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General Discussion / Haloween. WTF??
« on: October 31, 2018, 01:06:02 AM »

Mrs is going out with the girls tonight and won't be home till late.  Looks like it's Fish and chips for Dinner!   Fish shop down the road is great but she won't let me have it too often.

She tells me it's  Haloween.  Yeah, not even sure what that is?  She tells me little children may come to the door dressed up in fantasy costumes asking if I want them to turn tricks or I should give them lollies she has put in a bowl I'm not allowed to eat.  She said be nice to them and not your grumpy self.

What in the hell???  :o

I have NO interest in little kids, don't even really like the snot nosed whiney little buggers especially when there is always one screaming their head off in the shopping centre or at any restaurant I go to.

I know there are a lot of weidos out there and the cops have to catch them but I think this is taking sting operations a bit too far and reaks of entrapment for unsuspecting twits like me who never had a clue about this. In any case, WTF would I want to give them Chocolates and attract them round the place like Seagulls? No thanks!  They can bugger off back to their own homes and annoy the guts out of their own parents.

I'm also now thinking the Mrs wants me out the way seeing SHE bought the chocolates and told me to give them to the small children. Yeah, that would sound legit when the cops arrested me wouldn't it?  " My wife bought the chocolates, went out tonight and told me to give them to any little Kids that came to the door"  Yeah sure Mate, you are going to have at least 10-12 years to be telling that story!

Even I know that's what the low lifes do and has to be illegal right there and could get a person locked up. If she starts talking about us buying a White van and me parking it near schools, I'm out of here! She definitely wants me out the way!!

Maybe she has finally found a decent bloke and has got tired of waiting for me to off myself and the only people she knows that could do the job for her are my mates... some, but maybe not all of whom may have reservations or tell me.
Maybe I better start buying her flowers?

Come to think of it, why is she going out with " The GIRLS" on a week night?  Why are little kids coming to my door at night and in the middle of the week? I smell more than Fish and Chips going on here! Clearly I have some serious marital problems I have overlooked!

Anyone comes knocking at my door tonight and there is no way in hell I'm answering it!!
Certainly won't be giving kids Chocolates at any time when I can sit here and eat them myself. That's another thing, She NEVER buys me any chocolates and when I come home with any myself, I get read the riot act. Any she buys she hides on the lowest shelf in the pantry where I have to get down on my hands and knees to find them. Now she is putting them out in a bowl right on the Coffee table.
I'm thick as 2 Planks but something's definitely not right here!

I know this thing comes from the US but I never realised there were so many weirdos out there praying on Children that they had to have a sting operation this big to catch them. Seems the local cops have taken the idea on here too. 

The motives are good but I sure question the way they are going about catching these low lifes using little kids as bait!!   :-\

General Discussion / Any experience with Mini excavators?
« on: October 27, 2018, 11:28:17 AM »

After being frustrated with not being able to do what I want around the place and the distinct of any decent used machinery, I am ready to buy one of these little toys:

I know they are only a glorified powered shovel but that's probably all I need round here anyway. I have been doing my research on YT and they seem more capeable than what I would have thought.
I got a quote from an excavator guy the other day for $2500 for some work we want done, mainly landscaping although that was with taking a lot of plants and a few stumps away.  It's pretty much the price of the machine and I reckon if I took a trip to the tip which will cost about $350 a ton here, I'd get rid of most of it.

Just wondering if anyone has owned or played with one of these little things?  I know they are sold by Hava Fright in the US and saw some UK distributors as well.

I reckon I could do a lot with one of these even if I can't do it fast.  Time to think too much is something I have too much of as well so speed isn't real important.  At least I would have an assett I could get probably decent money back on it I sold the thing rather than having dead money just hiring... which really is a pain in the arse anyway.  Much better to have the gear there when the inspiration strikes you than have to plan an event to get something.

Spose the best thing with one of these will be I'll have the gear to build a new shed which I'll need because I have so much damn equipment here!   :laugh:


Was searching for some way to have my Camera directly Download pics to my camera or better still, print direct from the camera through WI-Fi. Think I got that licked but in browsing " apps"  I found something I have been playing with  today and am really stoked with.

It's an app that goes on your Tablet ( which is better so you can see what going on without going blind) or your phone.
It tracks aircraft flights the world over.
You put in your location, or move the map anywhere you want and it shows you the position of all the aircraft with a transponder  ( pretty much and twin engine up and decent chopper) and tells you what they are, who owns them, the speed the plane is doing, height, where it came from and where it's going, time it departed and when it will arrive, where it's been the last week and a lot of other info for the techno plane geek.

The accuracy of the thing is quite astonishing to me.
I loaded it up and went outside. Zoomed in on my house on the satelite view and could see the dot on the map marking my location.  It located me to virtually the meter! I went from one side of the house to the other and it showed that. Walked down the letterbox and that's where It pin pointed me.  Incredible.

I zoomed out and looked at planes heading my way. Was way too overcast to see any jets today but I sure could hear them and the map seemed spot on.
I live not far from a light airport and learned that there are some regional operations  working from there.  I was tracking a Beech baron coming in and with the map orientated, watched as it came nearer then looked up and there it was.  It went round  to land the opposite direction which is rare as they normally head for a straight in approach here but I guess the wind was turned today so he had to do a go round.  It disappeared out of sight and I kept watching on the map as it landed.  Shortly after the app said 0 altitude, I heard the thing at the airport in full reverse thrust so was pretty impressed how real time the thing tracks.

The app is called Flight Radar 24.,148.54/6

The thing that completely blew me away more than anything else with this is seeing just how many freaking planes there are!!
There are thousands of the things in the skies at any one time. Might be naive but I had no clue there were so many goddam planes! Look over Europe and you wonder how they are not crashing into each other every day. Same with asia, the flight paths look like highways at holiday time with all the cars in a traffic jam.

Even if you don't install the app, I think everyone that frequents this place would find a look at the site very interesting and eye opening.

For me it fulfills something I have wondered about as long as I can remember. I recall as a small boy I would hear a jet and go racing out in the back yard to see it.  Right up till now I have still looked up, particularly at night and wondered where was that plane going or coming from and wondered how a motivated person could find out. thought it would be a matter of studying arrivals and departure info from the airport or something but in any case take effort and research with a fair degree of inaccuracy.

Not likely. I can pull out my tablet or, god forbid, Phone, as see where any plane is anywhere in the world and a ton of info on it. Can even search by airlines, flight numbers and type.  Got to admit, been a long time since I have been as much in awe about anything as this app.
The level of technology this puts in anyones hand astounds me. I bet this would have cost millions 10-15 years ago and not been nearly as informative.

I noticed they wanted people to put the tracking radars up.  I applied straight away. I'm near an airport so that may be of interest but I'd love to be a part of something like this.

Have a look, might be something that impresses other people here as well!

General Discussion / Something to get us depressed old farts going
« on: October 04, 2018, 04:35:54 PM »

Everything else / Finally, some use for excess solar power.
« on: September 29, 2018, 11:42:18 AM »

Been wasting power boiling an urn for a while now to use some of the excess solar power I have that pushes my line voltage too high.
Today Finally found a couple of worthwhile uses.

The first one as mentioned elsewhere was to set up a Test batch Bio gas digester and use the excess solar to heat that. Probably not going to need enough heating to use much power but a few KWH I guess can be put to some sort of worthwhile use.
I thought I'll do this the clever way and boil the urn then put the hot water in progressively rather than chill the mix that has some warmth with tap water and then try to heat it all up.  That went a LOT faster than I thought.  Was soon using cold water to lower the temp of the partial fill.

The other use for the excess was Boiling the urn..... as usual. Difference was today I finally had a light bulb moment with it.

Being spring here, the garden is growing well.... as are the weeds. Everywhere. Normally I'm not too worried as the main type we get, Dandelion, is my Little Bunny's favourite. Trouble is, where he once went nuts for them, I have been giving him so much lately, he's now obviously sick of them.  It's not all he gets, still loves his Dry Mix and is OK with carrots, but the Fresh greens have definatey lost their appeal.  Maybe the kilogram a day of them that he can easily hide under I have been giving him every day is a bit of over kill?   ::)

Noticing all the weeds in the cracks of the pavers, I was going to boil up the oil burning water heater and give the weeds a scalding bath which takes good care of them roots and all and needs no chemicals. Back in the  suburbs, I would have Sprayed DDT around with no concern but now out here as a man on the land with one whole acre,   ::) I have become more fussy about things.  Well that and Bruce's heads up on the effects of so many things most of us are ignorant to with chemicals, EMF and the like.   Back there my favourite weed Killer was caustic, salt and probably some sump oil mixed in.
There is no truth at all to the malicious and unfounded scurrilous rumor that I laid waste to my Mongrel neighbors entire back yard with 150L of this stuff  couple of weeks before I left and I have NO idea how this mix got in my Diesel Fire pump and hose.   :angel:

Using my faithful urn and a 2 Kw Submersible element meant for impatient people wanting to make tea or coffee, I BOILED about 50 L of water today.
Throwing 4KW of power at 12L of water in the watering can boils it faster than I can drink a cup of coffee... so I found out repeatedly.
And doesn't it work great on the weeds!

There were a few Thistles coming along way too nicely and when I hit them with the hot water, as soon as you take the stream off the leaves, they go from Juicy green to Morbid dark gray. Everything else cooks and wilts before your eye's.
At first I was just taking water from the hot tap and I'd say it was working only because I have my heater maxed out temp wise, but it took a fair bit of water to see a change in the plants. Adding that last 20oC and boiling the water, made a BIG difference. Did this from late morning to early afternoon and walking round just before packing up for the day, I could see the weeds well and truly buggered.

The side effect of all this power consumption heating and Boiling water was really surprising.  I Made more power today than ever before AND still managed to pump more power back than I have achieved previously.  Very surprising when taking into account I bled off over 100L of hot water from the tank which was back up to temp in a couple of hours as well as everything else. Pumped about 2500L of water out the Bio storage tanks as well with the 1.5 Kw Pump which has a reasonable edge pressure wise over my 8HP petrol fire pump. I was running out of ideas of how to burn the power off short of opening all the doors in the house and turning on the AC. 

My total generation today was 75.6 KWH.  It wasn't even the most sunny day we have had in recent weeks.  Just keeping the inverters loaded I suspect kept them from throttling back and although I was burning power, I still managed to supply the house AND put an extra 24Kwh away in credit. Most days latley I can get about 14 KW back in over and above what we use. Thanks to cool nights that have still been around 3-5oC, we have had the air on at night as well.

I was happy to be able to make more power than ever and really put things to the test generation wise, but to get the high game on power back to the grid was not what I was expecting. I have been trying to use the least amount of power on the  Dummy load side but this may have been a mistake. Maybe I should be Boiling a drum of water every day and working the inverters to their max all the time?

Most I have got out my main shed array before was about 3.8 KW. Today I got that a kilo up at 4.8 on the 5.0 inverter.... which probably maxes at 4.8 knowing the way they are rated and the fact single phase systems have a 5Kw limit here.
At one point just after mid day, I had a look at all the inverters and was getting  a smidgin over 11Kw being generated.  Probably get 12kw if 3/4 of the panels were not in winter tilt still! Had half the inverters maxed out so what am I going to do with it anyway?

More to the point, what am I going to do next week? Only so many weeds I can cook and I think I'll be done by monday being a long weekend here.
Only so much dung to be kept warm.
Told the Mrs, If you want to wash in hot water,  just do it mid morning when the sun is out and not a problem. She said I never wash in hot water. I said well now at certain times if you check with me you can!

Reckon I might have to look at buying an outdoor spa. That would give me something useful to sink all this power into.
Maybe a pool.... which I could dig myself with an electric Backhoe!   :laugh:

Other Fuels / The next hairbrained Idea......
« on: September 29, 2018, 10:32:01 AM »

Decided the Hydrogen gas was a failure.  Didn't fail to make gas, started off slow but then came along very nicely.
Failure  was in me being too scared to use it once I realised what it's flammability ratio was in air.... Way too wide for my comfort level.

On to bigger and other wastes of time....
With the weather warming up here and my solar production going through the roof, I decided to give the Bio gas thing another go.
Got a 110L Plastic drum same as the one I used for the hydrogen generation but instead of cutting the backside out of it, I left it complete, screwed the Valved outlet from the Hydrogen generator in the top and filled the thing about 80% with a mix of horse manure, Rabbit manure and a good handfull of Biological pellets.

Premixed it all into a slury of unspeakable Yecch! and put it in the Drum.  I'm just going to try a batch system first, make sure I can get the thing to work this time.  Last time I think I went the wrong way adding sugar which makes booze and CO2 not the methane I want.
The day temps are getting up to around 25 oC here and the solar is going off it's nut so using some to heat the mix is not a problem at all.

I put the smaller drum inside the larger one and sat that on some expanded white polystyrene for insulation from the cement floor and put it inside the shed door. I heated the water using a 2 KW element meant for Cups of water or whatever and my trusty old plastic Urn which was doing just under 2 KW.  With probably only 120L of water to heat up, I was over heating pretty quickly and had to back them right down.  I got the water jacket up to about 47 which I figured was OK because the inner drum will take a while to heat sink and stabilise the whole mix.  I want to run the thing around 35 but I might go to 40 in the day as the inner drum probably won't reach that anyhow and from what I saw, 40 is the upper limit for the middle temp digestion anyway.

I wasn't going to worry about insulating the outer drum as I'm not worried about the power to heat it and in a few weeks daytime temps will be 30 and night won't go  below 20.  One thing I over looked was the digestion drum is supposed to be dark to keep out light so Algae don't grow and waste Nutrient that the gas microbes could use.  The outer drum is blue but the inner is translucent.
With this in mind I found a larger Black Nylon tarp and wrapped the outer drum and covered the top.  Probably provide some insulation and well as darkness. As the air in the shed will be still at night, I wouldn't expect terrible heat loss anyway.

I have my Voltage monitoring Relay hooked up to the PWM Controller to reduce the power of the heater element which I have set to 1 KW. Soon as the solar starts pushing the voltage in the Circuit up, the heating element will kick in. I have enough hysteresis  programmed into the Voltage relay so once it kicks in, it will stay on at the reduced voltage level and not see saw all the time.

I spose now I wait a week to a fortnight and see what gas I make.  I have been looking for a a way to burn off the extra solar I am making and this is probably a tragic return But I have nothing else I can do with the power I'm making atm anyway.  Maybe in another month or so, The average temps will be high enough that I won't need to heat at all. Certainly will be like that at least 4 months of the year.

I will need t stir the mix and that one is eluding me for the moment other than to give the Digestor barrel a shake now and then.
My preferred option is see if I can find an airpump with an in and an out I can tap a hose to. I'll take the gas from the outlet Tube and put a Feed to the bottom of the tank and it can  Agitate with it's own gas. For this half arsed system probably wouldn't matter if it wasn't stirred, just make for slower gas production. Speed isn't the object here, just getting a successful gas production at any rate is.

I see on the net many Systems that use household scraps, Chicken, horse, cow and pug dung as the feed source but also a lot that utilise Human waste.
Really am not the least bit concerned about getting elbow deep in animal Crap but I sure draw the line at what comes out my own Fundamental orifice.
That said, I'm surprised I haven't seen any commercial systems that work like the Aerobic system everyone round here has done as an anaerobic with the gas as a by product.  Might be something that requires too much maintence for the average householder.

If this shows to be worthwhile I Might consider a bigger system but I doubt it would really be viable here. I would definitely have to heat it in winter and electricity is in short supply then. Could use oil but it would need daily attention.  Highly doubtful I'd get enough gas to do anything worth while with it anyway.  Might get enough to cook with but I'm not going to plumb it to the house and sure as hell not going to go up the yard for anything more to boil the kettle during ( a fine) Day.
To run an engine, I'd need a Much bigger digestor and a few cows in the back yard or be running to the equine park every weekend and shoveling a ton of shit literally. Much easier for me to run on oil.

Even just setting these things up you learn a lot which if nothing else is good experience and knowledge for having a real world understanding of these  alternative " save the world" technologies and their viability.
From what I have seen on the net, there is a lot that could be done with municipal waste to reduce landfill here, get a renewable energy ( or 2 in gas and power) and have a worthwhile by product in the fertiliser.  Other countries are making it work successfully which is why it will probably NEVER be adapted here.

General Discussion / Todays whinge rant.
« on: September 24, 2018, 12:13:51 PM »

Late last year I sacked the twits/ Company looking after my Biocycle Septic system. Looked the thing up, had to fix it after the maintence guy screwed it and thought I can do a better job with this myself. I check it every week and up until I spent a couple of weeks away earlier in the month, thing was fine.

Mrs and Daughter come in tonight getting stuck into me because the thing stinks and is thick in the air on the back verandah. I couldn't smell anything out there today but my sense of smell is going the same way as my hearing and sight, downwards.  Took still complaining Mrs out, lifted the lid and did get a whiff although not as bad as the gasping flee for life she made back indoors.

Had a look, everything is working but it seems the wrong colour in the water.  Come in and tell mrs it must be that stuff she cleaned the shower with on the weekend that had the bathrooms smelling like Morgues after a busy day which I already spoke to her about.  Also pointed out something else I had seen with anti bacterial on it which she said only ever used once.  Wonder how the bottle got half empty? That lead to a lively " Discussion" with the usual denials and I was at fault again and we should get the guy back in because it didn't smell when they looked after it.  Didn't effing work after they had been here either on more than one occasion but anyway.

So I get on the WWW and look up the problem.  Hmm, 5 min and I knew it.  Effing cleaning agents.  The tell tale was there is no scum/ foam on the top of the primary chamber which I noticed but didn't put my finger on. Saw it wasn't right but didn't tweak why.  Anyway, site has a list of product not to use. Printed it off, went and informed the Females it WAS as I said, using cleaning agents I had warned  them not to use 20 times already.

Nope, they don't use anything they shouldn't. they are careful and only used a bit of the shower cleaner on the weekend and I was exaggerating.
I go to laundry Cupboard. Found half the products on the list. Pointed them out, nope don't use them.  Then why is this 2L Bottle empty and there are another 2 full ones behind it ready and waiting?  What else do you buy multiples of and stack in the cupboard we never use?
Oh, well we have to get the clothes clean somehow! Ah, so now the story changes. What a surprise!

Went under kitchen sink, Jackpot again. Oh, that that only gets sprayed on a cloth and wiped over.  Yeah, and what do you do with the cloth when it's dirty? Rinse it off in the sink??   ::) Where the fluck you think that ends up? Heres a hint, it's 3m directly that way and under the ground.

By this time the story has gone from complete denial to defense.  But there was something  lse on the list I remembered seeing and commenting on weeks ago.  Go into the bathroom and find the toilet cleaners. One a liquid you squirt around and the other those things that make the water blue.  Both clearly marked " Not safe for use in septic and biological systems."
Well Fk me!  ::)

They really hate it when I'm right.  Said at the start, it's the cleaners you are using but No, they don't use anything they shouldn't and are careful with what they use. It's something I have done to the Biocycle because I don't know what I am doing.... Pigs arse it is!
 Then the stuff I find is like they took the do not use list as a shopping list and got as much as they could on it.
Wrote down what Mrs needs to get NOW at the supermarket which is the pelleted bacteria to try and get the bugs happening again.

Of course I made the very subtle point that it wasn't what I was or wasn't doing at all and it would have happened the same if there bogwater bloke was still coming.  All they do is drop Chlorine tables in the thing and I made sure there are plenty there so......

Is it just me or do other blokes get this all the time as well?  You tell them something, it gets blatantly denied, you are made out to be wrong/ shitty/ biased/ a mongeral/ unreasonable and then the very thing you said all along, turns out to be proven beyond doubt... often when someone else tells them the same thing and it's like a life changing revelation. But they are then shitty at you for being right at which point you are just being a smart arse!

So now the Mrs wants to know how long before the thing is right again as she does not want the family over for Xmas sitting there smelling sewerage.
 I said well that depends how much of the stuff you NEVER use gets put down there.
 If there is none at all, Might come back in time for Xmas.
In actual fact with the bacteria should start coming good in a few days but no way in hell I'm telling them that!

I might mix up a hot brew of the bacteria with the horse manure I got the weekend which contains the same bacteria I want.  Keep that at 30oC and it should be Bio rocket fuel for septics.  Was going to have another go at a methane Digester so can kick start that too.
 Might try and keep some Bog soup going all the time and throw it in every week because I know damn well soon as it's right again they will be putting all the stuff down they are not suppose to. I could take it out the cupboard but I know they will just get more.

I make sure to wash my greasy hands outside so the mineral oils and filth along with the High caustic soap I make don't go in the system but seems I'm the only one that keeps things in mind.

Damned if they think you are wrong, twice as damned if you prove yourself right.   >:(

Waste Vegetable Oil / Guide to using Veg oil.
« on: September 23, 2018, 09:51:41 AM »
Buggered if I can find the thread where this started now but as requested, here is my guide to using veg oil.
It flys in the face of about 90% of the info on the net, but it's what I have learned through hands on testing and experience over the last 15 years.

If there are things I have left out people want to know, by all means ask and I'll do my best to address said questions so the info is as valuable to as many people as possible. I have left the files on my site so I can more easily edit and update them as need be as feedback dictates.

It's not short so those with comprehension troubles should not bother but it's not something you can tell someone how to do properly in a single paragraph either.  Shorter to read this than spend years wasting time on useless and incorrect procedures. 

The PDF version is here:

And the word version is here:

Should be easy to print out for those that are interested or good night time reading on screen for those with insomnia to who want to nod right off.
Hope it is of some help to someone though.


Got a message from Bob today to say the wind turned the fire away from him but still no rain.

I checked the forecast For Sydney and as usual, it's been revised to about a 175o turnaround on what it's been most of the week.
Got me thinking about the accuracy of the weather forecasts here.
Yesterday we were forecast to get good rain, 50 Mm or for those in the states using the old antiquated system, in imperial, 50mm is , ahh,,,, 50mm!  :laugh:

I think last night we got about 3, going on, but not quite, 4 Drops.
Wasn't just here, predictions fell painfully short all over.
Most of the week has been a prediction for good rain for the weekend. Look it up now, of course it's revised to a trickle.

AND.... my favourite BS of all.... " Chance of....."  " Possible  xxxx"  " Likley  XXX..... "
WTF is with all the words of chance?  I could say " there is a chance of" with nothing at all to go on and I have the scpegoat of  " well, I said " chance" and now and then I'd have to get it right.  thee is a " chance" AND a " Possibility of" me winning the lottery too but thats no more assured than the weather bureau's predictions getting up and being accurate.

Something I have noticed for years.... they tend to predict rain that does not happen rather than predict sunshine when it turns out rain.   I often wonder if this is a social/ political/ PR type thing.  Tell people it's going to rain and when you get  a few clouds and that's it,  they are much happier than if you tell them it will be sunshine and they get their arses wet.  Perhaps a case of people being more happy when you are wrong than when you are right.

I know nothing about weather forecasting BUT, they do talk about all the high tech they have and the Millions they invest in equipment and operations each year but the accuracy in my book is pretty poor. Their worst predictions seem to come with their extreme warnings.  This year already I distinctly remember  warnings for extreme heat with all sorts of warning to stay out the sun, make sure pets have shelter and water, prop granny in front of the AC and make sure she has some water as well and so it went.  Turned out to be warm  but cooler days than what we already had and nothing near the fire and brimstone they scared the doodoo out of everyone with. 

Same with storms.... batten the hatches, Drag out the "ol Ark and check the lister is fueled up in it and hang onto your hat... and roof.
And what happens, everywhere? Nothing more than a good stiff breeze and a passing shower. Literally!
I understand it's probably difficult in the extreme to say is going to be  25 or 23 tomorrow and it turns out 3 degree either way but when you are putting the fear of a spiritual Daiety into a couple of Million people, You'd want to get it right a lot more than you get it wrong.... But they don't.

There is the old thing with the Globull warming concern about how can they predict 50 years when they can't tell what the weather will be like Next Tuesday and it's true! they predict seasons 3 Months away and that's not even close and so it goes. I really find no basis for the predictions to ever be right based on decades of past predictions and even the ones they make now.

Is just the Oz weather forecasters that would do better to ask Aunt Tilly if her Lumbago is acting up and keep a Cow in the back yard so they can look out and see if  ol Besse is sitting down before they roll the dice, stick their head out the window and make a guess with the same sort of reliability as they get it right now, or do they have some accuracy and reliability where you live?

General Discussion / Geez I hate wind.
« on: August 19, 2018, 07:43:11 AM »

Right now most of the east coast of oz is getting blown to all hell.  I'm a good way inland, around 50km and still getting blown to all hell.
Having panels on my ground solar mount coming off because the tek screws I have put into the frames with washers are tearing through or snapping the bolts.  Doubt If I could pull the panels off myself like that.

I have gone out and put clamps on a lot of them now but wondering if all that is going to do is cause the whole arrays to blow over or into something. Somehow the mounts themselves although only held down with large tent pegs ( at an angle ) haven't budged. My little bush shed I built is also holding up well, much to my surprise. Wasn't sure I did that quite sturdy enough but seems I did.

Wind to me is nothing but destructive and a pain in the backside.  Can't see it serves any good particularly when it is like this.

Been thinking this would be great for a wind turbine but then I'm not so sure.  thing would stand a real good risk of over speeding and spinning itself to pieces or just blowing over if Furled.  I think it would take a LOT to keep something even at roof height atm.
Could be a good time to try a savonious turbine just sitting on the grass, No shortage of wind at any height here atm.

I am happy there are no tress within striking distance of the house bar the huge one out the front.  That thing is so massive I can't see it moving seeing it's been there about 200 years and fortunately, the wind always seems to blow from the house side so if it does go over, it won't be  leveling the place.
Would take a cleanup crew about a week to chop the thing up and get rid of it but everyone in the street would have fire wood for the next 3 seasons or more.

The wind has blown away the nice spring temps we were enjoying early and with so many fires burning here atm, I hate to think what's happening with them.

Yep, I called it,  there was just a Mighty wind gust that made the house creak, I  heard a thump and can see a bunch of panels have gone over again.
They can stay there for the time being.  It's nearly 5 pm so nothing to gain other than damage by picking them up while this wind blows all night again.

I really do hate Wind!

Everything else / Solar water heaters.
« on: August 16, 2018, 09:56:38 AM »

I have been looking into direct solar water heaters but am getting confused.
Some people say they work well enough in winter, some say they are utterly useless. Seems the type, Flat plate or Tube has equal confusion.

A young bloke came to see me today about WVO Conversions.  He's also into solar, wants to run a genny and go off grid etc so thought he hit the jackpot when he landed here and saw all the crap I have.
He has flat plate water heating and said the water is barely warm in winter. He lives in the next main town so not far away.
He did say that the tank he got was made OS and apparently don't hold the heat well due to poor insulation but also said that the water is never really hot anyway. Summer of course is no problem.

I was wondering if those that have these water heaters installed could give some feedback on their experiences.
At this point I am just curious about the things as I reckon it will always be easier for me to just put up panels than plumbing but I am always open to changing things for the better.  There are a few of these heaters going SH atm and they may be worth using just as a pre heater for the main electric HWS.  The water out the tap was getting down to 4oC here where as in summer it can be pushing 28 or more.  That 20o Difference makes a big impact on the power required to heat the water especially when the solar yield is down so much to start with.

Bit of practical experience and feedback from people that own the things rather than trying to sell them would be interesting!

Original Lister Cs Engines / Identify this part....
« on: August 07, 2018, 02:30:08 PM »

This was advertised just up the road from me so I thought I'd get it for the shed/ mancave wall.

Anyone know what it is?  Not a competition, I have no idea. it's listed as a flywheel but seems unlikley.  Just wondering if anyone can tell me what I have bought!  :0)

Lister Market Place (things for Sale) / Lister Twin For parts
« on: August 05, 2018, 08:21:30 AM »

I have a Lister Twin air cooled  selling ( or scrapping) for parts.

Don't know what it is exactly, nothing on name plate but believe it is around 13 Hp. Can send pics if interested.
Has been for a drink in a boat that was sunk a couple of days and when lifted the sump was filled with diesel so it's not bad. Top is stuck and somewhat corroded from marine environment.

Located Camden in Sydney.  Needs to be gone this week or will take to scrap yard so price is scrap price, $20.

Everything else / Solar Generated Hydrogen
« on: August 04, 2018, 01:52:51 PM »

Because I haven't got enough half finished projects to apply to my minimal motivation, I have started another one. A hydrogen Generator.
Was touched on in a discussion earlier but I have put it into practice. I made a small scale one and tested the gas a bit and as pure Hydrogen, it's not much different to LPG. The browns/ HOHOHO gas is completely different and in my mind dangerous but I am only using the Hydrogen with this and the Oxy is going off to enhance the atmosphere.

ATM I have an over supply of Solar power on my main array and have to apply a Dump load to avoid over voltage.Tthought it was mainly due to trying to pump too much power down the wiring but that didn't quite add up as it went voltage high well under what the cable  is rated at and what I pulled through it with no unusul voltage drop.
In reading up on this I'm finding it's quite a widespread problem due to the lazy arse power Co's not maintaining their equipment right and having a very wide variation on power standards.  Although the standard is 230, up to 253 at the point of use is acceptable yet the standards now limit inverters to 255.
Good way to stop people being too self sufficient and not paying enough to the power co's.

Instead of sinking this power into boiling water just for the hell of it, I want to turn it into Hydrogen and store it potentially to use on a stove at night.
Efficiency is not that important because anything I get is better than the 100% loss I have right now.

My gas generator seems a bit unique.  Not seen anything like it on the net.  I got a 240L plastic blue drum and cut the top off. Got a 110L dum and cut the bottom off. Fitted a Ball valve in the top and sealed it absolutely air/ gastight.  Seems way bigger than anything else I have seen on the net.
On the outside of the small floating Drum I put a steel plate about 20x30Cm. This is the Anode that generates the oxygen that is released.
On the inside of the drum I put a same size plate as the cathode to generate the Hydrogen.

Put about 100L of water in the big drum and mixed in  maybe 300G of KOH.  Opened the valve in the top, sank the drum about 60% Depth. Didn't add more water because I can't find my bag of KOH again so I didn't want to dilute the water too much.
Connected the contraption to the 2 broken panels on the roof which still work fine and it made gas.  And that's where the questions start.

It's not making near the gas I -expected- but I don't know if my expectations are realistic.  Don't know how much gas, not sure, rough guess, 10 L day. Maybe less, no real way to measure.


The 2 panels were feeding in around 19V -22V @ 4 XX amps.  General measurement was 130W

I hooked up the 3 Kw array which was open circuit 340V. That fell all the way to about 30V and gave about 200W over all.  The voltage/ power drop really surprised me because in the inverter it was producing about 900W at the time.  Yeah I know about the lower voltage and all that but 300 odd to 30?
Maybe the electrolyte does need thinning to let the Voltage come up and the panels get more on their curve.

Today I got a 30A 3 Phase rectifier and hooked that up to a pwm. Then things really got confusing.
AC going in was 250V. DC coming out open circuit  was around 300.... which didn't seem to add up.  Thought meter was on the Fritz but 2 More meters read the same. Put that down to no cap and the pulsing in the output.
Connected to the electroliser and again Voltage plummeted to around 15V DC.  My Meter was reading 16A @ 247V on the AC side ( which it sure as hell wasn't pulling)  but only 336W  dc which again didn't make sense.  Pretty sure the amps were right, the wire on the DC side was smoking hot after a few min and the unsunk rectifier was getting well up on temp too.  The AC voltage on the Rectifier after the PWM was down to 19-20V which again didn't make sense.  When I took the load off, was back to 250.

Now some questions that I would think were basic but I can't find answers too.....

In production, what matters, the surface area of the plates or the amps you pump through the thing?  My surface are isn't huge but I am getting the amps in there so would more plates do anything but make the " Resistance" larger?

Adding KOH will also increase the amount of amps that can be pumped in but do I need surface area for the gas to form on or is it reliant on the energy input?

Do I need equal plate area? If I put one plate on the oxy side and 10 on the hydrogen side, is it the same as If I had one on both sides or will more plates make more hydrogen gas?

I measured the output of the 2 Panels and got a bit over 6A. I measured the amps when connected to the plates and got 4.7 so I concluded the electrolyte and plate area is reasonable.  I could increase the plate area x 3 with no problem if it's going to make a difference.

I wasn't very impressed by rectifying the AC, thought I'd have a boiling cauldron but the bubbles I'm seeing on the oxy side are pretty Piddling. I did wind the power up to a KW but still nothing to write home about and nothing like the boiling I'm seeing on some YT vids but then I see they are pumping 5Kw into their generators to get that.  Ideally, I want to be able to dump about 750W. Not sure if putting a cap across the DC will help With the output.
Do I need Polarized caps for that or will  normal motor Run caps suffice?

Tomorrow I was thinking to get a DPDT and wire it so normally the power is going straight to the inverter. When the Voltage monitor is engaged, One array will send the DC to the gas generator so the power drops but is put to use.

I -could- be doing better than I thought. Before I have bubbled the gas into water to get a visual indication of production. This time I'm just catching it in a floating  drum in a bigger drum. Maybe I need to weight the floating drum down and connect a tube and bubble the hydrogen in water and get an idea that way?

I left the gas machine on a battery charger tonight and it was measuring 36W on the AC side so I'll see how much gas I have tomorrow.
Atm, I can't see this generating enough gas to cook a meal at night even if it is fed 5-700W for a number of hours.  Maybe I need a lot more plates or electrolyte but I'm thinking what matters is the amps more than anything. Is this right or am I missing something?

Perhaps my excess power would be better heating an element to keep a Bio/ Gobar gas drum up to temp and I'd get more usable Fuel that way?

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