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Thanks again for your information so far no majors a valve grind  needed and a bore hone as bores look good and ring clearances tolerable, as for the gen set it probably would be rare as rocking horse crap. Will keep plodding on thanks again.MMDN

Thanks Bob. Have got coils worked out and tested out and working ok fan flywheel has no ring gear so hand cranking it is . Job has grown considerably as motor has had bad oil leaks and very low on comp so pulling down to check out . Any idea on a good place for parts ie gasget set maybe rings .Thanks

Thankyou very much the information will be very helpful. If any one has a instruction or workshop manual on the system it would be much appreciated. Thanks again for getting back to us.

Wiring Diagram or Knowledge on speed control of Lister Generator diesel engine 7.5HP.

Have recently purchased 7.5HP twin cylinder diesel Lister that use to have 240 volt gen set bolted to the back.
On the engine there are two looks like solenoids that control the governor of the engine.
Set up looks complete but not sure on how the system works or wiring connections.

Wondering if anyone can help as reusing setup to run gen set.

Thanks Dutchy

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