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Title: Looking for changfa r170
Post by: keith71 on June 26, 2021, 11:29:44 PM
Anyone in the eastern part of usa, actually northeast part, have any changfa engines or parts takin up space? Looking for a r170 or maybe bigger. Anything used or enough parts to build one? Trying to get into the changfa or lister lifestyle has not been easy. Seems like alot of people want alot of money for listeroids that are poorly manufactured with sub par parts and materials. At least the chinese chanfa's and other diesels they make are reasonably priced, built alot better than the india crap. And parts are easy to get. Not knocking the roid, but at Anywhere between $2700-$3495 for a 6/1, it aint all that.. ??? ::) Thanks. keith in Connecticut.