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Changfa Engines / Re: Do it Changfa Style
« on: May 19, 2019, 05:19:02 PM »
2 hrs and his wife told him to shut it down or move out? 
Great little engines for the nearly deaf.

Slow speed engines rule for often used home generator power!

My custom keyboard (analog passive matrix so no emissions) started having shift key problems after about 25 years of use.  It's based on a Keytronic silicone membrane keyboard, with printed conductive ink, with some mods to the ink and processor removed. Finally had to clean the contacts on my little connector board and the ink. It's working great again, and all the bits got a bath with the parts brush so it looks like new. Amazing how the molded silicone sheet works so well for a nice feel.

Success always makes me cocky.  :D

General Discussion / Re: MIG Welder, what to look for?
« on: May 18, 2019, 04:01:48 PM »
Thanks Glort, they will be relatively small values and not high enough current for welding.  a 3000 watt inverter with 230vac output will have filtering chokes for 15-30 amps. The needed 150amp or better for a 24vdc welder is going to make for big wire and a big core.  Expensive commercially because of size and weight in electrical steel and copper.  Since there will be a strong stray magentic field from an E-I core, with changes in current, I'll stick to the tedious gapped toroid, wound in two layers for better self cancelling.  If I ordered one to be made, I'd be out near $1000.  I can make it with a surplus core for about $70 worth of copper. I might be able to get a puny 250 uh without saturation at 150a.

I have doubts about the project- no telling if the welding fumes will be more than I can handle, or if the variations in welding current which the researcher noted are rapid and will cause substantial AC magnetic field.  I hate failed expensive projects, though often much more is learned. 

General Discussion / Re: MIG Welder, what to look for?
« on: May 18, 2019, 04:28:43 AM »
I spent quite a bit of time researching direct battery powered DC welding.  Clean DC the way i like it; I'm a charter member of the Church of Edison.  ;)

Seems 2 good batteries plus a big DC choke does an acceptable job up to 1/4 steel at around 120 amps.  The choke, around 300 uH or better is essential as a current limiter/regulator and keeping the arc going.

A guy on a welding forum in 2007 did a lot of experimenting and documented his work pretty well.  Alas, he didn't have an electronics background and didn't realize that he was saturating his ferrite and other cores at his welding current of 90-125 amps, and his test values were  using with an LCR meter that only gives the unloaded inductance.  His choke weighed 40 lbs, largely from copper windings.

I may give it a shot, but it does mean unwinding and gapping a 1000w or bigger toroidal transformer core for the choke.  I'll have to crack some books to estimate the number of turns to avoid saturation at 140 amps. 

Everything else / Re: Finally, some use for excess solar power.
« on: May 17, 2019, 12:00:56 AM »
Mike was right about plastics- HDPE is often used for barrels, and it's going to very slowly start to deform at boiling, just give it time, it's strength is greatly reduced at higher temps. It will just ooze. You will see that buried rotomolded HDPE tanks will rarely be rated for over 130F.   

Polypropylene is much stronger, especially at higher temperatures, the buried tanks are often rated to 150F or better.

So if you're bargain shopping for tanks for hot water, look for a PP stamp, though even that isn't going to take 100C for extended periods without some deformation unless it was overbuilt.

Lister Market Place (things for Sale) / Re: New Listeroids for sale
« on: May 16, 2019, 11:48:04 PM »
If you think Rajkot can put consistently ready to run engines in a crate for you with typical China tractor quality...you are heading for a rude lesson.

Rajkot has not been in the same ballpark as China in consistency; we all wish you'd find someone in China to build Lister CS clones.  Rajkot is even infamous within India, as we learned here from a native many years ago. 

Sample pieces for evaluation will always be the finest they can manage...but not much like the following containers.  Competent and technically skilled people I respect have spent a great deal of time and money hoping to pull up Rajkot standards, and largely failed in getting those new stardards consistently.  Things like cam lobe placement, cam straightness, tappet alignment/binding, casting quality and material, weight of con rod and piston , flywheel key location and mass of counterbalance, finish of machined parts, valve placement/spacing in the head/rocker arm placement, voids in the head casting, idler gear location/lash, finish of cast parts, and cylinder liner protrusion all vary WIDELY.  These are all things the skilled builders here have to check and fix, and I've missed some other common ones.

The CS is a great engine and I'm glad for my Rajkot kit of mostly usable parts with rework, machining and some replacement.  With a reputable dealer like Gary at DES, bad parts are not a risk.  I would have gladly paid more for a China quality product, but that doesn't exist.


Everything else / Re: Compressor oil grade
« on: May 16, 2019, 12:43:52 AM »
I'm sure sheeple are global.

Lister Market Place (things for Sale) / Re: New Listeroids for sale
« on: May 13, 2019, 11:09:43 PM »
Others have gone to Rajkot as well. Best wishes for your success.

General Discussion / Re: MIG Welder, what to look for?
« on: May 13, 2019, 08:13:21 PM »
My head is a significant target for strong magnetic fields (near field in EMC parlance) - so back before I learned that air tools would solve it, I used to try and use a drill keeping my head as far away as possible...it increased my working time but wasn't very practical.  For electric fields, it seems anywhere goes.  I've tried see through metalized fabrics and even an aluminum foil helmet with holes for eyes...they don't do much...too many openings and slits.

Some of the earliest reports of electrical sensitivity in Sweden were cell phone design engineers.  One of them had a full bee keeper's suit with metalized fabrics and silver thread fabrics.  Hardly conducive to an improved social life, but I understand the desperation. I haven't gone that route as I find the metalized synthetic fabrics stink bad enough to bother me, and can't imagine wearing it for a long time. 

My only interesting finding of late is that the blood thinners for my DVT have markedly improved my latency and decreased the severity of symptoms- which where always pressure headaches followed by cognitive impairment and eventually complex partial seizure or absence seizure.  Perhaps venous blood flow from the brain is being effected.
SPECT scans of people with electrical sensitivity look much like a closed head injury...only they didn't have the physical injury...just the identical pattern of areas not getting blood flow.

Lister Market Place (things for Sale) / Re: New Listeroids for sale
« on: May 13, 2019, 06:43:46 PM »
We all look forward to hearing from your customers and wish you success.  Rajkot has been a serious challenge for larger volume US importers who had plenty of experience with China importing.  I hope you can crack them, as yes, a ready to run system has a much bigger market. I wonder how you plan to get around the EPA issue?

General Discussion / Re: MIG Welder, what to look for?
« on: May 13, 2019, 06:34:16 PM »
All this welder talk makes me jealous. The things radiate so much EMI that I have to be back about 200 feet or I'm wrecked. 

I've even watched some 2 and 3 car battery welding vids- but wonder how continuous the arc really is; if it's interrupting regularly, it's not really DC, and will be broadcasting EMI. A spark is the perfect broad spectrum source, and connected to wires it makes a dandy transmitter of some serious power.  All the battery setup needs is 3 batteries and some linear regulation of current, which I could do, or perhaps 2-12V batteries and one 6 V.  36V is too much, 24 to little.

If you get tired of dusting, the SpaceGuard whole house HEPA filter is worth looking into.  I used them on both my homes in the Phoenix area.  With the fan on low most of the time, dusting was a thing of the past.  They helped with allergies greatly also.  SpaceGuard media is pretty long lasting and quite cheap.  Like most HEPA filters they are spun polyester, but SpaceGuard has massive area due to it's 5+ inch deep pleats and are low enough resistance to air flow that no boost fan is needed.  I did the install on both- piece of cake.

Home Humidity is ideally 40-50%, the lower being better for winter to avoid sweating at and around windows in colder climates.  Moving air always makes you feel cooler and dryer, which is why forced air heating sucks.

Good thing electric floor heating was so expensive.  It's a great way to have a high EMF home unless the wiring is coaxial or otherwise run as a pair, preferably twisted for better self canceling.  Also, heating a concrete slab floor that's not insulated from the earth and stem wall is power bill masochism, so I assume your floor is on a crawlspace. 

The only way to have a warm floor, is to have a terribly badly insulated and leaky house, so that you must have a massive boiler and run the in-floor hydronic heating system all the time.  In a well insulated home, the floor is room temperature plus a degree or two, obviously.  The floor won't feel warm until it is over 100F!

If you feel cold all the time, get some generic Cytomel pr Cynomel (Grossman Labs)25mcg tablets and start with half in the morning and noon. TSH is not a valid indicator of thyroid function; free T3 and reverse T3 are fairly good, but basal temperature and how you are feeling for energy and warmth are also valuable indicators.  Low thyroid also notoriously causes depression and fatigue, and yes, doctors sadly ignore it or get it wrong. Getting it right means the difference between struggling to survive or having a bit of energy (and enthusiasm) for some projects for me.

One last thing-  air to air heat exchangers are a great way to improve indoor air quality without a huge heating or cooling bill.  That plus a small amount of direct outside air- to compensate for duct leaks would be ideal.

"I am planning to heat water, pass that through a heat exchanger and then use that to heat air going into the house.  I want to introduce air into the house rather than recirculate it to keep out drafts and reduce the cold air coming in when doors and windows are opened. "

I suggest you reconsider this.  A small amount of air added to the house is good, as it compensates for lost air in leaky ducts, and helps keep the house near neutral pressure instead of negative.  Something like perhaps 200 cfm for your big house.  Much more than that pressurizes the house substantially, with in winter drives warmer wet air into the wall cavities and ceiling through leaky outlet boxes and this might cause mold problems.  The upside of slightly positive pressure via fresh heated air would be improved air quality. So adding some fresh air to your return airflow is the standard procedure for better air quality homes.  The fresh air intake can be closed via motor damper for air quality events like wildfires.

Petteroids / Re: PETTER - PAZ1 - New project
« on: May 11, 2019, 03:34:51 AM »
Very nice work VP.  She looks like a nice smooth runner. 

Original Lister Cs Engines / Re: Another 6/1 Restoration
« on: May 09, 2019, 02:53:18 PM »
Very nice design, dieselsmoker, I like the angle iron rails.  A classy setup for a classic Lister.

Listeroid Engines / Re: ajaffa Bob OK ?
« on: May 08, 2019, 04:32:46 PM »
Hey Bob, Glad you're doing OK, best wishes with your wife's surgery.  I'm not going into the hospital, as they have mega wireless and a cell tower on top.  I can be there for a short time, though my head feels like it's going to pop. It matters little that I have a neurologist's report showing effect of a cell phone on me; doctors only accept what they have learned in medical school and ignore everything else .  I will consider outpatient surgery, as I have managed to get in and out for that twice before. 

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