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Title: petter ac2w
Post by: Aka1974 on July 15, 2018, 05:08:21 PM
I have just joined after finding this great little site.
I'm looked for some help and advice concerning my ac2w engine fitted to my narrowboat.
Ok so she starts easily but seem to have a fuelling issue
Once started and set to tick over and seems fine but the tick over can be erratic drop off a few rpm then picking up again. But the real issue starts when you increase the revs and run at higher speed for a while all seems ok but if you return to tick over and either cuts out of struggles to tickover.
The problem seems to get worse generally the longer the engine has been running. Also power at speed seems to drop off to.
I have recently replaced fuel lines and filter and put on a new four bolt lift pump as there was only the 2 bolt one fitted. But it has had no effect on the problem.
Any advice help appreciate. Or even better if there's a good mechanic on here who knows these engines i will happily pay for your services. I'm in the Leicester area
Title: Re: petter ac2w
Post by: glort on July 16, 2018, 12:53:13 AM

To me it sounds like Fuel.
That opens up a Myriad of possibilities.  A good one I'd say would be an air leak or restricton somewhere. Faster running will make the pump work harder so the thing may run better even if down on power a bit. When Idling, the pumping is weaker and air will pull through at a proportionally greater rate and depending where in the system it is. 

I'd get a drum of fuel and put it nearest the engine with a new bit of hose going straight from the Pump to the drum of fuel. If the thing runs better, you have confirmed the problem.  How is the fuel Filter? Might pay to change that no matter how new if it's been on since the problem started. New does not mean it's right or free from faults.

You may also want to look at the IP. Could have crap in it restricting flow.  Had that on a vehicle where a whole lot of stuff lodged in the inlet to the IP itself.  I think it came off the filters as other people reported the same thing at the time.

If the drum test makes the engine run better, also look at your tank and lines for blockages or restrictions. If you have got any fuel with Biodiesel in it, that can cause the diesel deposits to come away from the tank walls and for a tar like sheet that can block pickups and fuel lines.

The thing with old Diesels is unless they go bang, the likely problem is fuel related. I have had airleaks in vehicles that gave the same symptoms so try the drum test and see how you go from there.    ;)
Title: Re: petter ac2w
Post by: Aka1974 on July 16, 2018, 06:02:30 AM
Ok thanks for that i will try them ideas at weekend