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Title: Arrow C46 for free.
Post by: Mr X on October 16, 2018, 09:31:45 PM
Just visiting with my oil field engine friend and I spotted a c 46 poking out of his garbage can. Was just about to ask about it when he said I could have it free. So I have to wait for their picker and he'll pull it out of the junk bin. It will run with very little tinkering. Good skore. Now I'm engine poor. I have a listeroid , a k6  arrow and now a arrow c 46. I guess I'm in the business of selling to off grinders engines.
Title: Re: Arrow C46 closed for free.
Post by: dieselgman on October 17, 2018, 02:21:44 AM
Good score! Most of those oilfield engines are built to last and Arrow provides pretty good stuff.

Title: Re: Arrow C46 for free.
Post by: Mr X on October 20, 2018, 05:03:10 PM
I got to tinkering on the petter and she wouldn't run, poop. Ok I did what a mechanic friend told me, start from the beginning. Check for gas. Check for spark, ok. Still no go. Uhh check the in of water column. Way out. I have the gauge from an old blood pressure checker, measures in mm hg.  Ok convert to in hg. 20mm = 10 in hg. Ok now it fires but runs at about 5 pops a min. I sorta accidently covered the air intake and the speed picked up, I then 90 % cover air intake and she runs in the 1500 rpm range. I have a laser teach but hands are too bussy to bother checking speed but it was up there. Another strange thing is the govenor  pins  the throttle totally to the max which over centres the throttle valve and makes it run shitty. I'm clulss about these machines so more experimentation is in order. Can't wait to park the Honda and run this puppy. Got my first gas bill for a month gas alone was about 16.00 canuck bucks. So the cost of gas alone was 53 cents a day, that is to heat my house and a 600 square ft boarding kennel, and then run a 5 hp Honda for 5- 6 hr/day not bad. But we got news they are singing a deal to build a lng  port at Kitamat BC. So in 4-5 year the price of ng for us will prolly go through the roof. I guess I'd better hang on to Mr listeroid, it burns straight wvo. But I'll be 70 by then and that will be the last thing I want to do is hand crank that pig.
Title: Re: Arrow C46 for free.
Post by: Mr X on October 20, 2018, 05:37:12 PM
I need to figure out how the gov works, and the best way to get in to the gov weights, would any of yous  guys have an exploded view of an AV1, I understand that was the mother of the DM 10 that I think my petteroid is.
Title: Re: Arrow C46 for free.
Post by: mike90045 on October 20, 2018, 05:51:45 PM
gas engine running better with intake covered, indicates an air leak in the intake system.  Torn gasket, missing vacuum hose.....
Title: Re: Arrow C46 for free.
Post by: Mr X on November 02, 2018, 02:22:54 PM
I agree it would sound like air leak. But I'm playing with a k301 kohler conversion , I took out the high speed jet and shoved a 1/4 in pipe in there. It ran great I had full throttle control, the govenor worked, but only wit the choke closed. The choke plate has about a 3/8 hole and the same on the edge of the choke plate, which alow  air in. It picked up speed if I opened the choke just a tiny bit, but floundered badly when open compleatly hmmm! So is there a formula air to gas mix. If I had bigger then 1/4 gas in would I then need to open the throttle more. I'm going to have to hook up a load to see the performance. So this gives me new hope for the petter.