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Title: Lister CD 8hp
Post by: cobbadog on December 31, 2020, 05:40:21 AM
I have owned this engine for a few years now and due to other projects it has been left alone under a tarpaulin to keep the weather off it. This is a 'high speed, tropical' model which runs a dry dry sump set up and is why there is the extra filter and oil tank on the back of the engine. Before leaving it alone under cover this engine always started and ran very well. Now I have an issue with it seizing up after running for a very short time. This is out of character and I need to fix the problem. There is plenty of oil in the tank and I do turn the oil tap on before starting and there is oil pressure showing on the original gauge but it is knocked around so I connected another gauge and it shows good pressure of around the 15psi as specified.
When I start it up it takes maybe 3 full swings on the crank handle then use the compression lever and pull it down or push it up , it doesn't matter and it starts. I run it at just above an idle speed and possibly after a minute or so it starts to slow down so I decompress it and shut the fuel off as well.
After this happens I cannot swing the engine over with the crank handle but I can use a pair of stillsons to wind it backwards. Once I have done this I can swing it over on the crank as if nothing has happened.

Any clues as to what to look for please as I miss hearing this run and it is a soothing sound with no muffler just ticking over, even at half revs. Any help is greatly appreciated so than ks in advance.
Title: Re: Lister CD 8hp
Post by: mike90045 on December 31, 2020, 07:07:28 AM
a blocked oil passage preventing oil from getting up into the cylinder ?    Does it have any splash dipper on the crank ?

Fuel filter would slow it down, but you would not have to use wrenches to move the crank.

Can you open the hatch and look in as it's sizing up ?  Is the oil being frothed into a foam that goes nowhere
Title: Re: Lister CD 8hp
Post by: cobbadog on December 31, 2020, 10:23:18 AM
G'Day Mike,
Thank you for the suggestions.
It has ran beautifully in the past with tttthis full flow oil filter on it from a VW with no problems with restrictions.
I will have a look for a splash dipper next time I can get to it as we are having a wet spell here at the moment and will also check for frothing of the oil but have not noticed it in the past but does need to be confirmed.
You mentioned a blockage. Thoil when under pressure goes in one side at the crankshaft bearing then across to the opposite side then up to the gauge and this is where I took the pressure reading from so I am guessing there is  no blockage unless there is another line or gallery I dont know of.

It is a true mystery at the moment and I need to get it sorted. SO next chnce I get it will be more investigating.