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General Discussion / Re: Madness
« Last post by LowGear on Today at 05:08:02 PM »
I watched the video again today.  He can tune my V8 any time he wants.  Is that a sweet sounding engine or what?
RE buickanddeere:  Moved in with the eldest son into the house the parents built or inherited from his father.  Daughters?  Marry well.

If I were choosing children for my retirement years I go for not pretty kinda pudgy girls.  And yes, they could have my toys.

The poor politician.  I think I know a couple of other people that I might move up to the front of the line.  Is vengeance less honorable than patriotism?  People get the representatives they vote for and deserve.  Yes; we have the leadershipness we deserve.  Let us rejoice in all he is teaching.

I've thought this program for fatal medical diagnosises might just be the solution.  Not necessarily murder but something that would get you 1 year to life under mandatory sentencing. 
TTT. Still looking for something in this range.
Things I want to Buy / Re: LR1 or LD1
« Last post by broncodriver99 on Today at 04:30:52 PM »
TTT. Still looking for something in this range.
General Discussion / Re: Wisdom and Ideas sought.
« Last post by glort on Today at 11:47:00 AM »

My last two Houses were the same.
Try driving a nail into a stud and the thing would get shorter and fatter but not go any deeper.
I remember having to drill holes in the floor beams to bolt down a safe when I got my Pistol license.  It would have been easier to drill cement.

I had to put hand rails in the place when my father in law came to live with us. The twit that came out and inspected them reckoned they were not secure enough.  I told him if he could even loosen them I'd give him $100.  He lifted himself  on one then tried shocking it.
Suffice to say the place got the all clear for father to come home.
General Discussion / Re: Madness
« Last post by glort on Today at 11:40:27 AM »
In 2017 we went to the Clarendon Classic rally out at Richmond NSW and there was a fine example of a grey fergy with a 302 mounted in it. The engineering that went into it was amazing as was the end result.

That's the one I was talking about. it belongs to a young guy at the local ( menangle ) Vintage engine club and they take it to Clarendon every year. Was thee last year too.  Same young guy also has a tracked amoured Personnel carrier at the local club and some other toys.

You going to Clarendon this year?  I will be baring any unforeseen interruptions.  It's quite a site walking in the front gate and looking across at a dozen steam traction engines and that's just the start.

Reversing the engine was common on earlier marine diesel engines with the propellor shaft permanently coupled to the crank shaft. the engine was stopped, the cam shaft was moved to the other set of cams, by sliding it back and forth in its bearings and the engine restarted with compressed air.

A mate of mine started work on small coasters around the UK in the early '60's and this arrangement was common. As they were hard worked and under maintained old ladies the supply of air was limited by the ancient compressor's ability to keep up with the demand, so the skipper had to use the minimum of helm orders to maneuver in harbour, with each order, ahead, astern and stop requiring a restart.

See this link for details of reversing the Villiers motors in the Bond mini car

It doesn't mention it, but from memory, I believe they had a second set of points as well.


General Discussion / Re: Madness
« Last post by ajaffa1 on Today at 07:54:12 AM »
Hi OSM, that`s crazy enough for me. Glad they changed the tires to something speed rated.

Talking of Guinness records I believe they are going to try for one at the rusty iron rally in Macksville. My understanding is that they are going for the most vintage engines all running at the same time. The engines need to run for 20 minutes to take the record. I am hoping my ETB will be done in time. It would be nice to be famous for participating in something so utterly pointless!  :laugh:

 Still applies in most of the world today and used to be common in the west. Elderly Mom and Dad moved in with the first born son until the end of their days. 
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