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Is there a PLC with a RTC (real time clock for non embedded processing types)?  How is the time set?  This is a dilema I face for embeddded micropower controllers-  I'd often rather not have all the software and hardware for manually editing date and time.

I've never used PLCs- interesting beasts but pretty pricey, new, for what you get. 

I checked, yep, for $156 and 4 watts minimum you do get a new PLC with LCD and RTC and buttons to set time.

Not my cup of tea, as I'm "allergic" to OPS - other people's software (limitations you only find out about after a huge investment in learning time), but could be just the ticket for many applications.

Hey Guys...

Nothing Lister...Well not directly anyway...(Unless I hook my load controller to the battery charger on TM2)

Playing with the plc based load controller I am designing... Added a few more things...

#1 - Bloody great big manual push buttons on the front of the cabinet to allow for night time turn on by feel... (read that as "trying to squint and focus on a touch screen to turn on the sodding lights because I left my glasses in the workshop")

#2 - Daylight sensing... Code is in place, just need to install a LDR or something on one of the inputs to allow the box of tricks to sense light and act accordingly ... Pretty damn useless turning on a lighting based load during the middle of the day...

#3 - RTC functions to allow the b.o.t. to turn on a load based on time...

Interesting things will soon be able to be processed... Particularly when you start combining the parameters, which are all inter-dependent...   An example would be "If there is excess battery power left over from the day's solar/wind, turn on the pretty garden lights after 5pm and if it is dark...."

Another example that will come into operation... as soon as the damn post office pulls its digit out of orifice and delivers my 24 to 60VDC 1.5kw boost converter... I am planning to use this b.o.t. to bump some power through to my main inverter system, the main inverter is only solar boosted... In the event of available wind power overnight, or excess battery levels pre-dawn, the little b.o.t. must push some charge into the main battery bank, to get the place off the grid a little earlier than is currently happening... At the moment, we hit solar around 6am and the pre-charge and offgrid kick is around 6.30 to 7ish on a clear day...maybe I can get things rolling a bit earlier with the b.o.t..... Its gonna be a case of "suck it and see" I reckon....

Ah well... Time to go and take over the dining room table again... Prod some keyboard and partake in the "mental masturbation" of software coding....

Keep it spinning....

Everything else / Re: Simple Power limiting/ Stepping.
« Last post by dax021 on Today at 08:39:26 AM »
On the ball broncodriver.
Other Slow Speed Diesels / Re: Another shop project
« Last post by dieselspanner on Today at 07:55:18 AM »
That's a job to envy, Butch!

Engines / Re: HR2
« Last post by cobbadog on Today at 03:47:09 AM »
It is details that can resolve issues. I don't have an answer but maybe as suggetsed it is not big enough or there is an issue with the setting up.
Engines / Re: Bleeding fuel system Lister HA 4
« Last post by cobbadog on Today at 03:43:28 AM »
Well done and a nice set up too. You need not be worried at all about bleeding your high pressure lines on these engines. They are a simple tapered seal and can be cracked as many times as you like with absolutely no issues.
Using your primer pump handle you can purge the system of air all the way to the injector so that when you try to start it will fire straight away with less strain on the battery and starter.
Everything else / Re: Simple Power limiting/ Stepping.
« Last post by broncodriver99 on January 15, 2019, 09:53:14 PM »
Glort's 40C(104F) day would be 313 degrees K.
Everything else / Re: Simple Power limiting/ Stepping.
« Last post by broncodriver99 on January 15, 2019, 09:50:09 PM »
They are the same @ -40 degrees.

I regularly work in both scales due to the equipment I work on. I used to work on some equipment that uses the Kelvin scale as it runs so cold.
Everything else / Re: Simple Power limiting/ Stepping.
« Last post by mikenash on January 15, 2019, 06:04:43 PM »
Must be somewhere around 10F/-10C?  or maybe 11 or 12?
General Discussion / Re: Hi all.
« Last post by LR1MICK on January 15, 2019, 05:22:52 PM »
Hi Bob thanks for replying i am located in the UK.
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