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Glad i could help, but don,t want to feed an addiction. LOL,  Then i can't talk i have 13 seagull outboards in my shed. So if you get one report back, ok.
And i did see a 7.5kw 3 phase motor, in the Sons,workshop last week, that would go well with a zs195 im thinking.

Are you in OZ?

Changfa Engines / New Changfa Type Engines Still for Sale in Australia
« on: August 19, 2018, 05:42:28 AM »
While searching around  for information, i found this on a machinery sale site.

Diesel Engine 12 HP Electric Start

    Diesel Powered
    12 Horsepower
    Water Cooled
    Belt Drive
    Electric and Crank Start
    Maximum RPM 2400 R / min


Engine:    600CC Four Stroke Diesel 12HP Water Cooled
Starter Type:    Electric / Crank Start
Air Filter Type:     Oil Bath / Screen type
Fuel Type:    Diesel / 10 Litre Fuel Tank
Output Type:    Belt Drive
Rotation Direction:    Counter Clockwise view from Flywheel end
Weight:    104KG
Dimensions:    74L x 41W x 57H cm
 Shipping Dimensions:     70L x 40W x 62H cm
 Shipping Weight:     106KG

I have nothing to do with them in any way, I don't own one.
Its just that a few people have commented in what i have read on the forum, is they would like others of these engines if they could get them.
So shearing information.

Generators / Re: Induction Motor Generators
« on: August 15, 2018, 12:23:53 PM »
This is some info i looked at a while back, on using a 3 phase motor as a gen, it might help some with the basics.

Changfa Engines / Looks like i missed the boat on the chanhfa experence.
« on: August 15, 2018, 02:27:00 AM »
Hi All, it looks like i missed the boat on the whole Changfa experience, by about 10 years or so. But it looking like i might get  a turn as well.
One of our customers has a shed full of things, you know those thinks that you can,t through out or will need for a job one day, when ever that comes.

And hidden in  it all is this

As best we can find out its a zs195 made by the Shifeng company, but like all these things no date on the engine plate, so expecting a serial number was a bit much.
All the tools are in there orange plastic box, with a set of rings and main bearings, and it looks like the engine has never been started.
No oil in the engine, inside if the fuel tank is dry, so it might be worth a go.

Any one had any experience with this make of engine?

Sorry don't seam to be able to make my picture of the engine show in the post, computers are not my thing, so have linked to a picture on there web site, only difference is this engine has a radiator, with a belt driven fan like the Japanese engines.

Sorry to be so long winded, have enjoyed reading about everyone else,s adventures, and thought i might join in.

Andrew AKA Old Seagull Man.
Started fixing British Seagulls in the 70's and am still doing it in my 70's

Ok the picture works when you post, told you i wasn't a computer person, have grandsons for that. LOL

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