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Engines / Re: HR3 engine problems
« on: May 27, 2022, 12:03:53 PM »
Yes, you certainly will get it running again. By that added bit of information, that it sat around and is/was gummed up, should direct you to the problem and to me since your pumps are done or almost done apart from a leak, the obvious place to me is in the injector itself. Only a total strip down and clean then assembly and setting it to the correct pressure will we all know whats going on. But you have worked your way through everything else so you must be close by now.

Engines / Re: HR3 engine problems
« on: May 26, 2022, 12:33:53 PM »
I can only hope that you have a injector  bench testing gauge. This tests the injector at the nominated pressure before it cracks open. With out one you are making a lot of work for yourself. They maybe simple to strip down and assemble but they must be set correctly for your engine.
I sugest that you take b oth injectors to someone who has this equipment and get them set corectly. To me it is important they are both the same and working correctly.

Other Slow Speed Diesels / Re: Hatz E79 - Shop manual
« on: May 26, 2022, 12:28:16 PM »
Have you pulled the i njector and physically seen how much fuel is coming out of the nozzle atomised? With out doing this there is no way of knowing how much fuel is going in.
If you wish  not to try a bit of either then squirt some oil into the cylinder and try to start it. But you really need to test that it is being atomised and  not too much raw fuel getting inside.

Engines / Re: SR2 starter replacement
« on: May 25, 2022, 12:10:19 PM »
Answer, preferrably none.
So what is causing the vibration, engine or generator?
Disconnect the belt and see if the vibration is still there, if so you need to sort out the source of the vibration in the engine.
If there is next to no vibration then the generator is causing the problem and possibly destroy it. Possible cause would be a bent armature so if it is the generator slip that out and test it for being bent.

Fair enough. Sometimes there is a limit to how much to spend on anything. So what do you look at to buy? Another one the same or a proper Lister which maybe old but they do last if they were taken care of. I have a late 1950's CD 8hp that is as strong as the day it was made.

Engines / Re: HR3 engine problems
« on: May 24, 2022, 12:11:10 PM »
I am not sure but I think that that area is sealed by the close interferrance fit of a precision ground shaft in a bore. I think from memory that you have a manual on these pumps. That should tell you if there is a seal in that area, if not the shaft at least is badly worn or the bore it runs in or both.
I thought after you rebuilt the pumps you tested them to see if they worked by connecting the fuel line at least to them and see the fuel dribble out the top of the fuel line. I went one step further and connected the injector to the lines and watched the fuel atomise. If all you did was run fuel to the pumps and fuel came out it was just gravity flowing the fuel.
Might be worth replacing that pump or talking to a diesel repair shop to see what if anything can be done with that one. Is the other pump working properly after testing with a fuel line and injector hooked up so you can see it work?

OOPS, not a good feeling. I would keep stripping it don during the day and searching for parts or replacement engine of a night. By knowing what is available and what cost is involved then an informaed decision can be made. Any luck contatcting a parts supplier?

Other Slow Speed Diesels / Re: Hatz E79 - Shop manual
« on: May 23, 2022, 11:59:51 AM »
Suggest not to ever use a starter motor for long periods of time as they burn out. They are only dessigned for short pulses of power to start an engine in good usuable condition.
Can you adapt a 4" pulley off the PTO?

Sorry I am unable to tell you if it is a sleeved engine or not so unless you have a workshop manual or parts book you will have to strip it down to find out. Maybe you can contact a parts dealer and ask to buy a sleeve for it and that will also give you an answer.
As for your anti-freeze freezing and cracking the sleeve/block I think there is something very wrong with the enti-freeze mix or it was not as claimed. Here in our climate we occassionally ned anti-freeze in certain areas during Winter but we have to be carefull when buying products for our cooling systems as not every thing is anti-freeze but is just a inhibitor more so for corrosion control than stopping the engine getting froze to death. If it is a sleeved engine hopefully it is just the slleeve and not the block. If the block is cracked then yes it is possible to repair it by veeing out the crack and making many passes with quality cast iron rods because in this case brazing it will not hold. This will take a lot of time and hours of manual labour and talent to do the weld properly. So would consider another engine replacement.
Question. If the engine is not under cover and out in the open why don't you run and exhaust that does not face upwards? Or why not build a roof over the engine?

Other Slow Speed Diesels / Re: Hatz E79 - Shop manual
« on: May 22, 2022, 11:45:03 AM »
Good idea with the oil or the Aerostart to find out the quickest way. Also it assumes that the fuel is free flowing all the way to the pump. no blockages inside the tank, tap (if fitted), or outlet of the filter bowl.
I had a McDonald Super Imperial Crude Oil Engine I rebuilt. It was never going to start off the crank and this is with new rings and gaskets etc plus overhauled hyvid bronz fuel injector. In the end I belted it to the PTO pulley on the tractor. That bought it to life and once running for quite some time. After killing every mosquito for a mile radius it now starts off the crank

Engines / Re: HR3 engine problems
« on: May 21, 2022, 11:57:22 AM »
Wish I could answer your questions on that. Spill timing is something I have only heard and read about but never had to do it. Maybe do a search here as it has been explained in th epast in simple terms with good outcomes.
Never tried to understand the internals of an injector, just free them up to make them work, sorry.
Soon enough someone with a lot more knowledge than I have will offer help. So get stuck into the fuel delivery system while a proper answer can be supplied.

Engines / Re: New take on an old camshaft
« on: May 21, 2022, 11:53:40 AM »
It's out of my fild of expertise but admire your attempts at making improvements. Do you think the torque would have changed or HP rating?

Engines / Re: Lister HR3 Bryce fuel pump help
« on: May 20, 2022, 12:20:49 PM »
It sure is as it is compression that heat the fuel air mix to ignite the diesel.

Engines / Re: HR3 engine problems
« on: May 20, 2022, 12:19:40 PM »
Go right back to basics. Is there rubbish inside the fuel tank, is the fuel tap clear and allow the fuel to flow free. Replace the fuel filter and check for free flowing fuel all the way to the pump. Make sure then that fuel pumps freely to the injectors rack and that fuel is making it to the injector. Finally make msure that all injectors are atomising the fuel.

After that check spill timing. Change air filter so that it can b reath as you need air to mix with atomised fuel to ignite. What is the compression like? This should keep you busy for a while. Don't rush over any stage of this as it only takes one thing to stop it. But it does sound like a fuel supply issue as it starts and runs for a short time but will restart and do the same.

Engines / Re: Lister HR3 Bryce fuel pump help
« on: May 17, 2022, 12:13:11 PM »
When cranking without using the decomp lever you do need to be serious about wanting to crank it over. Don't play with it mean to turn it over. Diesels rely on high compression to ignite the fuel air mix. If it was too easy to turn over compression it may not start. There is no shame when cranking to use the decomp levers when the weather or engine is cold or hot. It is just easier on you to start it up. Electric starts can do it without the use of a decomp lever when everything is in good working condition ie good battery and starter motor.

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