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Changfa Engines / Re: New Watercooled Diesel Toys
« Last post by ajaffa1 on Today at 01:25:03 PM »
What about ground source heat pumps, I have never personally installed one of these but I have dug the trenches and laid the plastic underground pipes for them.

They work rather like a reverse cycle air conditioner in that they can provide both heating and cooling. In winter they draw heat from the ground, in summer they pump heat into the ground, using it a bit like a heat battery.

The heating/cooling is generally dissipated through underfloor pipes set into an insulated concrete floor, the idea being to maintain a constant room temperature of between 20 and 30 Celsius via an adjustable thermostat in each room. They are said to be extremely efficient and can be run off solar electric during the day, at night you can turn them off and rely on the heat/cool of the concrete mass of your floor.

Petteroids / Re: LPWS3 exhaust manifold > silencer gasket
« Last post by 38ac on Today at 11:28:37 AM »
You could check with Sleeman Hawken. Be aware that they are usually quite proud of what they sell.
General Discussion / Re: Hornsby
« Last post by ajaffa1 on Today at 11:28:27 AM »
Hi Mike, last time I looked it was at $5,300 and rising.

You are definitely not a rich man if you have two ex-wives, unless they were both the daughters of billionaires. In my experience most women have only an ordinary level qualification in earning, coupled to an advanced level qualification in spending! Very similar to most politicians, they love to spend other peoples hard earned. I do hope this has not been your experience.

Can`t wait to see how high the bidding goes.

General Discussion / Re: Hornsby
« Last post by 38ac on Today at 11:22:06 AM »
Some of those will fetch large piles of money but I do not know them well enough to say about that that one.

Up to 5300 when I looked Mike,, LOL
General Discussion / Re: Hornsby
« Last post by mikenash on Today at 10:11:07 AM »
Heya Bob

Thanks.  I got a couple ex-wives will tell you I'm a C-word probably even without you asking . . .

Sadly, I'm not rich

Actually I'd be surprised if it went much over $3K . . .

I'll watch with interest to see if you're right and I'm just a dumb C-word as well lol

General Discussion / Re: Hornsby
« Last post by ajaffa1 on Today at 09:30:30 AM »
Hi Mike, that is a fine looking engine, I can`t wait to see how high the bidding will go by the 31st when the auction ends. With that many people watching I would expect things to get really crazy in the last half hour. My guess is that it will probably be bought by some unworthy rich c*nt for in excess of $10,000. I don`t expect you are bidding on it, are you? If you are good luck and I apologize for calling you a rich c*nt.

General Discussion / Hornsby
« Last post by mikenash on Today at 07:03:09 AM »
Listeroid Engines / Re: Excited soon-to-be caretaker.....
« Last post by 38ac on July 22, 2019, 11:31:10 PM »
The India crankshafts are either real good and straight or real bad, thankfully mostly good. I suspect the bad ones are bent during the handling of the engine after assembly as it would be a trick to get one that crooked between centers on the grinder.
Changfa Engines / Re: New Watercooled Diesel Toys
« Last post by BruceM on July 22, 2019, 11:27:50 PM »
Seasonal heat/cold storage would be sweet, the the amount to be stored is brutal.  You need to make an ice house of sorts in the winter...to be used in summer, and a huge superinsulated tank of molten salts in summer for winter.  Rather brutally expensive in each case.

The problem with home design is that we've left it to "the marketplace" with a few architects as hangers on.  Architecture is an ART SCHOOL, so any technical knowledge is superficial at best, and the focus is on things like esthetics and lots of glass, which are a thermal disaster.  (A greenhouse for growing food while providing a sunny space seems a lot more sane.)  Marketing types rule, and people don't have the technical savy to sort it out.  I remember a former neighbor raving about a (resistance) water heater he bought that was advertised as 99.9% efficient.  I hated to tell him all electric water heaters were, as the elements are in the tank of water.  He was pissed...and not happy with me for busting his delusional bubble.

In much of the US, there are no practical guides to higher efficiency houses..not even recommendations for your local county, etc.  Just the minimum insulation requirements in the UBC. 

The best education I found was to play "what if" with a computer thermal model to determine BTUs of heating or cooling needed.  The hard part is getting good data on soil temperatures, a foot, 2 foot and 3 feet down for the winter scenario.  Losses at the edge of an exposed concrete slab are huge, the more exposed with say fancy split face block, the worse the losses. A slab poured up to the uninsulated stem wall is the kiss of death, thermally, though fortunately in time it will usually creep away from the house and make a poor thermal break.  Perimeter insulation is the hands down best bang for your buck, since there is so little surface area.  There don't even sell affordable and easy to use products to put an insulating skirt at the stem wall...you have to make them, which explains where the builders are at. 

Almost any field I've studied in detail appears to have be largely based on misconceptions clung to like a religious zealot, with precious little real science and data.  Where humans are involved, it's a good idea to be skeptical about the prevailing wisdom and take a much closer look.  That's hell for working stiffs, and they just don't have the time and must rely on local zealots.

Changfa Engines / Re: New Watercooled Diesel Toys
« Last post by glort on July 22, 2019, 10:30:55 PM »

Only thing that is paid any attention to here is squeezing whatever excuse for a home you can get on any bit of surface are of the earth and that's it.
Some of the places we looked at before buying this were clearly properties that should have never been built. But like everything else, it's all about the money.

I was digging into the guts of my AC unit yesterday. a relay on the board controlling one of the condenser fans has gone out requiring the replacement of the board. was tempted just to tap off the other fan and drive the non working one off a relay but Fridgy mate says that's not Kosher.
When the thing kicked in I was standing in front of the icy blash that came out of it thinking how useful that would be in summer.  Walked past it in summer and felt the fan forced overn heat that come out and thought if only there were a way to contain that for 6 Months how much power could be saved.

Least I worked out how to rotate the phases so the main one is now on a meter I can wind back in summer and will save me almost 1 Kwh which adds up the way that thing gets hammered in summer.  Also the 1+ Kwh a day the thing uses in the sump heater even just sitting there will be on a recoverable  phase.

Having a search for energy efficient home builders, I was very underwhelmed. Firstly, Didn't see any in my state, the most pupulated in the country.  I'll admit, it wasn't an exhaustive search and there has to be some but the fact none showed up on the first page of google where there were several from another state said something in itself.  Next thing was those advertising energy efficiency seemed to be doing it more as a marketing angle than anything else. Yeah, extra insulation, Double glazing and solar something but other than that.... One spoke of air Tightness one spoke of sealing the frame to the slab ( ??) and while these would help, I certainly didn't see anything inspirational.  One made note of energy efficent appliances which were all Gas which made me wonder how that would be more efficent than electric  that you could generate yourself from panels.

Nothing about ground loops, orientation with verandahs for summer shading of the house, no heat pumps for hot water ( one said they put extra insulation around the normal electric HWS tank ?) insulating the slab or anything  beyond the double glazing and extra insulation really. I have none of the knowledge Bruce does on this but even I could design a better house than what I was seeing.  I was looking for something inspirational and didn't even see anything keeping up with what I know of and would do if I were building.

All the houses were small arse little dog boxes and the only larger one I found was clearly from an average builder that was not doing anything efficient at all but probably just threw the meta tags in the website to sucker some extra traffic in.  The place with the floor to double story ceiling single glazed windows sort of raised my suspicions and prompted a further dig to prove they would know efficiency if it bit them on the arse.
The main ones I found were all in the southern cold state so I imagine would be more one way biased.

I would like to double glaze this place but it would be a Fortune. The reality is cheaper just to heat and cool it for the time I'll be here using the solar.
I am looking to get someone in about shade Blinds. I think they could make a worthwhile difference in summer keeping the direct sun off 2 walls.
The heat that pours in the multiple double doors and windows is probably more than the Big AC can handle just with that.
The thing about letting winter sun in is a misnomer here. Time there is enough warmth to be of any use at all, the days have warmed up enough and you don't need it anyway.
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