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Bleeding fuel system Lister HA 4

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I have an HA4 Lister genset since two weeks.

It runs fine but today I stuffed up and got air in the fuel line, as one fuel hose sucked in air from the fuel container, and now the machine won't start.
I bled the fuel filter by using the manual liftpump lever, and managed to loosen one of the 7/16 nuts on the in line pressure pump. Got it almost to fire up but I need to open up the second bleed screw also I think.
Need to get hold of a proper 7/16 spanner tomorrow, as there is not much space to work, as the bleed screws are in between in-line pump and engine block.

I like to avoid having to loosen the high pressure lines and hope that my idea works.
Thanks for any advise given.
try to attach picture, not sure how to.

[/url]Lister HA4 Generator by Raymond d' orsoy de Flines, on Flickr[/img]

[/url]Lister HA4 Generator by Raymond d' orsoy de Flines, on Flickr[/img]

[/url]Lister In-Line fuel pump by Raymond d' orsoy de Flines, on Flickr[/img]

I have added a couple of pictures. hope they show up.

The flickr links work

Its a bit of a PITA but you will need to crack the nuts on the injectors crank it over till you get some diesel weeping out tighten them again and it will fire up for sure.

You absolutely will have air in the high pressure lines, and will have to loosen the pipe at the injectors an bleed till air is gone.

Well to give an update re the priming/purging of the Lister fuel pump.
My method worked without disconnecting the high pressure fuel lines.
After I obtained a 7/16 spanner. I did the following process.

Fuel in tank.
Use the liftpump.
Bleed the fuel filter till all air bubbles are gone (then close bleeder screw).
Open both bleeder screws at the top rear (engine side) of the fuel pump.
Open the throttle solenoid.
Use the liftpump untill the diesel squirts out of those two bleeder screws. (then close the 2 screws)
Crank the engine 10 seconds (started almost to fire up)
Wait 30 seconds. (starter cool down, although the starter was still stone cold)
Crank the engine again and it fired up in about 5 seconds.
Engine Running rough for a couple of seconds and settling to run fine within about 20 seconds.
I have learnt my lesson at the same time.
But I did not have to loosen the high pressure lines. (The way I look at it is as long the fuel is over the eye of the high pressure pump, the air will be displaced in those HP lines.)


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