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Hi Bob
Good news, the parts are here (photos below) ! i need to find some 6mm wire today but, in the meantime, I guess i can get to work although I haven't got a clue what goes where!
Listeroid Engines / Re: ran fuel dry
« Last post by LowGear on December 01, 2018, 02:05:54 AM »
What about putting a bit of air pressure on the tank and then bleed sequentially from the tank?  Seems to work fine on brake bleeds.
Listeroid Engines / Re: ran fuel dry
« Last post by 38ac on December 01, 2018, 01:54:08 AM »
Have a two clean rags handy then turn the engine to assure that the fuel pump lifter is all the way down. Loosen the high pressure line at the injector and then remove the high pressure line from the pump and push it aside. Next remove the delivery valve retainer that is under the line you just removed. Be careful as it it comes free as there is a spring under it and set the pieces on the clean rag. Then with you finger lift the delivery valve off the seat until the bubbles clear and then hold it down while tapping the pump inlet line and lift again. Repete until no more bubbles. Usually takes 2-3 tries and takes less time. Reverse the removal order leaving the line loose at the injector, About 10 revolutions you should be getting clear fuel at the injector. Attach line, 2-3 more revs and you should hear the injector creek and your done.

Much easier than hand cranking for 30 minutes and much quicker also.
General Discussion / Re: Power outages
« Last post by glort on December 01, 2018, 12:45:21 AM »

Hope Bobs Flight was OK.
According to the arrivals info,  he should have touched down about an hour ago. 10 Min early which will be a relief to him.  I was out the back yard and saw his plane go over. I waved, hope he waved back and wasn't too terrified.  That flight radar app tells me what plane is going over and I am under the regional flightpath so can spot them all dropping out from 11,000 Ft to about 8000 as they are in viewing distance right over head.  can always hear them but never enough to be annoying.  The idiot with the Pitts Special that flies out of the local airport about 3 KM away is far more annoying.  Pitches the prop up on the thing to make it scream and then comes in hot on approach and makes the engine backfire and crackle like no tomorrow.  He can fly the thing quietly and does when it suits but most times just makes a pain of himself. Going to start complaining if he does not pull his pitch in.  They are VERY wary of noise complaints here and with where that airport is with so many residential areas surrounding it. 

By now Bob will be out the airport and right in the thick of the Sydney shit Traffic.  Few places where it's worse than round the airport and on a Sat morning.
If he's staying in the city, he's not going to know what hit him.  They are digging up the CBD atm putting in a light rail, a brilliant idea to really Fk up an already bad but workable traffic situation. Just getting from one end to the other is an abomination.

I feel for you mate. Had you let me know you were coming, I'd have come got you and taken you wherever you needed to go. Home turf for me after all.
I know what you must be going though. I was sick to the stomach for a fortnight before going to NZ. Not scared of flights, just hate the ridiculous tiny space they squeeze you into which I don't fit. Was pissed at the people hiring me as well because Part of my going was conditional on extra legroom seats which they didn't book me and was all gone time I realised.
The whole thing, getting to the airport and fear of missing the plane, getting mucked around in customer, frigging round with idiots at hire car cos all had my anxiety levels off the scale so I know the fear and for me, the guilt of being scared of nothing and something I would have laughed at a few years ago.

Try not to worry about the traffic. It's moving too slow to hurt you which is one upshot. My dad freaks out about the traffic as well so I understand that and why you would be wary of it.  I know I go up the coast and round your parts visiting family and the time I get back here, I'm thinking why the hell is everyone driving like maniacs and the world has gone into fast forward?

Hopefully we can catchup while you are here.
Just waiting on a guy to deliver an excavator now so I can do some more gardening.  There are some powerful Big weeds up to 30Ft high I need to get rid of as well as cut a retaining wall and strip some garden beds.
Should be a long, hot, hard weekend carrying on into Monday.
Things I want to Buy / Re: 5-8kw Gen Head Australia
« Last post by glort on December 01, 2018, 12:19:14 AM »

The power Co's have successfully won over the soft of heart and head now to think they are hard done by.

For the last few days I have been watching and talking on another site where idiots there are pushing the idea that people with solar should pay more on their power bills to offset the cost of power for those that have no solar and to "Be fair" to the power companies whom have to maintain the grid and do all the admin work in running their businesses.

They are also Championing that the " Supply charges", the price you pay to be connected to the grid, should be higher to offset price increases in the energy used because it's not fair to the power cos that people have holiday houses or other low use connections and the poor grid operators have to pay for and maintain a connection without getting much return. They make out like the power cos come out every week or month to service them instead of every 20+ years from what I seen.

Several posters were saying that the power cos were wanting to charge them, up to $50K because they were the last ones to build in the street, the PC's said all the allocation was taken up and they would have to pay for a transformer to be put in..... that would then do the whole street.
Some how these Brain washed Koolaide drinkers think that's fair and as well as paying for the maintence, the power used, getting a low FIT on power they send back, people should also pay the full cost for having power connected because the power co's stuffed up on their calculations and won't connect the last guy.

Cry me a freaking River!   ::)

We are not talking about a charity here struggling to feed the homeless, we are talking about greedy corporations posting Millions in profits every quarter.
Nothing like the bleeding hearts carry on about must make money to survive to provide the service or we'd have to live without power supply.
The gullibility of people these days is just plain scary!

Can't wait for the supermarkets to complain about their profitability and they need to double prices in order to make better dividends for their sharholders. No doubt the Numptys will think that's fair and support it as well.

That said.... I did say on the thread that those that felt they would like to express their gratitude to the power co's and make sure they stayed in business would no doubt be welcome to make donations to their profitability. I asked who would like to contribute a donation we could pass on with out thanks for all they do and help keep prices at the same level for those without solar.
Surprising while many parts of my post was quoted and challenged tot he effect we should pay more, not one person, even after being reminded again, wanted to make a donation.


On oone hand we are browbeaten about saving the planet, reducing emissions, getting off the devils fossil fuel and all the rest of it, then on the other the power co's are doing all the can to stop the average person doing the one thing they can of any significance in making their own clean power.

And people wonder why I have nothing but Contempt for the green movement, Big Biz and politics.
It's all a joke and insult to ones intelligence.
Original Lister Cs Engines / Re: Resurrection of a Lister 12/2
« Last post by sirpedrosa on November 30, 2018, 11:44:38 PM »
Hello butch

I looked for the filter element that fit inside the wick container, so everything was all inside the body.

And yes it seems to me well that you divulge the reference of the filter element, for each one to adopt the system that they find better.

General Discussion / Re: Power outages
« Last post by BruceM on November 30, 2018, 10:16:00 PM »
The high voltage caps for a simple linear supply are spendy.  The PF for a linear supply with a choke over critical value is nearly perfect.  Switcher's are hardly the robust and long lived solution. Good luck finding an affordable switching supply with good PF, the desired DC voltage, at 15 amps. 

If you are running a generator for the 230VAC source, changing to a 3 phase head and modifying or adjusting an AVR to generate the desired 380VDC or whatever is desired directly might be a nice solution.  Depending on the inverter, just 3 phase rectification alone (no choke or caps) might be all you need.

Listeroid Engines / Re: ran fuel dry
« Last post by glort on November 30, 2018, 10:09:47 PM »

I have run plenty of diesels out of fuel and never had any damage and never had much problem bleeding ( if you call just turning them over) either to the point I wondered what all the fuss is about? Small engines with plunger pumps never seem to be a worry in my experience.

Weird things can happen with air though.  Are you also sure that there is no leaks getting into thing now you have been fidling with it? Air leaks can be very difficult to find and they have caused me grief when there was plenty of fuel
I think a bit of pressure would help to displace any air and make sure it does not backflow as it were in the system.  Either a pump on the fuel line to the IP or use a well raised Fuel tank of some sort may help. If you have the ability, putting suction on the IP line while turning may help as well.
 In the past I had the engine connected to an electric motor and just spun it up. Didn't take much at all and off it went. My fuel tank was remotely and High mounted though come to think of it.

Got an idea the thing is dry now actually after a hose fell down and seemed to drain all the fuel in the system.
Original Lister Cs Engines / Re: Resurrection of a Lister 12/2
« Last post by 38ac on November 30, 2018, 07:52:18 PM »
Ah,  I see now. Your element differs slightly from the one I use that has rubber seals that fit tightly on 1/4 pipe. I can find the element number if there is interest in posting it.
General Discussion / Re: Power outages
« Last post by mike90045 on November 30, 2018, 07:38:26 PM »
I'd make a screened room, and put Switching Power supplies in it, clean the DC power up as it comes out of the shield room.   Much smaller inductors and caps with high freq switchers (and better power factor) and parts will be avaib in 5 years if it needs rework.    Big 400V computer filter caps are really expensive.

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