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Title: Winter readiness check
Post by: t19 on October 18, 2015, 06:11:03 PM
Well its snowed today...bbbrrrrrrrr

So Im out to the listeroid to check on some stuff.
1.  Check on Fuel
2.  Check on Fuel Filter
3.  Check on Oil, and prepare to change for the season.

I have some concerns about the starter... he's getting older, so will have to check if he can still spin it up LOL

bring on the power failures   
Title: Re: Winter readiness check
Post by: ronmar on October 18, 2015, 06:24:22 PM
Yea, that reminds me, I have been busy as we started building our new house, and I havn't run the gens all summer...
Title: Re: Winter readiness check
Post by: SHIPCHIEF on October 18, 2015, 09:46:31 PM
Lots of projects. This summer was so nice I thought it would never end.
The power went out for the week end at our place 'out of town' while the wife was there (I was at work)..
Needless to say, the generator was not ready, so she spent part of the time next door at our son's retreat where the generator was running. The rest of the time with one flashlight and one candle.
Back "In Town" we collected candles, kerosene lamps, propane lanterns etc. and brought them to the cabin.
This week end I got the Onan 6.5NH set up and connected to the house. It's in a re-purposed air compressor trailer. The power line goes into the shop where there is a generator recepticle and a manual service disconnect switch: Utility-Off-Generator. Pretty hard to mess up.
I connected it, ran the house on it and gave Marilyn lessons on starting, stopping and load control.
Then turned my attention to the Lister SR2 6.5 genset. (that I left outside too long) After lots of soaking, sanding and Scotch-Brite wheeling, the cylinder is too far gone, rusty / pitted.
I'm working up the repair parts list...
It's raining outside. Somehow makes shop time more enjoyable.
Title: Re: Winter readiness check
Post by: mike90045 on October 20, 2015, 07:49:02 AM
In September, we had several large fires in northern California, and smoke from Washington and Oregon fires too.  That cut my solar way down, and after several days, had to run the generator to get the batteries back up.  Seems to be happy, a bit over 250 hours, so just getting broken in, and maybe I can start to use thinner synthetic oil for easier starting.