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General Discussion / Re: Welding on clean DC
« Last post by mikenash on May 25, 2019, 07:47:35 AM »
Hey Bruce

That all sounds good

Just a couple of thoughts on the 7018s - I guess they're your equivalent of the Low Hydrogen 16TCs I like to use?

Firstly, if the rods aren't fresh & dry, they will perform poorly - hard to strike an arc etc; and the weld may have poor characteristics

Secondly, unlike the General Purpose electrodes, the Low Hydrogen ones are inherently harder to strike an arc with and the technique required to maintain the arc is different - in general terms you need to push the electrode at the work rather than draw it away . . .

However, the Low Hydrogen electrode will give you a very good weld in a short-arc situation and it sounds as if that is what your set-up wants?

More importantly,  the Low Hydrogen electrode, imho, will make a better piece of equipment if you're looking at building something like a ripper blade - it will do a better job on good quality steels and it will never allow any slag inclusions.  If you do your welding "downhand" but with a slight uphill slope in your direction of travel - to facilitate the slag around the edge of the weld to settle away from your weld - you may be surprised at how well you can do a good join with a small electrode and relatively modest current and several runs

Electrode on positive

Just a thought or two

Glad to hear you are making progress

General Discussion / Re: Tesla and Towing.
« Last post by cobbadog on May 25, 2019, 07:35:29 AM »
I'm guessing that is why a Hybrid style vehicle is a better option then a full electric only. Don't know what towing capacity a Hybrid has but at least you should not get stuck waiting for a recharge somewhere or a no where to charge up situation.
Hydrogen vehicles are a long way from being viable. Hyundai brought one into the country this week and it is expected to be around the $100,000.00 mark way to much to be a viable vehicle to buy and use.
General Discussion / Re: Welding on clean DC
« Last post by BruceM on May 25, 2019, 07:29:33 AM »
Next is a small but tall plow blade attachment for a subsoiler/ripper I got for the Kubota tractor.  I have ideas about doing trenching for pipes and such by ripping a few passes on the sides and middle of the trench, then plowing it.  The ripper pulls easily with the Kubota L2250 and can go down the 18 inches needed, even with rocks. 
General Discussion / Re: Welding on clean DC
« Last post by mike90045 on May 25, 2019, 05:34:58 AM »
Awesome  Glad it's working and you can weld.  Next, cast iron repair ?
General Discussion / Welding on clean DC
« Last post by BruceM on May 25, 2019, 12:42:31 AM »
I bought a new group 29 "marine deep cycle" battery to give the clean DC, 24V welding thing a go. They are rated 385 cranking amps so a good match for 100+ amp welding current, and they are what I have in my 120V battery bank now.

I made a 600 uH choke from a gapped 1000watt laminated toroid core; 22 turns, 16 feet, of 6 strands of 12 awg. I gapped the core with a 10" abrasive chop saw blade in my table saw. I only lost 1/4" of blade on the job, but it took 4-500 gallon tanks of air to make the cut.  I filled the gap with steel filled epoxy. To save some $ on the trial, I used some heavy jumper cables for welding cables. 

The exciting news for me is that yes, I can do it. While regular welders have me running for the hills from EMI headache, this was doable for me.

Welding on 2-12V batteries does work, and as the article I found by a welding enthusiast stated, the choke makes it possible. When I bypass the choke, it's just not possible to maintain an arc and get the puddle going. Alas, I seem to be a bit lower voltage than I'd like- no such thing as long arcing with this setup!  7018 (3/32) rods were a bust, could not maintain an arc and liked to stick and melt the rod. 6013 (3/32) worked, best with positive on the electrode.  I'll have to set up some meters on volts and amps and get my neighbor to watch them while I do a practice bead.  I'm ordering some 1/8 rods- more current may have better arc length and stability.

I suspect the losses in the jumper cable are not helping, so I will pop for some fat and short welding cables.  I may also reduce the turns on the choke.  No need for that much inductance, but I goofed on calculations when shooting for 250-300uH.  Battery and all cables were cool immediately after a 6 inch test bead. 

I'm very rusty, my last stick welding was in 1974.  I think with some practice and some fine tuning of the setup, I can do my own welding again.


General Discussion / Re: Tesla and Towing.
« Last post by glort on May 24, 2019, 11:07:00 PM »
Trucks and hauling are more compatible with hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.  It's well refined now, Toyota spent a bundle developing it. 

I think Honda and Mazda have thrown their hats into that ring as well.  No doubt it will be the way the truck manufacturers go too because there is no way to get the range anything like they have now and still haul and worthwhile amount of freight and stay under weight limits.... or be able to turn the things round in a reasonable time.

Battery storage is much simpler...but our civilization may have crashed before long haul trucking via battery is viable.

I think the inherent problems with recharging might be a significant obstacle as well. 

Many EV proponents are either ignorant or in denial over this aspect. They wouldn't have a clue between the difference between a Volt and a watt. As such they suggest impractical ideas which they are too clueless to see the flaws in.
With all the push to powering grids from unreliables, I can't see a lot of places having the power to spare for recharging EV's.

 A fuel like Hydrogen which could be produced elsewhere and delivered as a ready to go fuel in bulk in a short time has a LOT of advantages. Sure it's not perfect but different situations make some things acceptable and some impractical.
Decent range, light weight and workable refuel times would be paramount for the transport industry and that sector alone might bring Hydrogen to wide availability.

It would certainly be the way to go for the Grey nomads wanting to tow caravans and the recreational boating market as well people that tow horse floats etc.
General Discussion / Re: Tesla and Towing.
« Last post by glort on May 24, 2019, 10:53:41 PM »
EV Range Extenders:   (Just tow your generator, unlimited range)

What a great Idea! I have no doubt things like this will become available. Not like using an EV to get away from fossil fuels is ironic when you have to power it with Fossil Fuels to get where you are going!   :laugh:

I still reckon a 2 Ton Truck with a 50 Kw Diesel Genny on the back recharging flat EV's stranded by the roadside.
Maybe there would also be a call for people wanting a fast recharge at points where there was not a faster charger available.

There is a DIY EV guy on YT that some time ago built a battery Trailer as a range extender.  From memory he used re purposed Tesla packs and all up got 800 or so miles. He could recharge his Tesla at a Supercharger but the thing wouldn't accept the battery pack so it was kind of a one off deal where once the thing was flat, it had to be recharged at a normal charger not a super charger.

OK if your trip is within  the range of the combination but if further it's going to be at least an over nighter to recharge or Pulling a dead weight and reducing the charge in the car.

Sure is going to be a lot of changes in the EV world and all of them I can see are going to be Giant leaps backwards over what we have now and have had for a long time. 
General Discussion / Re: Tesla and Towing.
« Last post by BruceM on May 24, 2019, 10:17:34 PM »
Trucks and hauling are more compatible with hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.  It's well refined now, Toyota spent a bundle developing it. 

Battery storage is much simpler...but our civilization may have crashed before long haul trucking via battery is viable.

General Discussion / Re: Tesla and Towing.
« Last post by mike90045 on May 24, 2019, 06:12:41 PM »
EV Range Extenders:   (Just tow your generator, unlimited range)

General Discussion / Re: Tesla and Towing.
« Last post by glort on May 24, 2019, 11:13:46 AM »

Last year I predicted and tried to take some bets Tesla would be gone as the company they are now within 5 years time. Many people scofff and berate this prediction but interestingly, in the several places on the net I said this, I couldn't get anyone to put up a fair dinkum bet on it ( And I'm willing to put up $100K on it)  nor could I find anyone to give me a FINANCIALLY based reason why tesla would survive for the next 5 years.

They had 2 Profitable quarters last year but this years have been disasters.
Despite Musk repeatedly saying they wouldn't need more finance, surprise, surprise, they recently had to dig yup some more billions to keep them afloat till hopefully the end of the year.

I mark now as the pint in time they really start on the slippery fast slide into oblivion.
They have lost 40% of their share price this year.  their cars simply are not selling in the numbers they remotely need. Even the Bulls are doing 180s on their recommendation and some big stock holders are looking to quietly bail. The cars they are selling they have discounted meaning they need to sell more to make up lost profit to a market that looks saturated for the premium priced product they have.

The start of competition has started to sprinkle down and it will be a good shower by years end and a full on storm of new models this time next year.
Their Cheap car that wasn't, the model 3  is more expensive than many of the offerings will be and the competition has far more dealerships and servicing than tesla has and is cutting back on is cost saving measures.

Musk is predicting the next 2 quarters will be profitable but few people I can find think that's any more than another of his predictable  " the present is shit but the future will be better " endless talking up of the company as he has done endlessly and hasn't eventuated.
As well as cars, their solar division is tanking pretty bad as well. They have barely mentioned the Solar rood since it was announced years ago ( Much to my Unsurprise given there were already several companies already offering the essentially same thing) and they arent even mentioning if that will ever be available now.

Another problem comes when they have 2 near 10 Yo models, one new model and another new model and a truck they want to release that both need substantial  R&D and tooling up factories for..... which they don't have the factory space to start with. They are building a factory in china which will also consume probably Billions in cash and needs staffing and all the other operational costs and expenses thrown at it.  Still a big question then if the sales  will be worth the money given the Chinese Gubbermint wants to be a Major player in that game and have the might and money to make tesla look like a lemonade stand run by kids. 

I was going against a lot of the pundits last year, seems the majority have come over to my dark side now.
Only thing i'm thinking right now is that my prediction may have been optimistic.

3 years not 5 is looking a better bet all the time.

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