I must switch from a watt for watt exchange program to a wholesale out and retail in program for the existing system as well as the additional capacity upgrade.  The working but older inverter would be Okay for the old system but could not be used in the upgraded part.  Kind of makes you appreciate extra soft tissue paper.

Listeroid Engines / Re: EPA Regulations
« on: January 27, 2020, 05:09:02 PM »
The world is transitioning.  There are solar systems without generators showing up more frequently as time marches by.  Just like cars.  If I had suggested 15 years ago that there would be battery powered autos not too uncommon on the road you would have been doubtful.  Today it is a fact.  Ten years ago if I reported that there were battery based solar homes you would have held the same doubt.

I'm offering one of the reasons, a growing one, that our old (technologically for sure) friends are losing their market share and popularity.  Perhaps we could write a science fiction movie about the remaining people being saved by a Lister diesel generating enough electricity to keep the incandescent lights on in the growing warehouse to feed and maintain the circadian rhythms to maintain life.

Listeroid Engines / Re: EPA Regulations
« on: January 26, 2020, 05:07:38 PM »
Let me clarify.  Solar is replacing generators.  Especially big heavy units that put out less than 5 KW.  I believe it's called a disrupted market.

Listeroid Engines / Re: EPA Regulations
« on: January 25, 2020, 07:04:21 PM »
SOLAR vs All The Time and Trouble
Running Costs

Listeroid Engines / Re: EPA Regulations
« on: January 24, 2020, 09:21:32 PM »
Wisdom without end. 

I haven't seen the study where folks that use diesel or wood for heat and / or power have different health outcomes.  Sounds like a masters thesis to me.

In honor of "Catch 22":  "If everyone did it that way then I'd be crazy to do it any other way."

Slightly askew.  When I was about 12 the damn futurists decided to start reclaiming Lake Washington that touches up against Seattle.  There were consistent spots where swimming was not allowed at any time.  60 years later you can swim anywhere in the lake you want except for when the public sewers break.  And the lake is healthy enough to absorb those spills in a week or so.  Same trip on Cedar River - a tributary of Lake Washington.  I drank the water as a kid and had become careful about how I played in the river only 30 years later.  In moves the libratards and now I can see the salmon even in the deep areas.  No I don't drink it anymore.  But then we've got a well now rather than a water line that runs up the holler and catches whatever out of the creek.  That move was the same year we found a VW Beetle upside down right smack dab in the middle of the crick.

And then you see the photos of SE Asia and the sub continent.  Holly cow!  Pun intended.  Makes you appreciate the war on one use plastics.

Listeroid Engines / Re: EPA Regulations
« on: January 22, 2020, 07:37:40 PM »
Two items:

It reads to me as it reads to broncodriver99.  Much like 25 year old automobile importation.

These engines are not harmless.  They do exhaust rather nasty particulates when operating on diesel.  I appreciate the tempest in the teapot aroma of this stand but just look at the air and water where there is NO or weak Environmental Protection Agency like programs.

Everything else / Re: Inverter question - Resistive loads
« on: January 15, 2020, 05:04:14 PM »
What an interesting question.  We're grid tied so from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM I would think our SMA 6 KW 240 volt inverter carries our electric hot water tank most days.  Ignorance can be a beautiful thing.

General Discussion / Re: Happy new year
« on: December 31, 2019, 04:21:14 PM »
We're still 18 hours out in Hawaii.  We are looking forward to a new decade.

Best wishes to you all.

The two stroke oil seems just a bit over kill but I probably worry more about dirty air than most others.  The 10% gasoline goes along with my beliefs however I thought it was to ease the load on the fuel pumps more than ignition.

I actually had my dump truck on the road this week.  Once they set for a few months the problems seem to escalate.  New wiper posts, replacement fuel tank, rear tires, rat nest attack and remembering how to drive a unit that your ass is directly above the front tire have all taken some time to overcome.  This week down to the local safety inspector and then, hopefully, let the mulch (green waste the county collects, thrashes, and loads onto your truck) rain down again. 

The big lesson to me is that if you're going to do raw vegetable oil make sure you're tidy about it and don't use mature oil.  I definitely put the 10% gasoline in and some lubrication additive if I wasn't thinning it with bio diesel.  I bring this up because as you're dumping that $3+ a gallon diesel in the tank it might be very tempting to pour in some "free" recovered vege oil.  Both will soften the diesel exhaust smell.

General Discussion / Re: Forum layout change?
« on: December 14, 2019, 07:38:53 PM »
That's how I got here today.

Other Fuels / Re: Carbon, in water
« on: December 06, 2019, 05:01:55 PM »
rdg2;  Was a blank screen intentional?

Clean utilization is important but notice this article reported nothing about the extraction and it's inherent problems.

I too am sorry to hear of your forced life changes.  You have been the source of light for many of us here.  The giant bail out of the many stranded Listers in the UK was amazing.

I'm sure we all wish you smoother sailing in these years to come.

Red Stone Engines / Re: Are these Redstone diesels?
« on: November 24, 2019, 05:07:23 PM »
As I set here looking at the pictures I'm wondering why a Lister CS needs the great big water tank and these seem happy with a couple of gallons.  I'm sure it's in the archives but a simple answer would be so wonderfully easy for me.

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