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Title: How to make your SR-1 automatic decompression adjustable
Post by: pinecone9 on October 11, 2019, 10:51:41 PM
This simple SR-1 field modification makes the decompression springg tension adjustable. 
See photos.

It may be of interest to anyone who had to replace the decompression solenoid and wasn't
able to find an exact replacement.  It also may help anyone who finds the decompression
release won't disengage in cold weather or won't re-engage in hot weather.

The solenoid pulls to disgage decompression, but relies on the spring to re-engage
decompression.  The spring tension must be enough to pull the decompression control
upright, but not so much that the solenoid cannot overcome it.    The less powerful the
solenoid (or longer the stroke), the more delicate the balance.

The stock torsion spring (located located on lever on side of solenoid housing) isn't adjustable.

To use the added spring as a helper spring, leave the existing torsion spring (ttached.

To use the added spring as a replacement spring, unhook the existing torsion spring.

Hope this is useful to someone.