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Title: Geko Brand Generators
Post by: Johndoh on August 03, 2019, 06:04:24 PM
Does anyone have any information about Geko Generators? I got one for the huge price of free. It has a Honda GX390 engine, the carburettor was full of sealant so a new one is on order. It's got 55/240/415 volt outlets. If it runs it should make good power?
Title: Re: Geko Brand Generators
Post by: mikenash on August 03, 2019, 06:28:52 PM
They are or were German?

With a bit of luck it might just be a German-built version of the ubiquitous Honda-clone?

Companies all over the world tend to buy the same components and put their own tinware/plasticware and paint on them

I own a genuine Honda 2.2kW genset, two Honda-engined Chinese gensets (7kVA and 4kVA) and three or four Chinese-built generators with Honda-clone engines and various outputs 2.2kW to 9kVA

They're all just larger or smaller versions of the same thing. Once you take the tank off and have a look you'll see how it works.  There's nothing very complex in there

If you paid $100 for a Honda carb you could probably have paid $40 for a Chinese carb?  Either seem to work OK

At my work we have one of the 2.5kW-ish units in each of our field service utes.  They work hard powering air compressors and power tools and they get little maintenance.  They're pretty tough

If you take a couple photos and that old carb and wander down to a company that actually services generators, they'll tell you straight away that there is an endless supply of cheap (but of acceptable quality) engine parts for these.

Engine-wise none of mine or the ones I service at work have ever needed more than a six-monthly oil change or a new carb ($40) or - in one or possibly two cases - a new ignition coil ($30)

You won't have any problems keeping the engine going

If you're lucky, the generator part is a Chinese one with a German paint job.  Then there will be parts and service available everywhere

Of the six generators we have at work, some with many hundreds of hours on them, the only non-engine parts I have replaced have been AVRs - a five minute job involving three or four 6mm bolts, a couple of 5mm bolts and one plug.  AVR's about $40-70 depending on the model?

You might like to remove and flush the tank, the fuel tap and fuel line as well?

Good luck
Title: Re: Geko Brand Generators
Post by: Johndoh on August 03, 2019, 08:10:39 PM
Hi Mike
Thanks for the info. The engine is genuine Honda I checked the engine number so thats a good start and it's likely the alternator is a good(ish) one too. The genuine carburettor I could have bought was 80 the copy 19. The seller of the copy has no negative feedback of almost 100,000 sales so I'm happy to buy from him. The fuel tank is very big maybe 25 litres and it's heavy there's litter style handles on both sides. I also got 3 Chinese pressure washer engines I have one running and one in the process of getting it running, they are similar to the GX 160 or GX200 engines. The 2 I worked at so far had loose coils, these were stuck to the magnet and then the whole lot spent 6 months outside and rusted the 2 together.
Heres the generator

Title: Re: Geko Brand Generators
Post by: mikenash on August 03, 2019, 11:23:15 PM
Looking at that I think it may pre-date the flood of Chinese clones - it doesn't have the "standard" layout

So you may indeed have a German alternator there.  Might be a goodie  :)
Title: Re: Geko Brand Generators
Post by: Johndoh on August 03, 2019, 11:34:59 PM
I did a little research after your post that it was German. The generator with the plastic tank, like mine, came out in 1989. It's 6.5 kW. Cant find much more info or a manual so far.
Title: Re: Geko Brand Generators
Post by: glort on August 04, 2019, 12:25:13 AM

Looks like you got a great Score there!

Few months ago I ordered a couple of Chinese Coils and a carb For a mates Cherry  Picker Motor and a pump.
Put them on and the thing went first pull and has been running perfect since. I think the Original coil was OK, just that the son had been fiddling with it and gapped it about 5 MM instead of about 1.  Mate said I have them now, put them on.  Pump ran perfect too so In my experience of 1 Carb and 3 Coils, ( got one for dads Honda pump last year) they work well.

I forget the price of the carb but I remember the coils were $17 and genuine Honda for Dads pump was almost $150.
You can buy the 6.5 Clone engine here for about $130 delivered.
Pitty there aren't more vertical shafts though.

I think it's good to have a petrol Generator as well as diesel. That way if there is ever a SHTF situation you can use whatever fuel you can get  Including LPG if you get one of the readily available and cheap Chinese carb conversions.
Title: Re: Geko Brand Generators
Post by: mikenash on August 04, 2019, 05:32:15 AM
See PDF attached

Wouldn't surprise me if this had some common components - might refer to a slightly newer one of yours?  Referances the same Honda.  Cheers
Title: Re: Geko Brand Generators
Post by: Johndoh on August 04, 2019, 08:25:28 AM
Thanks Glort and Mike. Useful PDF too it might actually be for a newer model than mine. I emailed a German company that used to export them in the hope they may have a manual archived. The engine manual is available to download from Honda so I have that.
It may not make power when the engine is running but it looks like someone had been messing with the carburettor not the other parts of the machine because it kind of ran when petrol was drip fed into the inlet.
There was a spare pump in the shed that was fitted to the first power washer and it's working fine. There was no pull start on it only 7 plus postage from the UK comes with a cup as it's a modified/improved design, very cheap compared to the genuine one in Ireland.
All in all these were a nice addition to the toy collection it's amazing what people want to get rid of in order to clear a little space in their shed! The other 2 Honda clones have a brighter future now as a battery charger and a powered cart for my grandson.