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Title: What do knowledgeable folks think?
Post by: mikenash on April 14, 2020, 11:16:43 PM

Hi guys

I wonder what folks know about/think of this unit?  The diesel looks to my untrained eye to be a bit like some of the ones you guys have talked about here

It's an open-drive unit, so the gen-head could be re-purposed if the price was right, I imagine

Looking at the 32A outlet and the three 10A breakers maybe at a 50% duty it's 2kVA-ish three phase (if it has 10A breakers then maybe it runs at, say, 5A: (5A X 400V = 2000W) ? Or twice that at 100%?  I'm just thinking what "starting current"-type peak load it would need that it has a 32A outlet as opposed to a 16A one?

Of course my diagnostic skills in this area are crap - and the photos aren't that easy to read eaither

I look forward to being informed/put right/enlightened