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Lister Based Generators / Startomatic wiring advice
« on: June 17, 2019, 11:09:22 PM »
I am a newbie to the Forum, seeking advice on SOM controls.

I have an SR2 with Brush generator, 4.5Kw, which is in very good working order. It was used as a backup generator, and came with the house when we bought it 25 years ago. It was well cared for, and must have been used very infrequently. It seems a good example of the type. It has always worked perfectly reliably when I have had call to use it. However, it is button/remote start, and has no separate control panel other than the alternator cubicle. I will be moving house soon (certainly not going to leave it behind!), and would like to be able to use it as SOM rather than push start.

I have recently acquired an SOM control panel, which was for a 12V, 1.75Kw model, schematic ED6443. This isn't in particularly good condition, but appears to have most of the principal SOM components. I have several schematics from this Forum, including the SOM "generic" schematic, and have spent some time reading the excellent posts. However, I really need some help and advice.

I would like to see if it would be possible to make the necessary tests, modifications and wiring alterations to convert the set-up to SOM, really as a project, somewhat inspired by Forum members who have completely renovated control panels, but have retained the original Lister equipment - or most of it, anyway, even if not the old selenium rectifiers. Btw, these have already been removed and replaced with modern diodes on my control panel.

The current alternator cubicle contains everything necessary in the way of fuel control relays, decompression and recompression, but I have no idea how to wire in the SOM panel (if indeed it is feasible). I realise, for a start, and probably even before testing the panel for functionality, that there will have to be a voltage step down from 24V to 12V, which I believe is achieved by a rheostat (item BR on one of the diagrams).

Anyway - any thoughts, advice, diagrams, pictures and opinions gratefully received!

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