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« on: October 10, 2017, 07:11:59 PM »
Hello all. I am new to diesel engines, and have recently decided to dip my toe into a new world. I have an LT1A. (3404618LT1A-30). I am taking baby steps here as I am not certain this thing is worth putting money into just yet. I do not know what it came off of but it apparently had a remote fuel tank and air cleaner as it only has (now) a flexible rubber intake hose attached to the manifold. So, it is missing a tank, air cleaner, and a starter handle. It does have electric start, and the starter spins, but I think the Bendix gear  (as I know it) is bad. I have removed the starter and it spins well under power and the gear slides, but the pinion gear is loose inside the gear hub and I can see what looks like deteriorated rubber inside the hub. Also, the return spring is in pieces. Can that hub be replaced  w/o replacing the entire starter? I have it off the starter now.
I have found that I am getting oil at all 3 banjo fittings while turning by hand, and the I side of the valve cover on top is very clean. I have been told it would be wise to remove and make sure the injector and pump are not stuck before starting? What say you? I don't want to kill this before it's time.
Thanks any and all in advance.