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Waddya reckon guys?

Is there anything special about the "old" "original" pump and injector?

Or is it smart just to buy a new pump, a new line, a new injector and get on with it

This engine started life as a 3/1 and at some point had a 4&1/2" barrel and piston fitted, then later a + 40 thou barrel and alloy piston fitted.  Maybe the heads are the same (3/1 and 5/1)? I don't know?  But maybe it still has the pump/injector from the 3/1 days which may, effectively, be not worth having

Those new "Genuine Bosch Mico" injectors and pumps are only about $150 each and whenever I have fitted one in the past all my uncertainties about "have I heard a decent CRINK or a half-hearted CRINK?" have just disappeared

I'd appreciate any thoughts

Thanks, Mike

Original Lister Cs Engines / CS head - worth bothering with?
« on: June 15, 2019, 03:44:37 AM »
Hi Guys

Some of you have given me a hand with advice on the + 40 thou piston and barrel I have been tinkering with; and that has been much appreciated

When I took the engine apart I dumped the head, injector, pump and a few other bits and pieces in a big bucket of diesel for a couple of weeks

This morning I made an abominable mess in the workshop giving them a clean and dismantling the head etc

See pics?

Getting the valves out was a mission as the head had sat in the weather long enough for the springs to be substantially rusted - I would say the guides would need replacing, too

I can buy a whole new Indian 7-stud head complete from Australia for about $NZ250 and probably a hundred or two dollars in freight - maybe somewhere in the $NZ350-550 range landed . . .

I wonder if it's worth mucking about with this head - or if it's better to just put it "on the shelf" for an occasion when I have more time - whenever that might be

My objective is to have one good engine I know to have sound internals plus a bunch of good spares - and I think that (with a bit of machine-shop repairs to the top ring groove) the +40 thou Barrel & piston out of this engine will have a good service life ahead of them

I'd be interested in thoughts as I don't have the experience to interpret the images in terms of "how worn things are"


(similar query underway re pump & injector - bear with me here)

Thanks, Mike

Hi guys

In the other thread I have rambled about barrel and piston . . .

But the piston has a bunch of inscriptions and I thought knowledgeable folks might like to shed some light?

It says:

Piston says, maybe

008 – 0.4025


BLQA 403101/1/0.40T

And see pics attached?

It came up so clean it suddenly occurs to me to wonder if it's an alloy piston?  It's cold and dark and raining out and the engine's 200 metres away so I'm not going out with a magnet now in the middle of the night . . .

Couple pics here, anyway


Finally got around to seeing if the old CS that has been sitting up in the Bay of Plenty is a runner or not

I bought it off a chap who thought it had been in his yard for "quite a few years" but also thought it "probably wouldn't take much to get it going".  A familiar story to one and all here I am sure . . .

I said recently I paid $300 for it, but I think I actually paid $500?  Details a bit blurry as it was a few years ago now.  It has been sitting on the base built out of heavy RSJ for a couple years waiting for some attention

I did the on-the-fly measurement of the rim circumference thing to calculate inlet opening & zorst closing etc etc and fitted a new pump and injector & it bled up good.  A good clean "crink" with each injection

Doesn't want to go, though

I gave it a lot of heat from the butane and a bit of Aerostart but no go.  Just not quite enough compression.  If you try really hard you can keep cranking it over and over the compressions after you let the valve lifter go - and I could feel a little "pop" most compressions and a wee puff of white smoke and a bit of a hand from a partial ignition

It'll have to come apart - my guess would be the rings are stuck

Actually it's good that it has to come apart since, as it has work to do, I'll have to address any issues properly rather than just giving in to the temptation to get it going and use it . . .

They're nice looking machines, aren't they

Original Lister Cs Engines / shopping online
« on: May 28, 2019, 04:30:16 PM »

This is what happens when you're awake at 2AM and can't get back to sleep

Only 160Ks from home.  Might be good, might be scrap . . .

Everything else / AEC Matador remains
« on: May 12, 2019, 05:44:53 AM »

This bloke has been trying to sell it for a while

There's a wee video goes with his advert

I can't help thinking one of those blokes who likes to restore WW2 heavy recovery trucks & the like might be interested in it

Original Lister Cs Engines / Argentina
« on: April 04, 2019, 07:23:29 PM »

Hi guys.  See the listing?

I went and had a yak to this guy and offered him $500 just for the motor - he wasn't interested, of course

He's adamant that "It came from Argentina" and it was new when he got it - not rebuilt or whatever but "new"

He's not a hell of a mechanical chap - so he may not have been able to tell the difference?

is there any suggestion that there was manufacturing in Argentina?  The small brass plate I would expect to see wasn't evident

Maybe after he has had it listed for a year or two he'll revise his idea of it's value.  maybe once it's seized from sitting in the paddock where it has been the last three years.  Injector and decompressor linkages are already seized and it has one valve stuck open - so it's on the way . . .

Lister Based Generators / ST2 Start-O-Matic
« on: February 15, 2019, 06:43:08 AM »
Still in use in the remote parts of NZ, just working quietly away & earning its living

I didn't realise there were SOM units into the later models of engines - although it makes sense of course

Lister Based Generators / Start-o-matic
« on: February 04, 2019, 05:59:37 PM »

I put a bid in on this - who knows?  Might be something in the boxes that is of use to someone as well

General Discussion / the last of the Good Old Girls
« on: January 29, 2019, 05:58:53 PM »
Nothing to do with Lister engines except that I like ‘em for the same reasons people like their Listers:  they’re tough & built to last; plus they’re simple & easy to work on; and their reliability has been proven over and over . . . .

I’m speaking, of course, of the last of the Old School “Toyota Tough” Toyota Camrys.  This is the SXV20 station-wagon model made from 1998 – 2002, with the tough-as-nails 2.2-litre engine, the manual gearbox that no-one has ever seen the inside of and the sort of load-space that a six-footer can sleep in with a bit of headroom left

I have owned probably a dozen of these over the last decade – my kids have stolen three or four off me as they have needed cars – it’ll be grandkids doing that shortly . . .

The two I have at home have 330,000 and 340,000 Ks on the clock and still seem to rumble along OK

They are Japanese-designed cars built in Australia to compete with the dinosaur Ford Falcons & Holden Commodores – so they’re more-or-less full-sized wagons.  Australians have used them as taxis for years and some have done to-the-moon-and-back mileages

I regularly do a 900-K round trip on weekends and keep an eye on the fuel consumption just out of interest.  Unlike the Falcons & Commodores, they are frugal – scampering along at a steady 110 km/h just harvesting the low-speed torque of the engine and with the old girl loaded up with gear they will regularly return 6.1 litres per 100 Kms – that’s 45 MPG in the old money

I have been looking for one to replace mine as they get old and come to the end of their working lives.  I talked to my friend who is a service manager at Toyota and she said I would be better served by continuing to own these old girls rather than buying a new Avensis wagon or the like (I need a wagon, and regularly carry big loads & tow a trailer with it)

I found one the other day – a 2002 wagon (the non-ABS model as I like the simplicity) owned by some old gent who has recently retired from driving after having put just 70,000 Ks on it in 16 years.  He even kept the factory servicing up to date until 50,000 Ks.  It drives like a new one, really.  Everything works perfectly.  The spare tyre is one of the original five new tyres it came with.
 Even the electric retractable antenna still goes up and down – I haven’t seen one with that working for years

It’s kinda the Toyota equivalent of a “barn find”

You know – it might outlast me

Other Slow Speed Diesels / check out the exhaust note on this beauty
« on: January 13, 2019, 06:13:32 AM »

There's a Polar engine a lot like this in an old generating plant in town here, but it just has all the exhausts into a single stack & doesn't sound as good IMHO


Here's one out of the box - check it out

I would guess some poor chap has bought this figuring it'll run his house "of grid" and then gotten disillusioned with the project maybe?

Check out the chain drive!

Someone has spent a chunk of time & money on this at some point - possibly around 1940 for the original build, then later with a stainless tank etc

It seems to have something called an (Admiralty Patented) Dial Slow Motion Quick Wave Changer

The area it comes from is one of NZ's remotest parts and I suspect this may have been a "state of the art" lighting plant and a big step forward from the kerosene lanterns for some family living several days' horseback travel from the nearest civilisation "back in the day"

Maybe the "LEGTROFLATER" Black & Decker bit was 220 VDC - an output of 2.75A - and the Dial Slow Motion thingie made AC?

Possibly more use in our Museum of Transport & Technology than in actual use; but what an interesting slice of history

Possibly a little over-priced

Lister Market Place (things for Sale) / check this dude out
« on: November 18, 2018, 03:38:23 AM »

Second or third time he has listed them.  The first couple of times there were lots of comments like "man, I've got two of these I paid $600 for" and "what say I sell you my three old ones for $5000 each & you give them a coat of paint and sell them for $10,000 . . . " but I guess folks got tired of the sport

No takers yet

Original Lister Cs Engines / Here we are - another "what's it worth"
« on: September 28, 2018, 07:46:08 PM »

Gentleman says it's a good runner and starts first time every time

Check out the starter!

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