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Generators / Re: How to Choose a Gen Head
« on: July 09, 2021, 08:17:38 AM »
thanks mihit - yes we are in the Uk, hence 230 VAC

what you say about double converting energy makes sense - however, ideally I'd like to pour a concrete base and build a shed around the engine just to try and keep the noise down, it going to be easier to keep the engine "isolated"

one of my reasons for wanting to stay direct drive was just for the simplicity and "compactness", also, even if I could weld, living off grid makes it difficult to get power to weld! so I'd like to avoid having to make a frame to mount pulls and belts etc

thanks for the info on sizing the gen head

Generators / How to Choose a Gen Head
« on: July 09, 2021, 07:35:04 AM »
Hi Everyone - my first post, so many thanks for allowing me into the forum. ~I'm completely new to the world of lister engines, but we have recently moved "off grid" so a lister generator to provide 230VAC seems like a good idea.

I recently acquired an Lr1, but I'm thinking of maybe trying to source and sr2 as well. What I'm struggling to work out is how to couple the engine to the generator head - I've read that lister flywheels are not of a standard SAE size, so I can work out which generator head would fit?

As I understand it, many people link the engine and the gen head with a drive belt.....if possible I'd like to couple the two together directly, via the bell housing  like the original generator heads were coupled to the engines.

I know that there are still lots of the contemporary gen heads/alternators around, but I don't think that I have the expertise to rewind/repair one (and again, as I understand it, it's more often the genhead/alternator that goes wrong then the engine

is it possible to source a modern AVR genset that can be coupled direct to the engine via the bell housing? - I have seen some adaptors on but can't seem too find out the SAE size of the SR2's flywheel

also what size genset should I be looking to pair up with the Lr1/SR2? 

I'm very grateful for all and any help that you can offer - they may seem very basic questions but I can't deem to find the info anywhere on the web, and I'd love to get my foot in the doo in the lister world! :)

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