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Things I want to Buy / Re: Lister Hamworthy SR2 Diesel air compressor
« Last post by Rob Dekker on Today at 11:42:09 AM »
Thanks for your reply dieselgman.
Would be nice to start the search for both the pressure gauges.
I am looking forward to the pictures, thanks for efforts made,
So I've ordered some through hardened roller bearings. These are 2mm larger in outside diameter, and will press fit onto the roller pin without impinging in the well of the existing follower   - though I need another pin machined so it doesn't have the wear pattern in the existing one...

There's been no comment on this as an approach for repairing the Cam follower, but to my limited knowledge the approach seems sound. Ok it's not the original Lister approach but at this stage unless someone can come up with a convincing argument, or have tried it and failed, I'm going to install these bearings and rebuild  8)....  :o

I see a huge issue with that engine,,,

I ain't in the USA >:(
Hi Paul,

I have a massive case of boat envy now!

I've always fancied a big motor boat, and something like that - a converted fishing boat, or even bigger - was always my dream. Either that, or an ex patrol boat - the type that will do 35+ knots :D

Right... I need to go buy a lottery ticket!


PS: Have you considered advertising them on Apollo Duck?
Things I want to Buy / Re: Lister Hamworthy SR2 Diesel air compressor
« Last post by dieselgman on July 24, 2017, 09:17:34 PM »
I should be able to get some pictures of ours next time I'm over to that yard. I don't remember what indicators were on them, if any.

Hi Stef,

She's called Jacamar and was originally built as a fishing boat. The guy I bought her from took the entire top off the boat and fitted a new classic yacht style top. The engine is still on her and is a 660hp 8 cylinder Lister Blackstone with Napier turbo. The engine room has never been connected to the wheelhouse and  its beyond my means to throw the kind of money it would require to do this and I would rather re-invest any money I generated from selling the generators etc back into her interior and making he special.

Many thanks for your interest.

Hi Astill

Nice looking boat.

What's her story and what is the main propulsion? should it not be a rude question!

Cheers Stef
Hi Ade,

I think they would look great in your front garden or either side of the front door and the neighbours wouldn't mind the noise.

She certainly is not on the small side! pic attached

Thanks for getting in touch.

Things I want to Buy / Lister Hamworthy SR2 Diesel air compressor
« Last post by Rob Dekker on July 24, 2017, 08:10:58 PM »

I bought a complete Lister Hamworthy  SR2 diesel air compressor but after delivery home found both pressure indicators stolen (lub.oil and starting air, both mounted on a sub plate).
Very disappointing and now I am looking to some replacements.
Any one to assist in this matter (or a clear picture of the original?)
Thanks for efforts made,best regards,Rob
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