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Engines / Re: Changfa engine?
« on: December 31, 2019, 09:16:59 AM »
The French system is good because you can input into the grid when the sun shines and take out when not, you also get a off peak night rate which means you can sell a Kw to them for .14 and buy a night one back for about .09 I have electric and wood heating so I can use wood to keep power down, if I could cut yearly bills in half that would be great, I am a electrician, and am happy to work on a roof so a DIY installation should be no problem, I just need to find good low cost panels

Engines / Re: Changfa engine?
« on: December 30, 2019, 10:28:46 PM »
You are right same output as heating oil I had not thought about it like that, with losses I would not make anything on it, I would use solar but surrounded by trees I know I would still get some power out but would be a lot down, all depends what I can get the panels for might have another look at it, it would be good to cut energy costs

Engines / Re: Changfa engine?
« on: December 29, 2019, 04:36:34 PM »
Just out of interest how much fuel would it take to generate  kwh of electric, my electric supplier is installing meters that allows you to input into the system (for solar panels) they pay the same as you buy the electric for, I do not think  I would be able to use grid tie system direct from generator but would need to turn to battery then back to 240v, I bet that if I check the contract I can only input from solar power, I will have a look and see

Engines / Re: starting petter ph2
« on: December 27, 2019, 08:24:09 PM »
It is beginning to sound promising and the link to the workshop manual is a must for you to have so hopefully you have this one too.
Glorts initial reply was correct add a bit of water and your reply that can be scarey was correct but it was clarified by Stef the safe way to do that and it is one step I certainly would try especially after that extra information about sparks (hot coke) coming out the exhaust, this is most likely the big issue.
With your fuel system, completely drain every drop out and add some fresh diesel from the fuel bowser of some quality not some fish n chip grade stuff.  If you intend to pull the injectors then pull both and while they are out is a good time to replace all of the fuel in the system and fuel filter as it is easier to turn the engine over with them out then in. The system will bleed quicker and once it is at the injector you will then hopefully see a lovely super fine spray. If this is the case simply wipe them over and replace. Not sure if there is a copper seal under the injectors but check this with the manual. If there is find the old ones as they maybe still down the hole and replace them. If no new ones are available carefully remove them and heat them with a LPG flame and allow them to cool naturally. This will soften or anneal them and help make a good seal again.
Each day I read here there are extra bits of info being put forward to help you out and it is all good and sounds like there maybe big positive progress soon. Keep us informed.
Is was the same manual I had found on another place a great help to have as it gives so much information if only the things you bought today had the same and not a slip of paper badly translated from Chinese, but then will any of them be around in fifty years time ? will they still work in 50 weeks?
But back to the engine, I think with all the help I have been given we have come a long way to working out what the problems might be, I thought I know a bit about engines, I had never can across engines being cleaned out with water but looking at the manual the pistons  have a recess in the top of  them, this most likely is full of carbon, which will change the compression and also mess up the flow inside cylinders, I am working this week but hope to find a bit of time to get the filters on order so I can have a go in the new year, I will let you know how I get on

Engines / Re: starting petter ph2
« on: December 27, 2019, 07:54:52 PM »
Sounds promising that you can get it past TDC.

If you can split the decompressors you'll stand more of a chance, leave one cylinder decommressed, wind it forward to TDC on the second and ease it over the top. Take a deep breath and give it your best shot over two turns, using the last of your effort to get it 'over the top'.

If it doesn't kick back rinse and repeat 'til it fires and runs.

If it don't, try again using the other cylinder.

If that fails it's out spanners........

The French heating oil lights off better than veg oil but not as well as 'white' diesel from the pump. might be worth running on dino diesel, given how little you'll burn.

Finally, where abouts in France are you? I'm just below the ski resort of La Mongie in the Haute Pyrenees.


Hi I think I will clean out tank when changing fuel filter and try some good clean white diesel, it could have a mix of all sorts in it,
I am near Agen in the Lot et Garonne so not that far from you

Engines / Re: starting petter ph2
« on: December 26, 2019, 06:09:33 PM »
It will turn through TDC if I turn it very slowly so think it is not a mechanical problem, it also runs okay when tow started, It was getting dark last time I started it and I was getting some small spark like bits coming out of exhaust so that would make sense, also it has being in France some time, they use diesel like fuel as heating oil (red) and most use it in tractors but might not be as clean as normal diesel, or might have came out of old heating oil tank,it also has not been used much in last couple of years and engine really feels like it has too much compression, I will try and get bits for service sorted out then try washing out engine, I will also try and get injectors out and see what they are spraying like, I have been looking a manual and that says for the 2 cylinder engine turn one cylinder at a time over when starting if not linked together so if all  fails will try that thank again for the help I will report back when I have tried these things

Engines / Re: starting petter ph2
« on: December 26, 2019, 11:37:11 AM »
I think you might be right, I have found a manual on line which gives details for setting timing but not that easy, I will start with service and look at injector spray pattern first and see how it goes, then move to harder bits

Engines / Re: starting petter ph2
« on: December 25, 2019, 07:56:38 PM »
I would say my handle is about the same size, I have been reading about timing the injection of the fuel and I do not really understand it so will start with a service and see if it gets better, I have tried easy start which does not seem to make any difference, I wander if timing is out and firing too early but it is not kicking back it is just to hard to turn over once the decompression is off, if timing was too late it would be trying to start, which lead me to the idea of starting it on just one cylinder, I could also try each cylinder on its own because of the way they are like two different engines chances are the problem will be with just one of the cylinders

Engines / Re: starting petter ph2
« on: December 24, 2019, 10:39:26 PM »
You mentioned that it won't start off the crank handle even after it has been running and is warm.

A possibility is you might need to eat more weet bix in the morning,  try cranking it like ou mean it or you crank and have another person to throw the decompression lever over. Worth a try.
I have tried and my son as well with the over working the decompression, I am not sure about the crank handle it might be it needs a bigger throw it has been cut and wielded but seems to look about the same size as ones I have seen on line, I think we will give it a service and see if it gets any better

Engines / Re: starting petter ph2
« on: December 24, 2019, 10:27:54 PM »
Engine needs new piston rings, towing to start splashes oil onto the cylinder increasing compression, then as you say the engine will hand start after being towed kinda confirms my suspicions.
It will not start even when hot with handle and seems to have a lot of compression as it is very hard to get it to pass over TDC when the decompression is undecompressed,

Engines / Re: starting petter ph2
« on: December 24, 2019, 10:21:56 PM »

Not familiar with the engine at all but valve clearances and injector timing can make a big difference to diesel starting so I'd look at them for sure. valve not quite seating won't make much difference to running but can make a big difference to starting.

As mentioned, spray pattern of the injector is also significant.
Once you had it running I'd also give it a dribble of water down the intake. Might clear out any buildup  that shouldn't be in the engine or the exhaust.  Run the thing at a good speed and slowly trickle some water down the intake. If it bogs, back off a bit. Put a few litres through it and see what comes out and how it responds afterwards.
Hi thanks
The idea of putting water in the air inlet of diesel engine really scares me if I used a spray bottle and sprayed in a mist would that work?
I know very little about this type of engine so am learning new things all the time

Engines / Re: starting petter ph2
« on: December 24, 2019, 10:15:50 PM »
On the Lister engine you can seperate the 2 levers as they are joined together by a short arm. Something I would try is do a full service from engine oil and clean fresh fuel and all new filters as well. May even be worth pulling the injectors and getting them cleaned or run a dose of injector cleaner through the system after you have done the other things I have suggested. My SR2 Lister starts very easily by crank and both levers engaging at the same time.
Let us know how you get on.
Hi thanks for you response I had planned to give it a service I need to work out what oil to use there seems to be many different ideas should I used the oil that was recommended or are there better newer oils to use? I also need to find a bit of time to play with it and find out what filters I need, I will let you know how it goes

Engines / starting petter ph2
« on: December 23, 2019, 11:05:28 PM »
Hi all I am new here and have just bought a Thwaites dumper which I am told has a petter ph2 engine, I am so impressed with how well made the engine is, The problem I have is hand starting it, I had a old cement mixer with a single cylinder diesel Lister engine and that always started first or second attempt. The dumper will start very easy with a tow but I have not managed to get it even to think about starting with the handle,as soon as I turn the compression on the engine stops instantly at the next compression, I think I am doing every think I need to, I have moved leaver over to give more fuel, I have primed both pumps and I have diesel up at the injectors and as will start with tow I think all must be good. It will not even restart with the handle if it has being running and still hot, I would like to convert the decompression so I can re-compress one cylinder at a time. where is a good place to find a second decompression leaver?
Has anyone got any other ideas that might help
I think I am going to really enjoy this engine when I can start it, any help ideas would be great

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