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Title: Lister sl1 startomatic genorator
Post by: Hughes1991 on January 10, 2020, 12:32:45 PM
Hi everyone! New to the forum so not sure if Iím putting this in the right place but.. just bought a lister sl1 startomatic producing no electricity brought it home and all that was wrong with it was the 3 pin house plug that was rusted new one wired up and worked perfect! Someone even put new brushes in it so pleased with that but anyway using it on a grinder the other day now and again it will barely power the grinder then a min or 2 it will kick back in and be fine and work normal after that. Thinking the capacitor maybe is on its way out due to sitting around not doing much, trouble is I not sure what sort of capacitor it has? Does it have a like a normal shaped capacitor like an ordinary genny has? Any help would be great! TIA