Author Topic: 16th Aug - 2nd September 2019: No new membership approvals during this time  (Read 61 times)


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Gents and prospective new forum members,

I'm away off for a much needed holiday behind the Great Firewall of China for a couple of weeks between the dates in the subject. As such, it's unlikely I'll have the time, inclination or ability to process new membership applications before my return. Apologies in advance; if you wish to join and your need is urgent (e.g. broken/faulty engine that you NEED working), then please fill out the application form as normal, and then send an email to listerengineforum [at] solutionengineers.com, with the subject "URGENT registration request", and your chosen username (in the subject please). I get the e-mail notifications on my phone, so I'll see them within 24 hours & will do my level best to act on them sooner.

Existing members - behave yourselves while I'm away ;D


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