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Changfa Engines / Re: Need help with Jiang Dong 1115
« on: October 25, 2019, 08:15:52 PM »
Just a quick update.  I purchased a new fuel pump from WSE on AliExpress for roughly $45 and also installed a Racor style R12 fuel filter/water separator.  Just to make sure I didn't have a head gasket problem I pulled the head -- no sign of bypass but since I had a spare gasket went ahead and installed it.

All buttoned up now and it runs great.  Set up with a 11KW Stamford style head from Central Georgia.

At this point I believe the fuel pump was the culprit particularly in view of the over full sump with diesel present.

I was pleasantly surprised how fast the pump was delivered from China -- ordered on September 19 and received on Oct 10.  I've ordered spare head gaskets from WSE and price was pretty reasonable -- roughly $7.50 each.  I was interested to see that this engine has 6 head bolts vs. 4 head bolts found on most ZS1100 and ZS1115 engines.

Thanks for the input from everyone who posted and thanks to those who keep this forum going.


Changfa Engines / Re: Need help with Jiang Dong 1115
« on: September 19, 2019, 08:20:23 PM »
I may have found the problem.  I checked the oil level and it was WAY high -- drained some of it -- no milkiness but it felt like it was very thin and had a diesel smell.  I had left the fuel petcock open --- suspect that the injector pump leaked diesel into the sump.  I had been having problems with the engine keeping primed and now I think I know why -- again leaky injector pump.

With the amount of diesel in the sump I suspect some was bypassing the rings and/or valve guides creating the overfueling situation.  Ordering a new fuel pump and try that before pulling head.

By the way does anyone know of parts suppliers in the US for 1115 engines??  Also, looking for a source of banjo fitting copper sealing rings.

Thanks for all the suggestions.  After the new pump gets off the slow boat from China I'll update the post.

Changfa Engines / Re: Need help with Jiang Dong 1115
« on: September 17, 2019, 10:39:27 PM »
Tried your suggestion but no love.  Beginning to wonder if the injector pump is the problem -- is there some way that the injector pump over fuels the engine?  I have literally clouds of dense white smoke!!

Changfa Engines / Need help with Jiang Dong 1115
« on: September 17, 2019, 09:45:28 PM »

Bought this engine new off Ebay last year and have it set up with an 11K Stanford type head.  Last time I ran the unit (a few months ago) it ran fine.  Getting ready for winter so I thought I'd best fire it up and make sure everything was working correctly.  Unfortunately it has issues.

The problem:  engine starts easy enough but billows white smoke, occasionally backfiring and pulsating rpm.

What I've done so far:

1.  Drained fuel and replaced with fresh diesel.  No love.

2.  Bled all the lines -- I can hear the injector pump creaking.  No love.

3.  Pulled the injector -- connected to fuel line and turned over.  Seeing 3 perhaps four fine mist sprays from the injector.  Re-install, bleed lines, No love.

4.  Torqued head bolts.  No love.

I know that white smoke usually indicates unburned fuel and/or air in the lines.  Compression seems to be good.  Fuel rack seems to work appropriately.  Can't figure out why the problem is not getting resolved.

Next step would be pulling the head and replacing the head gasket but I really don't want to do that before getting some input from members of the forum.

I understand that the injector pump is timed with shims but honestly have no idea where and how to time the pump.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

I noticed a sticker on my engine -- kind of hidden below the air cleaner/intake manifold area -- in any event the sticker says that the engine complies with the EPA rules & regulations!!  Never have seen this on a Chinese Yanmar clone.  Perhaps direct injection cleaned them up enough to pass. ;) ;) ;) ;)

Took delivery on the Jin Dong 1115.  As advertised it is a brand new engine that has never been fired; mine has a date of manufacture in 2010.  Filled with fluids and attempted to start -- fuel pump didn't work initially but after a couple of hours sitting with diesel in the system it started working.  At initial start up it was showing symptoms of air in the fuel supply lines (white smoke misfiring)and I started with the line from the tank to the filter to the pump , etc bleeding out the air.  Still white smoke, etc.

Getting frustrated at this point I started rechecking the tightness of every fitting from the fuel tank to the injector and found that the studs that hold the injector in place on the head were slightly loose -- turned each nut about half a turn and voila the engine fired right up and ran normally.

Seems like a nice runner, runs out smooth at 1800 rpm.  Comes with usual accessory kit (rings, bearings, seals & valve springs plus usual crummy tools)

The manual is a hoot -- as a senior citizen myself I took particular attention to the following on page 2:

"Children, the slow old man and epileptics are not permitted to enter the workshop."   >:(

In any event seems like an excellent deal at $799 delivered, YMMV.

New photos are posted on Ebay and show a complete engine.  Here's a copy of the message I got from the seller:

"We just updated the photos in our listing. It is complete diesel engine. Since they are old stock, we are not quiet sure how it will work as engine, so we suggest to use them for parts. Or you could try to add oil and run it and may need to change some parts. The retail price for a brand new engine is over $2,000."

May be selling as parts to get around EPA fine potential?  PayPal payment went to JINMAAMERCA which I believe is a pretty big outfit -- Jinma tractors & equipment.  Hopefully it won't be a complete POS.

I contacted the seller and was advised that they are complete engines ( I noticed the pic with the bare head bolts and pointed that out to the seller).  He has 2 identical listings one for $599 pick up and one for $799 free shipping.  I just bought one of the free shipping units.  I'll post something when it arrives.

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