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Hi all I have seen a couple of fuel filter mods for the original Cast iron fuel filter .
 I want to know what fuel filter people are using . I can do the machining but cant find a suitable filter .
 My local filter place was a total waste of time . thanks to all


The filters I use on about everything are from Subarus about 10 years either side of 2000.

They are a metal can with an inlet and outlet on the top the hose pushes onto and is clamped.   I use them for petrol and diesel and have done for years and found them to be brilliant. They have great flow, enough to keep up with the tweaked 4L Turbo Diesel engine in my 4WD and have great filtering capacity unlike many more expensive types I have used.

Being automotive they are available everywhere and are not expensive although there are probably cheaper types around.
Being metal you can put a blow torch on them to warm them up and get the fuel flowing or as I do, sit them on the exhaust manifold in winter to keep the fuel warm, thin and flowing.

 I have zero experience with the JP engines but if the filter housing is similar to a CS I have a couple modifications that will work or you can with a RACOR in line unit and have superior filtering

Hi Oldtime

Take a look of my update of the cast fuel filter:

And 38ac has also a good one, look here:

Another one:


that's is what I want to do .. Any idea of the filter number . I can make all the bits just the filter number is what I need ..


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