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Continuation on my first post on LV1 Cyl Heads removal


Still haven't got the heads off but have removed the Flywheel and Aluminum fan shroud. I am amazed to discover the pistons are not seized but rather a whole bunch of crap built up between the back of the flywheel and the crankcase.  engine rolls over easy - probably too easy. Thinking ahead to future problems, can I use a ridged hone to remove some of the excess tapper from these cylinder barrels? Assuming there is excess tapper. Then go back together with standard rings? Secondly, I'm in Northern Ontario Canada and are there recommendations as to a parts supplier?

Thanks again for any assistance. Ron

Unless you are doing new liners or a new bore with piston and rings I strongly suggest NOT to remove any lip at the top of the bore. You could, if you feel needed fit new rings so because the bore/s lift off the pistons and you do not need to do anything at the top of the liner/bore.
Try using Google for a local parts supplier near you otherwise like some of my tractor parts buy them from the UK. Depending on what parts you need some 'listeroids' use similar if not same parts, check first.

/\ Sorry but I completely disagree with not removing the wear ridge.

If you fit new piston rings (unless you have a ridge dodger top ring in the replacement set) to a worn bore with a wear ridge, then its almost certain that the top ring will break up, when the engine is run for the first time.

I would imagine that dieselgman could help you out with parts bearing in mind your location. Piston rings are also available on ebay UK

But be aware they are Indian sourced, if you need pistons they are are also available on ebay uk (via Sleeman Hawken) but are expensive.

Yes, sorry, you are right if fitting new rings to remove the lip. I was confused about if the originals were going back into place, then dont remove the lip as that form a part of the seal at the top of the stroke.

Hi Guys, it used to be common for a replacement top ring to have a step in it, to allow for this sort of wear in the cylinder bore. I haven`t seen a stepped ring for a long time, glad to hear they are still available.



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