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scott p:
Any body familiar with these engines? Finishing a rebuild and have it setup as  per the manual. Will run at 1800 rpm until loaded then the rpm falls off on account the pump rack coming up against the overload trip.

The spill is correct. The fuel pump and governor settings are correct to the last step,which is setting engine load.

This involves turning the overload stop downwards or upwards for various speeds. Not sure what they mean by that.

There are a number of different governor and linkage configurations for the HR.

If rack is hitting overload, then either the settings are wrong or the engine is not developing power to match that load.

Which engine model and what is your load?

scott p:
Engine plate number  3629 HR2 A 20    Engine originally attached to a generator.  Generator plate DW 150 A serial 3153

scott p:
The load is variable, it's running a (circle saw) saw mill through a hydraulic pump and motor.
       According to some formulas concerning hydraulic fluid pressure converted to HP the HR2 should be able to handle it but don't know for sure because of the above mentioned problem.
     I did though, clamp  the overload TRIP up out of the way and the HR plowed through the wood no problem. That of course shouldn't be necessary, the overload trip is very handy for starting.the engine
     I have checked and double checked the steps outlined in the manual as to setting the fuel pump and governor I am quite certain it is correct according to the manual  I am using, which is a Lister HR2 and HR3 workshop manual.
     Except for the last step, which is labeled, setting engine load.
     Final setting for engine application is carried out by turning the overload STOP downwards or upwards. At 1200 to 1800 rpm four flats down. I puzzled over that until I noticed there was only one way to get a wrench to the overload STOP so based on that I turned it four flats down, which moved the rack setting marks about an eighth of an inch away from the pump body towards the flywheel.

     This maneuver did not help, the racks still abut up against the overload TRIP,which slowly kills the engine when under load.

     So that's my story, I didn't want to get into that much detail on account sometimes too many words can make the problem blurry.

The HR2 only has 27 HP at 2200 it might be just too anaemic for your saw.


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