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Title: Engine Timing
Post by: Brad Silwood on November 16, 2021, 03:56:33 AM
At no point during reassembly, did I feel like I had zigged when I should have zagged. I had watched ( I believe it was Butch's ) TDC video 25 times, and felt super solid about what I had done. After all is ready to go, when I slowly try turning it over by hand, there is a problem with it binding up. Any quick checks or best way to proceed is appreciated. Thanks guys
Title: Re: Engine Timing
Post by: mikenash on November 16, 2021, 05:08:12 AM
Is it a problem where something is binding up on you?  If all the timing stuff is good - is it possible the cam follower thingie for the injector is too high & is binding on the pump?  Just a thought - if everything else is good.  Good luck
Title: Re: Engine Timing
Post by: Brad Silwood on November 16, 2021, 05:48:24 AM
I was able to turn the flywheels 1 1/4 revolution clockwise before it appeared the exhaust valve was open (pressed down), so that would have been touching the piston. Took it back to my starting point with the flywheels. Just because, I rotated the flywheels in a counterclockwise way, barely 1/2 of a revolution and it binds again. Movement is once again the exhaust valve. I will definitely check the pump throw on the injector pump. I appreciate that.
Title: Re: Engine Timing
Post by: 38ac on November 16, 2021, 10:53:39 AM
Brad, There are some variables in the India gear and cam lobe placement. The piston does indeed chase the exhaust valve closed and it may be hittting it or it may be the pump as suggested.
Did you check the bump clearance when you reassembled? Needs to be correctly set. If that is correct then go on as follows.
First remove the injector so you have no compression interfering with diagnostics also loossen the pump bolts several urns and try turning the engine over with the decompressing lever in the operating possition. if all is fine tighten tbe fuel pump , if all is still fine the decompressr pad needs to be ground down a bit. If it is still binding due to hitting  the exhaust valve open up the tappet clearnace until it quits hitting at report the results for further instruction.
Title: Re: Engine Timing
Post by: Brad Silwood on November 21, 2021, 06:36:44 PM
Pulled off the flywheel, injector pump, back cam cover and removed cam. I was counting teeth and looking at cam lobe angle percentages, it was ridiculous (and still binding at different points). I knew I was making this to complicated. So, I took the cam back out, I also took out the injector, but left the diamond shaped injector bracket in place as a guide/measure. I dropped a 1/8” piece of nylon rod about 14 inches long down the injector hole to rest and ride on the piston, so I was able to get a real good TDC reading. I thought about how the valve order in the combustion cycle should go. I needed the intake valve to open first, so I installed the cam in the flattest position under the tappets, just before starting to move the intake valve. That position was the intake cam lobe facing 9 o’clock. I then put the covers and injector pump and pushrods back in place and proceeded to slowly turn over the engine. To my amazement, it would actually turn over without binding – however, I could feel in my senses, through my hands, that it was close, but not perfect. Then my brain automatically went back to Butch’s timing video where he shows us that the crankshaft one tooth off in either direction isn’t going to work, and it’s obvious. Took it apart, put the crank at TDC, took a sharpie and marked the position of the idler gear and cam gear – knowing that I was probably just one tooth off in either direction as Butch laid out. My first 1 tooth change forward made the engine bind up, but after moving my cam gear 2 positions back (because I’d already moved my mark, 1 forward), we are back in action !
Title: Re: Engine Timing
Post by: mihit on November 24, 2021, 07:27:20 AM
Always good when a plan comes together!
Thanks for posting, it might well help the next fulla that comes searching...