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Title: changfa 195, need some dimension spec's, plz
Post by: mobile_bob on November 01, 2007, 04:29:11 AM
don't ask, but suffice it to say the little paper manual is mia that came with my r195
and i need someone that has one to look up a couple of measurements for me if you
would be so kind. :)

i need the bolt spacing spec's for the engine mounts, without the riser stands
i can measure the narrow spec, but the wider one has the oil pan in the way
and i want an exact measurement to go with.

unlike handgrenages and horseshoes,, close ain't good enough :)

Dave in Kent,, i know you have a 195, hopefully you still have your little booklet
or if there is anyone else that can post the spec's i would appreciate it.

bob g