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Title: Resleeving a CS
Post by: Lochbank on March 24, 2021, 08:16:16 PM
So I have a CS 5/1 or 6/1 Startomatic that had an Alloy piston + 60 thou.  I am thinking of fitting the thin CS sleeve from Stationary Engine Parts and then fit a standard cast iron piston back in.  Has anyone bored out a block to fit this sleeve and able to let me know the sizes and tolerances required to press this sleeve in?       Cheers.
Title: Re: Resleeving a CS
Post by: dieselgman on March 24, 2021, 08:19:54 PM
Talk to 38AC - Butch. He has done this same work for us in the past - with excellent results.

Title: Re: Resleeving a CS
Post by: Hugh Conway on March 24, 2021, 08:39:26 PM
Also have startomatic with very worn bore. I had it re-sleeved and re-bored to original size. Cost $200 CAD. Refitted with std. bore piston. I do not know the machining specs. Work was done by a local engine rebuilder, an old timer who actually remembered the engines from way back. The replacement sleeve was not obtained from SEP, the machinist obtained  it from his own  sources here in Canada.
The engine/generator now powers my shop.
Title: Re: Resleeving a CS
Post by: 38ac on March 25, 2021, 11:59:21 AM
Hi, I also answered your question on the CS facebook page. I have sleeved quite a few since it is a more simple way to renew a CS bore without stocking dozens of various oversize pistons and ring sets.  If the installation instructions do not come with that sleeve don't use it. I use L.A. Sleeve and  Clevite. If your not doing the work yourself trust it to a shop that knows what they are doing as dry sleeve jobs can be(and are) screwed up by those who cannoy follow manufactures instructions.
Title: Re: Resleeving a CS
Post by: Lochbank on March 25, 2021, 10:04:29 PM
Cheers 38ac.  I spoke to the company supplying the sleeve.  There are no machining, fitting instructions with the sleeve.  The local engineering firm that I spoke to are not familiar with sleeving such an old engine but are able carry out the work to a very accurate tolerance hence their questions about the fitting. As yet no one else has offered any help with sizing, tolerances, and pressing pressures, etc, on actually fitting this sleeve to my block. I'll give it a few more days before I decide.
Cheers for your comments so far.
Title: Re: Resleeving a CS
Post by: 38ac on March 26, 2021, 01:25:25 AM
If you CK the FB page I gave you some installation info there but here again.

For the sleeves I use you measure the sleeve diameter about 1 inch from one end. Then measure again at right angle.  Go to the other end and do same. The sum of all 4 measurments divided by 4 is your sleeve O.D. Subtract .0025 from that and that's your press fit bore diameter.  I leave a shoulder in the bottom to press the skeeve against and order them long enough to require a skim cut on top. The sleeve must be bored again after insertion, at least mine require it.
Title: Re: Resleeving a CS
Post by: mike90045 on April 17, 2021, 05:48:17 AM
If you CK the FB page ..........

got a link to the FB page, I found a couple, but not the ONE  ?