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Yep that boost pressure was a thought as well.  The vacuum in the intake would create some natural suction too. Thanks much, parts are ordered.

I've been reading about this for quite some time, and guys using windshield washer fluid or just water.  I have hurt two of my Ford trucks in the past on wmo but have put 10's of thousands of miles on them before signs of the piston rings seezing up.  I farm and use wvo and wmo in tractors too.  Even a VW with a 1.9 tdi.  I appreciate the insight from your experience.  Only thing I can think to add is if your engine has a turbo is adding the WI after the turbo or in a way water won't go through the trubo.  I like simplicity.  I'll be shopping eBay today

Glort, what kind of water injection set up do you have?  Thanks.

do you still have your engines for sale? 

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