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Title: Hello all
Post by: dieselgman on February 17, 2021, 08:43:11 AM
Hello all! Dieselgman here. I apologize for my long absence on this (and other sites). Health issues plus advancing in age put me out of service for awhile.

A little public service announcement if permitted:

Seeing what mother nature has just thrown at Texas and the US Midwest in general gave me the inspiration to get back into action here because we have a strong resource available that people are needing now.

A little re-introduction for those that don't know... my company has been in the Lister generator business for several decades now and we purchased the remainder of Lister/Petter Americas operation when they went out of business.

We have in stock hundreds of the legacy Lister/Petter engines and generators... this includes the antique CS types plus the modern military Alphas and Onan branded Listers and all the in-between models. We also sell and service all Lister/Petter engines and generators backed with a multi-million dollar parts inventory second to none in the world.

I will try to keep up with your queries and as always, will be quick to respond to any parts requests or servicing needs and advice.

Stay safe, stay warm, stay calm and crank up the Lister. Best Regards, dieselgman.

What? don't have your Lister yet?  I suppose we should get to work on that! Of note here, my older published dieselgen email address is no longer available... we are using for current communications.

 Shops and warehouses located in Lyons Kansas and Fairbanks Alaska.
Title: Re: Hello all
Post by: dieselspanner on February 17, 2021, 10:56:37 AM
Welcome back Gary, glad to hear your health is improving.

Title: Re: Hello all
Post by: dieselgman on February 17, 2021, 02:06:02 PM
Thanks Stef!  It is a good thing. Our business has been robust over the past few months although the majority of it is with our existing repeat clientele. Lots of DitchWitch equipment and Reed screening plants amongst others. Much of our new business contacts seem a bit surprised to find us still in the Lister/Petter business. We still have overfull warehousing and with the weather going a bit crazy in the US it seems our product could do some good dispersed with the people who need it. It was never my intent to simply hoard this resource and tuck it away unseen/unknown.

Best Regards,

Title: Re: Hello all
Post by: dkmc on February 17, 2021, 05:19:19 PM

Glad to hear things are looking up Gary. Is there a website? It would be great to see pictures of your operation, and from the sounds of it, probably a bit overwhelming to see a glimpse of the scope of your inventory.