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Re: Unexpected panel problem.
« Reply #15 on: February 18, 2019, 12:19:52 PM »
So still of topic but on the GTI subject, is it possible  to start a GTI with another inverter, last year we had a 3 day blackout, yet my solar panels would have produced 25 kWh a day if i could only have got them to turn on?

I tried it once. Blew the snot out of a good inverter instantly.
Maybe I should have had a load in there or maybe it was the wrong inverter or maybe I should have thought it through better in the first place.   :embarassed:

Problem is the GTI will want to push all the power it can back to the inverter and the inverter really won't want it.
Maybe as I said if you had a decent load running it MIGHT work but there is a lot going on as I said before that does not meet the eye or understanding of us mere mortals.

I just set up my solar/ car battery/ UPS system again.  Could have been an inverter but I haven't found where I put it yet.
30A PWM controller takes output from a couple of panels and charges a couple of 12V batteries wired in series.  UPS is hooked to those to provide 240.
I used my 2 kilo inverter the same way but I'd need a few more charge controllers to handle 2 KW.

Then again, maybe not. If I had 20 KW coming in and 2 going out, Panels will find their own level anyway. Just need to turn off the panels when the load switched out as well.  Leave a few panels On the 20 A controller and it will make up any shortfall.   there is also a load setting on that controller.
Would be real easy to wire the main panels to a Relay/ contactor to the Load output and set the max voltage as the turn off voltage.
batteries charge up, 2Kw of panels are isolated, 500W are controlled by the charger. Load comes on, voltage drops, controller kicks in relay again.

Should work perfectly and pretty simple to wire up.  I bought a few of those 4into 1  Mc4 adapters a while back so I would easy wire a kilo of panels in parallel for just such a use.  While ever you have the solar feeding the batteries with sufficient power, 2 car batteries would be fine. You'd just really need them as ballast.

To complete this system I'd like to get a serious Leece 24V alternator. They are BIG money here though. Other option is to use 12V alts and configure them to an external controller.  Think you'd have to spin them pretty damn hard to get 24V though.  Can't wire self reg alts in series or they will sense high voltage and shut down completely... if the magic smoke don't escape as well.