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ajaffa Bob OK ?

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Hi all is Bob ok ? I have been trying to contact him . He has been in Hospital .


OH geez!

WTF is it with Hospitals ATM?

My father was put in last weekend, My wife had to go in yesterday and Now I hear Bob has become an inmate.
I hope it is not complications with his hand and he gets through it as well as Dad and the Mrs Did.

Have you been Ringing or emailing him OG?

Have sent a couple of messages .hope he is ok .  This being sick is not good .. we are all another day closer to the grave !!!!

Yep, makes you think about what you're spending your limited time on and with who.  I had a close scrape with an adverse reaction to radioactive iodine treatment a month ago, still dealing with a 2 foot long DVT in my right leg. Now a walking stroke/embolism.  Got my will and medical power of attorney updated, and organizing papers and such.  Small projects and getting maintenance up to big ones for now. 


Geez Bruce are you OK?
Will it clear itself or do you have to have an operation?

It's scary to read of someone talking about getting their affairs in order although that said, i was only saying to my mrs the other night I think our wills  would be out of date now and not even really sure where they are so might be time to update them.  I think we last did them when the kids were born.

Being the Jolly sort I am I was thinking about this last year when we went OS. If the plane crashed and our daughter was lost too, who would we want to leave everything too? There are nices and nephews but they will be well looked after by their families so I was actually thinking of some other younger non relatives i know.

Same as If I ever won some millions on the lotto.  There is one young guy that's been a family friend since he was in kindergarten. He has difficulties with Turretts and ADHD or whatever and can be one hell of a handful but has a heart of Gold and I have for a long time thought of him as a second son. Hes taller than me now and fit and strong as an Ox and every time I see him, he walks up, gives me a big hug and a kiss and that means 100 times more to me than if he was Miss World. I usually get about 3 when he is leaving as he hates to leave anywhere.

 I'd set him up with some sort of trust fund and a business of his own and someone to watch over him.  I don't know how this would be done but If I had the money, I could make anything happen. His family are great and we are close to them too so they would get letters the house was paid off and there was a bit of something extra in the bank now as they have all done it pretty tough over the years too. 

 I find myself enjoying being around young people now where before they used to annoy the ship out of me. Their music still does but seeing their energy and enthusiasm for life which long ago left me is something I do enjoy.

I really hope Bob is OK. I expected him to be recovering with his hand now and taking it easy. The way some hospitals are now with infection is not good. Maybe he just got sick of reading my crap here so took a break. Lets hope that's all it is.


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