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Engines / Re: An orphan SR 2...
« on: September 17, 2020, 01:43:42 PM »
Cobbadog Thank you,Sir.

Those all sound like neat methods for cleaning/conserving,and mostly the kind of products i can get a hold of here.
(I am tolerably remote,270 miles as the crow flies from the nearest road/400 by river,but it's only an hour+ flight,and even the things of a restricted shipping nature,"haz-mat" in local jargon,are easily available).

I'll be back in a few days and unbolt the heads,look at the rings,and take some photos of the inside of this motor.Will definitely uncouple it from the generator(i suppose i'll have to fabricate rear mounts to support the back of the motor then,no big deal,unless it be permanent,where i'd have to line up some vibration blocks and all that).

The power generation is accomplished by the village(nominally a 1st Class City!:) fairly efficiently,i don't know if i can gain much by running my own light plant.So the generator part of it is kind of secondary in my mind(though the electrical motors/windings seem to suffer least from the flooding,and often come out of it almost unscathed).

While looking up assorted things about this Lister on internet i was fascinated by the availability of So many variants of Marine gears available for similar engines...I've long dreamed of building a crude scow to be powered by a low-RPM diesel...a type of vessel common around here +/-100 years back,known locally as a "tuk-tuk boat":)

But,thanks again to everyone,pleasure to make your aquaintance,i shall be back in a few days.

Engines / Re: An orphan SR 2...
« on: September 17, 2020, 03:37:26 AM »
Hi Jake, welcome to the forum. A very nice find you have there. Mike is right, if this has been submerged it will require cleaning out. He is also right about pulling the injectors, you may well find that the engine is Hydro-locked if one cylinder is full of water.
Once the injectors are out, try turning it over again. Another likely cause of it being seized is that the armature in the generator head maybe seized. Remove the generator head and see if the engine turns over.

The inside of my ST2 was a lot worse than what I am seeing in your photos.


Thank you all,very kind of you.

I'd like to uncouple the generator and see if that's what holding the motor from turning...But unfortunately must rush off in a few hours,the moose hunting season is in full swing,and i live too close to the line to afford to miss it...

I help a friend at times with his SR 1's,and learned to love these machines...I'd like to take it all the way down,and though the cold season is near,the way i live i can easily bring it right inside my living space,and  would enjoy it's company for the winter.

The local silt is insidious...Once i tried cleaning up a chainsae bottom end.after washing it thoroughly with diesel and every other thing,cleaning it and drying it and loving it up in Every concievable manner,i put it to my ear and (only then!!!)started slowly turning it.
In the stillness of a completely flooded town,no generators,everyone evacuated,vehicles all drowned),i heard that awful gritty sound,ever so tiny,but there...:(

Particles are so small that some mysterious magnetic force seems to make them adhere,even to entirely degreased surfaces...

But,there Is a number of de-flooded vehicles running around,on the other hand,so will try to save this neat old Lister.

I'm not much of a mechanic,just a played out old homesteader,and so abandoned the 3.152 Perkins that i also found there.With it's complex mechanical fuel pump,higher speed,tighter tolerances,i just knew i'm not man enough to tackle that...But,this Lister,i Have to try...

Thanks again everyone,i'll be back in a few days and hopefully can explore it a bit more.

Engines / Re: An orphan SR 2...
« on: September 17, 2020, 02:13:03 AM »
Oh,it worked..well, how cool is that?!

Well,then,an overall view of machine.

Engines / An orphan SR 2...
« on: September 17, 2020, 02:09:14 AM »
Greetings,gentlemen,from the deepest,darkest Interior of Alaska.

I've only just found and joined your esteemed forum,and the reason for it was that i happened to've find a complete,but much neglected,SR 2 at our local dump...
(complete number on it is 351SR2Z19).
It is blue,and factory-coupled to a 6.5kw Kohler genset,controls,an autostart(i think),the works.The only things missing the original red primer/blue paint are both heads that are unpainted.
Hour meter is right under 5000 hrs.

But here's the rub:The roadless village that i live in is located on the bank of the muddy Yukon river,and every few years the River comes out of it's bed to remind us of our mortality et c.

Like so much other equipment around this thing has been flooded,with water carrying a large volume of basaltic silt(ready-made lapping compound).

The generator is so silted up that it'll take me a while to free it(the entire machine is locked up Tight,a 3' wrench on crank won't budge it).

However,taking the side inspection plate off i see only a few spots of very superficial rust,and not really any silt in the sludge that used to be crankcase oil.

I think that the water has percolated into the engine slowly,so slow that much silt has settled on the way.Once filled,it evaporated eventually,in presence of very limited oxygen/very oily parts,so not so much corrosion occured.

I've very little time at present,only enough for a peek into that side access,and the valve covers(everything pretty clean there,too).

So i thought i'd ask around wether or no i should waste any time on it,if it has any hope,and if so-how do i go determining that...

Thanks in advance,Jake

P.S. it maybe even is letting me post a photo...if so,it's the view through side access panel...

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