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Lister Based Generators / Re: Replacing Generator
« on: June 03, 2020, 12:47:30 PM »

Save your Pence!
If it costs anything like it does here you might ned to sell a kidney, or a Lung AND a kidney to get the thing rewound or rebuilt.
People complain about a throw away society but the fact is in so many cases repair is no where near economically Viable even if it is possible.

Hopefully it's a lot better there than here and you can have this piece of useful history brought back to full glory.

Engines / Re: Kohlor 8.5 kw with Lister SR2
« on: May 30, 2020, 02:12:56 PM »
Even though the generator is the Start-O- Matic, Taylor loves starting the engine using the hand crank to keep his friends buzzed.

It's surprising how many people don't even pick a lister as an engine.

Had a gathering of Veg oil Friends at my old place one Night.

Played " Start the Engine" With the Lister, The China Horizontal, The Ruggerini and a China Vertical Cylinder Diesel.
 Geez there were some sore arms and Fingers went home that night! :0)

Still playing fire ups at Midnight. 
Didn't care, Half the neighbours were too shit scared of me after previous " Differences" To call the cops and the other half loved me for what I did for them so never minded what I did.

Was pretty funny though. I think out of all of them the China Vertical Cyl is the most  dangerous.  Rope  Recoil Starter with a preset Decompressor. If that thing backfires, as they are prone to do,  it rips the starter out your fingers like nothing else. The Ruggerini is probably the hardest.  Old style Wrap around rope on the Pulley with no Decompressor. You only get one chance to pull that through a single firing stroke after winding it back to compression and if it doesn't hit first time, it's a lot of effort for another try.

Lister is the easiest of them all really.

Nothing like hearing a Lister putt away in the middle of the night in quiet suburbia!

Engines / Re: Stw3 cooling
« on: May 28, 2020, 12:26:31 PM »

What sort of HE did You get, Flat plate or bar and Tube?

Does your Yacht have  Keel Cooling or anything else built in?
Easy to plumb the engine into the HE but you then have to dump that heat.  Usually a Pump is set up on the engine that sucks up the sea water, Pumps it through the HE and then overboard again.  You circulate the water through the HE and the engine and the pump uses the pickup and dump fittings you have now and just pushes the water through the HE.  The water pump on the engine Circulates the water through the block which you can fill with coolant/ inhibitor and will also need a header tank for if it does not have one.

I had a Mildly worked 308 in a Haines Hunter with a 3 Stage Hamilton on it. Great boat. I was disappointed when I finished it the thing would only run in 6" Of water. I was hoping for 4 but it was a pretty deep V. When I ordered the Hull, they stuffed up and put this huge ballast tank in the front. I refused to pay for it so they left it there.  Turned it into a 200 odd liter Fuel tank. Don't know what it actually took, never game to fill the thing right up. Never ran out of fuel on Rallies though!

I did come unstuck once At Port Stephens sand bar skimming when the thing picked up a lot of shell Grit which clagged the Tubes in the HE.
Sand was small enough to go through I guess but this Coarser grit Blocked it solid.  Was up the coast a bit from where we set out but I managed to join some hose and had direct cooling into the engine with the output  just going over the side.
 Spent some hours next day with a Piece of coat hanger wire Rodding out all the tubes. Was slow going as the shell jammed rather than just pushed out and each tube had to be done many times to break the grit up them tap and wash it out then go again.

  After that I got some fine stainless mesh and put that in the end cap where the water came in and always carried a bit of better straight wire to  clean the HE if I did get anything it as well as plenty of hose to bypass the HE if need be.  Was always a bit careful Sand bar running after that. I did clag it again but it was easy to undo the end cap, empty the grit out and put it back together and carry on.

That boat was the Pride of the Club I was in but I sold it to buy another house ( which I didn't need to do in the end   >:( ) and went to buy it back 3 years later as I really missed the thing . Rang the guy I sold it to and he said he would be prepared to sell it as he hadn't been using it. That was an understatement of the Century!  Went there and saw it in the front yard.  It was completely full of water from being in the rain Uncovered. It was Full up to the sides and the engine was obviously submerged with everything else in the Mini Swamp.  The top of the seats I could see were just destroyed, the screen was Crazed and it was just a mess. Tyres on the trailer was flat and the thing looked like it hadn't been moved since I sold it to him.
I was heartbroken and had to look at the rego numbers to make sure it was my once beautiful boat.

I didn't go to the door, just turned around, came home, had a little cry, several times over the next month I think, and that was that.

How the hell anyone could pay that much for a Boat which I kept Immaculate and under a cover in the shed and then just leave it in the open like that and let it become completely ruined is something I'll never understand and will always Haunt me.


Just looking on Fleabay. There are an assortment of metal Tanks for Go Karts that may be suitable for stationary engines.


No Worries, Hope you have a good Trip.

I forgot this is not a " Normal" Type engine. Gravity feed with no air would stop it quick. I'm always amazed at the price fuel tanks go for, both specific and universal types.

Bummer about the rallies being cancelled. I'm really over this China flu and all the Bullshit with it now. It's being turned into some sort of Public control agenda and scare tactic which has all gone way over the top. I was shit scared of this at first because I believe there is a VERY good chance I would not survive it with my afflictions but i'm literally betting my life on the fact the chances of getting it are the same as winning lotto. I'm doing everything I can as normal as the restrictions allow which pretty much mean not eating out and little else different.

I think this has all been way over blown but I also think it's not going to let up any time soon.
I'm disappointed to hear the rallies are all off. I missed the local one last year, Obviously the one for this month was shit canned and it seems the October one will be too.  I like the Clarendon one although it's a very Melancholy thing going there. I like the event but the venue has very painful memories.  I wasn't up to going last year but was going to put my big girl pants on this time round. I hope they still fit next year.

Bought Dad a New Unimig.  They are Italian and a mate has a MIG/ TIG and I have a plasma made by them. The service from the importer is fantastic in my experience. Had some problems with the Plasma Which I think were due to shitty Tips and rung them and their service guy, an Italian bloke could not have more helpful. I could not have been more helpful if I was dealing with Myself! Told me to Drop in any time as they aren't far from me and I gave him a call to see if it was convinent, yep any time and the guy welcomed me like a long lost mate and went over the thing with a fine tooth comb while I was there. Changed the tips, Cut a heap with the thing which was perfect, changed the tip/ electrode again and said there you go. No Charge! Couldn't do better than that.  Funny thing was I had bought genuine tips and he said there were a lot of them that were crap and the chinese no names were generally better. Bought them and had no problem.  Unbelievable!

Dad had his eye on one of their machines before Christmas. When I diagnosed the board was kaput and rang Mig O Mag, the guy there who was also helpful as could be, said they still made them and they would be $130 which I thought was OK.  Dad Obviously really wanted a new, lighter compact machine with more bells and Whistles so we went in to look at the one he saw before. That was a run out special and the replacement was a Tad over 900 and was TIG as well which dad didn't even know what that was despite being a Qualified welder  back in the '60's.  Was all stick and oxy back then of course.

I told the guy TIG was nothing he was interested in nor was all the other crap of a trolley, helmet etc which came as a package which he already has. The machine was a Trade quality one and I said to the guy he's 82, It's not like the thing needs to last 20 Years and he's probably still on the same roll of wire in the old machine as he had 5 Years ago. The guy got a bit defensive about the better machine was 15A and said don't think about filing the pin down, it will Void your warranty.  I looked  and said that's the Plebs way. The shed is all wired in 2.5 as it has to be, that's good for 20A, there is 15A of solar on the circuit back feeding it so there is no voltage drop, quite the opposite, I'd just put in a 15A point and that would be it.  Guy said Oh, yeah, not many people would know how to do that.
Hmm, whatever.

He had a new old stock machine and said If You want to pay cash I can do you this one for $400. It's a 185 A Stick/ MIG Machine so all Dad would need so I couldn't get the money ( lucky I had some cash) out my pocket fast enough.
Dad has the Shakes now so welding will be a challenge or he'll be able to weld better than he ever could, not sure which or I'll be doing it all for him.  He was plenty happy to get the thing that price and the guy threw in a bunch of Tips as well which was a bonus.
I set it up for him before I left.  I don't know he'll be able to re thread the wire if he gets a jam with his Fingers. His eyesight is better than mine since he had his cataracts done last year but sometimes he can't hold a cup that more than half full without getting it on the roof or walls.  It's not parkinsons, it's called essential tremors and not a lot that can be done he could deal with. The main treatment means he couldn't drive and the day that happens will be the week before he gives up and kicks the bucket.

I didn't get a chance to do much with the thing other than load the wire and Dial it in and sticky tape the settings and switches in place so he can't accidently bump them.  I really don't know what he's going to need to weld with the thing but he likes to have things in case so if it gives him peace of mind, it's money well spent at his age.  I told him Just use the stick and I'll bring mine up if he really needs something but that idea didn't suit so now he's happy and content.

I'm going to bring the old machine down and see if I can fix it. It's made like they used to not like they make them now. Great heavy transformer, old school Rectifiers, HUUUGE Caps and what electronics there is look like it was all hand soldered way before surface mount and double side boards were even dreamt of. I'm pretty sure all the board does is control the wire feed speed. I'm going to see if I can just replace the board with a PWM controller and if not, a Mate in Qld told me he's been doing a bunch of these boards for some mining and engineering cos up there and reckons he won't have any problem with it. I'm sure he won't.  I'll have a look and see if he can give me some pointers. There isn't much on it anyway so it's probably just a cap or a rectifier or something simple.

If I can get it going I Might sell it.  I just bought a new one myself otherwise I'd have held out. Dad was going to scrap it because he hates selling stuff and dealing with the inevitable wankers who think things should be better than new or expect the price they want to haggle to includes delivery 100 Km away. I'll sell it for him and give him the money... which he'll probably refuse but I can put it to something else for him.

I'm Going to try and get up there at least every 3-4 weeks now so hopefully plenty of opportunities to catch up later.
Where you plan on going and how long you got off?


Don't forget to put a tiny hole in the lid or leave it loose when running, those tins are air tight.  They are also pretty thin so if left sealed, the pump may have enough pull to crush them down under Vacuum.

I wonder if the Clarendon show will be on this year or the local one to me at Menangle in October?
Even though we have only had 100 Deaths in the whole country and the majority of them can be traced to 2 Distinct sources, seems to me everyone is going completely overboard with all this.

I was up with Dad last week in Taree and apart from a few frock shops closing early in the centre, looked like everything was the same.  The checkout chick in the supermarket certainly shared my belief that it was all over the top now.
Dad didn't want to go to the supermarket but was happy to come everywhere else with me and look at a new Tractor, buy a new MIG welder and Check out new toys at the garden equipment place.

Like me, when you don't know anyone that knows any one that knows anyone that got it and with 3000 cases in 25m people, the odds of getting anything are on par with winning lotto.  As I don't see that ever happening, I can be pretty confident of avoiding the china flu.

I'll be up there again next week knocking off more odd jobs and Cutting wood, might have to drop in and have a look at all these toys of yours.... If you aren't scared I'll kill you with the Pox that is!  :0)

Straight Vegetable Oil / Re: injector
« on: May 27, 2020, 09:05:48 AM »

From what I can deduce from the test, those setting are optimal for emissions only. They, from what I can see, never measured power or even mention it.  Their sole parameter of testing was single point and emissions concerned only.

They also make a number of other conclusions amounting to variable loadings and RPM gave very different results.  Much to my surprise they  not that heating the oil gave improved results in SOME load points and even more curiously, indicate that at others the " Modified" Fuel as they put it actually performed 1% worse.  I can't see how heating oil improves anything and I certainly can't see how it could make anything worse but then again, I only look at power and starting  and have never looked at emissions or give a Damn for that matter.

I don't see where there is concern when one is using a Renewable, " Natural" fuel to start with. Their conclusion was diesel was over all the cleanest fuel.  It's worse in some things and better in others but by their testing, it did have the lowest emissions over all.

I am still completely unconvinced that heating the oil before it goes through the injector let alone the fuel pump as is common practice can have any  effect on emissions or power/ output.  It may have an effect IF it was injected hotter but I fail to see how that can be when an injector is buried in the lump of metal the head is and the thermal conductivity between the two. I would have to see something that convinced me the injector was capable of running at a different temp of some substantial amount than the head it's buried in during sustained load on an engine that has been running long enough to heat soak completely.

I remain thoroughly convinced that the greatest asset in running WVO in a standard engine is the addition of 5% Petrol to the oil for the exact reasons the report addresses.

It lowers Viscosity and improves the spray pattern which is what they were testing with heating the oil and the running the higher injector pressures.
It improves starting by making the fuel easier to light off. Something they noted several times in relationship to Diesel Vs. Veg.
It brings the timing forward and closer to the light of characteristics of Diesel which again improves starting and running performance.
No doubt these improvements which are the same as they were trying to achieve with the mechanical modifications would also help emissions if one were concerned about that.

While Listers are easy to change timing and injection pressures on ( for the little and variable that was worth) many other engines particularly small engines are not and the addition of 5% Petrol can have all the desirable benefits with very little effort. In my experience with a variety of engines from small industrial to a variety of Vehicles, the The starting improvement ULP makes in cold weather starting is huge.  In the winter months the ULP ratio can be Bumped as high as 15% ( Some say 20 But I find after 15% there are undesirable side effects)  to help that even more.

My recent experience with my little 3Cyl Diesel showed harder starting on straight oil even in the warmer months but the addition of 5% ULP had it starting every bit as easy as if it were running straight diesel, perhaps fractionally better. That said I tend to like an engine to have a few cranks before lighting to reduce or eliminate the time it is running before the oil pressure comes up.

While I certainly believe bringing the timing forward on engines running WVO is a sure benefit, I remain unconvinced of the benefits of fuel heating ( over around 30oC to melt any fats through filters) and IP pressure increases. The report seemed to find the heating and IP pressure increase had variable and minimal benifit at best and only on the emissions they tested for.
Power nor ease of starting was not mentioned that I saw.

Everything else / Re: Air Motor Starters
« on: May 21, 2020, 09:00:49 AM »

In drag racing they use electric starters with Lipo battery packs so the things are all in ones.
For years I have used electric Drills with a socket on the end to start small engines.

I would go a fixed starter on a lister. If one were getting a bit beyond winding a Cs over by hand, I think the torque  reaction from hitting a starter of any kind is likely to be a bit much and then you would have to spin the thing up, remove the starter ( or hold it one hand) and then release the decompression. 

For those in the US, Golf cart starter generators would be a better Choice I would think.
I used to use a 2.5 Hp Electric motor with a 2" Pulley that went onto a belt over the CS flywheel.  Once the engine was running I flicked the belt off with a screwdriver.  Not advising such a rough setup but it did work OK.  One could use the same setup with a mains or battery starter motor with an overrun clutch from a car alternator/ AC unit.  They drive one way but over run when driven.
Having started a 6/1 like this, I have seen there IS a lot of load trying to get all that mass initially spinning , compression or not.
If You were the stationary force on a starter, I'd suggest like a post hole Digger, one would want long handles to offset the torque reaction.

Other thing for a CS would be like an old style Dozer and have a little petrol Pony motor which was fired up and and a clutch engaged ( or use a centrifugal Clutch ) to spin up the CS.


If you set up a small to medium sized solar farm in your back yard or up your Dads place, with 'repurposed ' equipment and get it checked and certificated by a qualified inspector you could apply to the local power company to be a registered suplier.

When they start to bleat about the age of your equipment you point out that it is completely safe and the proposed connection exceeds current safety regs by far.

It's not a bad idea at all Steph. There are a few problems however.
Unfortunately it would never be passed here.  We have a load of silly standards that are soley designed to keep our solar industry ticking over that mean non currently available equipment can never be passed or approved. It is literally not a matter of safety but of currency.

The second problem would be Dads House and sheds are only just Visible from satellite Photos.  I am amazed how well his setup works  with the amount of trees around and I'm talking MAJOR trees.  The power company called around yesterday. No, not about the solar, about the couple of dead trees in the front ( 2 acres) yard that they deem a risk to falling on the power lines.  We had been talking about them yesterday  Morning about getting them taken down.  The power come is going to come drop the 2x 32M trees at their cost  which would be about $1500 worth in my estimation so that was quite the bonus.

A solar farm here would be a real Flop. I could put in a Mw worth of panels and get about 50 Kw out of it at any given time. On a good summers day.  :-[

As for my place, The back yard is clear enough, only take one tree to come down but I would like to stay married, she is a damn good woman that's put up with me this long so I think I prefer my current living arrangements to a solar farm. :0)

It's slightly less efficient than current equipment, but continues to make an environmental contribution, rather than being a disposal issue.

I know you despise the 'greenwashed' but they will be failing over themselves to support a bloke that is using perfectly serviceable kit to save the planet rather than burying in landfill to poison it.

These 2 things go together perfectly in my mind.

I am NOT against the green initiative/ look after the planet mindset at all. In fact, it is exactly why I am so against and intolerant of the green washing.  It's the Bullshit profit agenda riding on the back of a noble worthwhile cause such as that environment that pisses me off no end.  And the thing we have here with panels is perfect case in point.

Everything I have in my solar setups, Including the new inverters I have , is basically Illegal/ non compliant, even though it has YEARS left of life left in it. Had I not intercepted it and given the rules and regs the Middle finger. all this stuff would have been wasted.
I don't think many people have the time on their hands I do or look into things the same way.
Making panels is a filthy, polluting, energy intensive Business. Many say panels pay themselves back over their life time but that should be 20 years not the 5 to 7 years tops of the panels I have and deal with.

I'm as naive as all get out as well demonstrated here but I thought the whole goddam idea of these things was to help the environment with non co2 emitting power generation and all that good stuff. The reality like so many other things called " Green" is that we ( the planet) would be better off having never made these things at all. He are fed bullshit endlessly that these are wonderful things to stop using coal and polluting the atmosphere but that is complete bullshit if the things do do at LEAST 20 years.

That to be is the perfect example of greenwashing.

In reality, I'd LOVE to build a used panel/ Discarded solar farm to show what a crock this is.  The thing is, while another example of green washing is that solar power is cheaper, which it's is NOT, -MY- solar farm WOULD be profitable.
I have actually looked into small scale solar farms here.  Basically, not a hope in hell.  The corruption of the power co's and the approval organizations/ Gubbermint depts they have in their pocket mean even a pleb like me can see it's a pipe dream.
I have followed a number of endeavors in this dept here and it's pretty clear they will just screw you over any way they can.  An end one is to approve the facility and then pay something like 3C kwh to make it completely nonviable.
From what I have looked at, it happens not just here but in many parts of the world. Canada seems to be the most Micro generation friendly from what I can tell.

A month or so jumping through bureaucratic hoops and being in the local media whilst pretending to be greenwashed yourself and you'll be making money for the rest of your life.

I agree with you in part, the media pushing the green aspect would be the ONLY thing to get you through. Standards and Compliance would almost be irrelevant.  I also think it would take a lot more than a month though.

Just don't forget it was my idea and 10% of the profit isn't very much....


I have always said my goal in life was to pay a Million dollars a year Tax. If I'm paying that much, I have got a clever accountant on the payroll thats probably got me paying 5 cents in the dollar so I'm rolling in it!

I'lll be more than happy to pay your 10% and put you on staff at $200K a year as the ideas and inspiration director.   ;D

Original Lister Cs Engines / Re: Electric starter
« on: May 16, 2020, 10:54:13 AM »

That's quite few questions!

To start at the top....

Yes, a lot of the fun is in rebuilding and then running an engine, however, last year I bought an off grid barn. A lot of CS Listers, as Startomatics, ran isolated farms etc, for years,

That's what I want mine to do.

Sure, I could have a silenced, modern genny, but it won't be as easy to maintain as a CS. With a few hundred pounds worth of spares, head, barrel, piston, rings .com rod, crank and bearings, along with a modest box of tools I can have an engine rebuilt by supper time.

The CS will run happily on the WVO I have a good supply of, and lots of other waste oils that may come my way in the future,

It will still be a museum peice, the brackets that hold the modern stuff to the engine are all mounted on existing bolts / studs and it will hand crank the same as ever.

I'm guessing as a policeman you live an active life, me too, I'm 6 feet tall, 14 years in the Royal Marines, and married to a small lady who worked on a bank. She knows case more about pressing buttons than I ever will, but anything bigger than a lawn mower, with a hand start is going to be a bit beyond her.

Years back, whilst working with the Parachute Regiment, I was asked why I was wearing a pullover a week before the Regiment had changed from summer (shirt sleeve order) to winter rig (pullovers) I replied that the Corps had issued me the pullover and left it to me to decide if I was cold.

That's how it is with the CS, at 65 Years old, with the start of arthritis, and the winters just as cold as ever, 1100 meters up in the Pyrenees, I'm fitting, now, the electric starting kit before I get to the stage where I can't get out of bed and have to get the Wife to go and press the button on the wall because I can't remember where I left the remote fob!

We've got plenty of wine, Carolyn makes her own bread and I can see the local cheese makers house from the barn, in a couple of years time,when you've polished all the museum exhibits, and I've got the roof on the barn, pop round for lunch, we can take turns starting the CS, just to work up an appetite!


Brilliant Reply.
Well said.


Told a mate I did a deal on 200 Panels and his first question was " Do you still have enough room for that many?"
No missing the opportunity I told him I was going to set up a small solar farm in the back yard. Without a pause he asked how much that was going to make me a week.

Seems me setting up a solar farm was not something he thought was remotely unusual.  :0(

Feel free to send multiple gifts of solar panels whenever you get locked up and cant use them!!

Got the Inverters OK. Brand new in the box. 2015 Models.  Guy stressed the was no warranty. I thought to myself If these things last 3 Months I'll  be in front anyway.

Maybe the best bit was he has some used 250W Panels he wanted to sell so I did a deal with him on some. 
200 of them!!  ;D
Yes, Literally Two Hundred panels!

Already put an ad up where my Dad is and got 5 Orders for the things. Might have to borrow a mates Truck to bring 50 or so up. That's almost 1 Ton.  Put a reasonable price on them so I actually move them. Most people want $50+ here but then have them for months. I have put $25 on them so I can shift the things and seems to be working. There is no shortage of people selling them but I think price is the limiting thing now.

Might have to buy myself a Forklift and a small Truck!

Sending you that container load might not be so pie in the sky after all Ed!


Not a lot of Vac on a diesel. Not unless you have a restricted intake/ air filter which isn't good.

I was thinking about what you said about washer pumps. Tried them and they weren't great but depends how often you are going to use one.
On a car where they are set up for high throttle or to only come with boost might be OK and if you had one on a stationary engine on a timer so they came on for say 10 sec every minute or so might also be OK.

I have used those Diaphragm water pumps and they seem a bit hit and miss. They either last forever or they die quick.
What you did lead me to thinking about was control.  I like pulse pumps because they don't care how often you turn them on and off.  If one had a regular constant spinning motor, It could easily be controlled with a low Voltage PWM board.  I would still put a Nozzle in of some sort but you could then just dial in the motor speed to give you the flow you wanted.

From there a number of other possibilities exist.  One could also add in a thermostat so the water never came on when the engine was cold. Something I prefer not to do but probably no great detriment. One could also 2 step the injection.  One lower dosage going through the PWM and a higher one that bypassed it say on a vehicle with a Turbo.

The advantage of having a larger pump and being able to turn it down or tune it on a stationary engine would be a very good one. Again, Add a little thermostat board that won't fire the water till the engine is up to temp and a timer to time the water.  Could be anything from a second on to a second off and beyond. Starting a regular running motor like that wouldn't be a great idea but it would work with a puls pup although I don't know how limiting that with a PWM would go? Might work as it may limit the plunger travel in the pump and give it less displacement.

Best pumps for stationary use are dosing pumps but I have not found any of those cheap enough for this sort of application and the Chinese Component types are complete and utter rubbish that wouldn't last a day.

Everyone goes on about Bullet proof and simple but that is a misnomer IMHO.  There are things you can do simply that add a lot of benefit and increase the protection offered and still be as reliable as one is likley to get.  People talk about they don't want electric fans on radiators as they might stop. They don't see a belt can break just as or more easily nor take into account every car in the last 20 Years has had electric fans and you don't hear of them failing and being a cause of failure any more than any other engine failure.  That is rare in fact.

I have some radiator fans on my shed window connected to a solar panel on the roof for ventilation.  They have been here for 3 years now working every day except for maybe a couple of months in the winter when I disconnect them.  They log up huge hours and the car they came off was 15 yo to start with.

I think people in this game should look at other things and see that times change and things don't have to be out of the '20s to be reliable.
There are loads of Cheap electronics available to us now that can greatly enhance the function and abilities we have with different tasks and it's smart to take advantage of what is out there even if we are applying it to 100+yo technology.   :0)

Listeroid Engines / Re: Does water flow around 6/1 posts?
« on: May 12, 2020, 12:56:47 AM »

Seems to me if you put it in one spot only you are going to create a high point that will make the rest leak more.

Copper spray is great stuff and gasket sealer is good too when used -PROPERLY-... which many people don't.
I give it a thin smear all over, let it cook off a bit then put the gasket in place. Wait a bit more then tighten it down.

If surfaces are true I have also had no problem using ordinary grease on the gasket., Leave it a bit to swell the paper then apply.

I think the technique is more important than the product being used.

Engines / Re: Lister lt1 fuel problem
« on: May 11, 2020, 01:32:13 PM »
don't put your flesh over the pump outlet or injector outlet.   If high pressure diesel gets injected thru your skin, you will be very unhappy.

Seen some Really disturbing pics of where that has happened. Absolute terrible injury and often results in amputation when the flesh dies. No real way to treat it and diesel is a terminal poison in flesh.

Much better to use Vegetable oil when doing any testing or setting up. ( or running an engine for free :0)  )
 If you do get hit, the body will just eat or store it as a fat.
Even old style injection systems can cause deep skin penetration.

Other thing is be careful not to breathe the Diesel mist from a spraying injector. Won't make bits drop off like skin penetration but it can make you feel real crook and throw up if you get enough of it.

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