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Appreciated. Thank you. I will get in contact with her.

Thanks. I'm trying to find any clue of it...

Hi to all attendees.

I have a picture of a very old model of a Lister Blackstone diesel-generator set from 1940s/1950s... I like to show it to you. This set was, as far as I found, first used in one of the thermal power plants of Turkey in Zonguldak city. The set was then demounted and sent to a Blacksea coastal town of Catalzeytin. It had provided electricity for the town between 1965 and 1976.

I have searched on the web on the technical specifications of the diesel-generator, but unfortunately, I could not find any design info on or picture/illustrations of the model. Shortly, I need to have as much background as possible about it to be able to use it in writing a novel on the town.   

Any response from the forum attendees to my question will be very much appreciated.

With regards.

Hasan from Turkey.     

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