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Generators / Tensioner or Rail mounting.
« on: February 18, 2019, 08:20:22 AM »

I'm wanting to hook up my 170 Kg Induction motor and my 70 Kg engine  with belt drive and build a mounting frame for them.
Thinking of wood as I think it will clang a lot less and I have some good size material for the job. also have some over size rectangular box.

Mountings on motor and engine are substantially different so one will require cross rails.
I'm thinking instead of mounting one on a rail so it can slide for belt tension ( and work loose as well) I would hard mount both and use a tensioner on the belt to take up the slack.

I was also thinking of a spring tensioner off a car cam belt or an accessories drive  but could also go a fixed tensioner.
The belt is an A series on both pulleys but only a single on the engine drive and 6" on the engine and a 5" on the motor.  Motor is 1440 RPM so thinking of a smaller 4" twin so I can get the engine revs up a bit onto the power curve ( engine is 2600 RPM rated) and twin belts to carry the load.

I think the bolt down both sides and use a tensioner will be a lot easier , stronger and require less maintence.

Surprised the motor only has A's but i'm not going to try and change it that's for sure even though it is a taper lock.

What's the consensus? Rail or tensioner belt adjustment, spring or fixed if tensioner?

General Discussion / Unexpected panel problem.
« on: February 14, 2019, 01:21:18 PM »

Was looking over my shed inverter today and thought the generation was down. it was overcast but the smaller array  less optimally positioned on the house was doing better than the much larger and better orientated arrays on the shed.

Tracked it down to one array was not producing any power.
Tested for volts, amps output to the inverter, changed the breakers and swapped trackers. All to no avail. Finally thought it must be something  on teh roof, maybe a bad connection but couldn't see how.
Got the ladder, got up there and spotted it straight off.  One panel on the top pitch of the American barn type shed had done a front flip and face planeted itself forward ontop on another panel on the lower array.

This panel is on the end where the wind normaly blows.  I had it lift before so I screwd the thing down well.  I saw the solar bracket I secured it at the top, the clamp on the side looked like it had slipped off and the L bracket on the end was now a U  bracket where the panel had done a front 180.
The panel was shattered which was annoying but I was more amazed with teh fact the wind had got under a 20 Kd panel sitting flat on a roof ( I don't use solar rails)  and torn the tek screw right out of the metal Purlin.  I though maybe I missed the purlin and only got the roof iron itself but when I got down to get what I needed for the replacement, I could indeed see it had pulled through the roof truss itself.


I knew the end panels got more wind and I set the thing back from the edge knowing that was where the wind came from and I secured it down in 3 places. I would have bet a lot of money that panels would never have moved.
And I'd have lost. Badly.

 I realised as well I missed some panels along that run and they are just laying there completely unsecured, or at least they were till today, but none of them had moves probably because of being flat, in a line and maybe the prevailing wind hits the end of the shed and rotates pressing them down.
Perhaps the end is worse than normal because there is a big water tank underneath and although there is a lot of hedging 25M away on the boundary fence, maybe the air  hits the tank and  creates a more powerful updraft?

In any case, I was pretty amazed to see that there was enough force to tear the thing out of the metal.

I decided to eliminate the problem and removed the old smashed panel from the end and put the replacement in the last spot I had which is tilted between the 2 roof sections.  I think I'll get back up and re arrange a few panels and there is one I noticed I'll also have to replace.

There is a junction on the panel that is quite clearly burnt and creating a hot spot.  From what I read fire potential. Longshot  I think but it will be screwing with the output of the rest of the array so I'll change it out as well.
Getting more broken panels that what I'd like but they are ok for running shed and ceiling fans and other low volt solar experiments.

I'm doing another array on the house and I think I'll take another look at the solar clamps and go back to my own DIY soloution that did hold and use the little L brackets from the hardware and screw them direct into the panels and remove and replace the roof screw with the bracket underneath. I think I had that on the flipped panel it would not have. At some time I think the clamp shifted and put the force on the top bracket which was 2 much. If 2 brackets were sharing the load and couldn't move, I don't thik they could have both pulled out.

Anyway, problem fixed.  Just one I thought I had addressed with over kill but there you go.
I know the winds are strong here and get pretty scary but the force to left a 20 KG panel and pull out a tek screw, that I didn't give credit for.


For those in the northerly, sunny part of oz, I hate you.  Oh, and there is a supposely running ST2 being auctioned which is at $1 atm.


Could be a real bargain. Usualy these things go for stupid money here. nice to see somone that will let the market decide what it's worth... which will be interesting to see.

Generators / Another IMAG attempt.
« on: February 03, 2019, 10:25:20 AM »

Went and picked up another induction motor this afternoon.

When I saw them the other week I was certain I saw they were 30 Kw. Unfortunately I must have been getting overcome with wishful thinking.  Reality today says they were only 12's so I just brought one home. Can't even see a figure of 30 on them now so not sure where I got that from.

Funny thing is, I have been looking for something this size for a while and was thinking a 30 was too big then decided they only do what you drive them to after all .  Now I feel a wee bit dissapointed they aren't 30 kilo monsters but anyway.

Speaking or monsters, the one I got weighs in at a substantial 170 Kg. A 30 Kw Might weigh half a ton.  Might be enough to keep the roid from walking round the the yard!  But I doubt it.

This Motor has a 100 mm Pulley. The rated speed is 1455 RPM which means I'll have to drive it at or above 1600 RPM.
The pulley on my 5.5 Horizontal Diesel is 65mm. The engine is rated to 3000 Rpm which seems a bit quick for one of these and also I couldn't get my last IMAG to come on song because it wasn't turning fast enough so I'm a bit dubious about that speed. Generally these engines are about 24 or 2600Rpm.

To get 1650 RPM on the motor the engine should only need to do a bit over 2500 RPM so I SHOULD be ok and have a bit of margin in any event. That's the first Hurdle out the way.

2nd hurdle is that I have forgotten more about this now than I remember, again and the 3rd thing is this is a 6 pole motor where as the others I have played with have been 3 Poles. I was thinking I just time them together in a delta Config and treat them as a 3 pole from there.

Over the next few days hopefully weather, work and motivation permitting, I might be able to screw it all down on a suitable heavy duty base and fire it all up.

I'd like to try a stand alone generator and also a grid tied. That might be very useful over the winter solar fall off time.

General Discussion / Not your average Lister!
« on: February 01, 2019, 03:19:03 AM »

Something that goes against the heavy, slow, quiet tradition of listers.


General Discussion / More profit over peoples health.
« on: January 24, 2019, 01:29:38 PM »
Something I came across I thought may be of interest.

It's a short Doco on the effects of Wind Turbines and the ultra low frequency sound they generate.
Scientifically proven, legally rubbished. Of course.  The effects are very detrimental. Just because we can't hear something does not mean we are not affected by it.

Just another thing they know they are doing to us but won't admit. Cigarette Science I think Bruce calls it.


Everything else / Ice air Con/ energy storage.
« on: January 17, 2019, 03:15:28 AM »

This was brought up by Bruce a while back but the recent heat wave here has spiked my interest in the idea again.
I see there are a few different commercial systems being offered for this now, mostly industrial scale.

My original concept was to freeze a chest type unit full of water. The reason I rejected it initially was that I could not find a freezer with sufficent power to freeze it's capacity in 12-24 hours.
I have had a rethink on this as I can see that while it may not be possible to cycle a unit in perpetuity, It may provide some days off offset cooling.

Here even in summer the AC is not required every day and this would give a chance for a unit to take the time to freeze to solid and the invested energy to be used when needed. Even if it did not see through an entire hot weather event or only supplied cooling some days it would be advantageous.

So Bruce et al, I'd like to get some ideas and feed back.

First thing I am unable to find ( despite a variety of search terms in google) is how much energy in kwh is in a Litre of water when frozen or ice, whichever the correct paramater would be?  I saw something that suggested that the energy storage was less than I thought, about 46.5 KW in 500L of Ice.  that would be 1-2 Days cooling here.
If I can figure the accurate amount,  I'll have a much better idea of cooling capacity.

Looking at some freezers, I see the small ones seem to have the same motor power as the larger ones... at least on some brands.  Wondering about the tradeoff here. Would it be better to try and freeze a smaller amount of water faster or have a larger reserve that takes longer to recover? Spose that would depend on what the cycle rate may be. Ideally having multiple smaller units would effectively invest more power into a given amount of water than one larger unit.

 My other concern is that ice expends when it freezes. If I fill a freezer up or to say 80%, will the expansion go up to the vacant area or will it push out the sides and push the freezer unit apart?  I'm thinking up from freezing ice cubes etc but not sure that freezing and amount of water from the bottom up to a couple of feet will be the same.

Finally, How would the brains trust suggest setting up such a unit?

My thoughts are to have some coiled pipe ( NOT copper because I simply have an aversion to every Fker on YT using a copper coil as a HE!   >:(  ) but something like that plastic water pipe for home use  PTFE? or having a look at cutting an expansion coil out of a large  AC unit my mate has a stack of with say 1/2" to 3/4 in/outlets or a car heater core or 3 which are also 3/4".

Through this I would run an antifreeze/ Brine soloution so the exchange medium did not freeze and stop the show in it's tracks.  From there I'd have a circulation pump and send the chilled water through a radiator/ heater core and back to the Freezer HE.

I'm wondering if anything special would have to be done to ensure good convection and cold transfer to the HE in the freezer unit. Minds vision is the internal HE would be frozen in the ice and as the coolant is circulated the internal HE is warmed melting the surrounding ice and the water then surrounding it is chilled by the ice.  Question is of this would take place quick enough with something like heater cores or a long length of Tube would be needed to give a larger melting area.

I can see the HE at some point being surrounded by  many Cm of water before there is any actual ice and wondering about the transfer of water through said water.

Anything to be aware of or alternative setup suggestions?

Next idea would be how to set one of these up?

Everything else / Simple Power limiting/ Stepping.
« on: January 11, 2019, 09:12:52 AM »

As I have mentioned before, my house is on 3 phase power. I have 2 Spinny meters which spin very nicely in a backwards direction when fed with solar power and one electronic meter which registers any current flow as a charge.

The only 3 Phase thing I have is the ducted AC so I am able to run it for free on 2 phases and pay for the 3rd.
Sounds OK but the recent hot weather and the need to have the thing on constantly has meant that one leg of power has been costing upwards of $6 a day just for the AC.  May not sound much but we are fast heading to $400 just for the AC this quarter.

I have been trying to appreciate the low cost power I have with teh other 2 phases but having an excess of power on both of them and having to cut down on the AC just because of one phase has got the better of me.
Spoke to my mate in the AC game yesterday and he " approved" my idea for feeding the 3rd phase with solar and said it should not cause any problems with the phase rotation or voltage sensing.  I pulled the cover off the thing today and started digging round the boards etc and should be no problem getting to what I want.

The grand plan is to stick another array of about 4KW on the roof with a 2 Kw inverter and feed that to the L1 Phase which is the electronically metered one. I can tap into the compressor Contactor and turn on a relay with that which I can then switch the inverter in and out with. This won't be perfect, will only work during the day which will be better for cooling than heating but anything will be a help. There will also be a delay between the compressor cutting in and the inverter booting up but again, better than nothing and on really hot or cold days the thing will be barely switching out anyway.

I ran the AC today and took some measurements with my clamp meter.  19XX Watt on that phase which is the most loaded one with the compressor running, about 800 with the fan only running on the evaporator which runs all the time on cooling even when the compressor shuts off. The fan of course runs on the L1 phase which is exactly the one I don't want it to run on and can't be changed.
I am OK with having an array strictly for the AC only but I also intend to run a DPDT relay with the inverter output so when the AC is not running, the relay will be feeding power to one of the other phases. This will be a help in winter especially when power generation is short.

The thing I'd like to do to make the most of this is be able to limit the output power for the Evap fan as well.  Don't care about " wasted" output, I would like to be able to reduce the power when the fan was running then have another relay bypass what ever limiting device I put in place to give full power when the compressor kicks in. This would have the double advantage of keeping the inverter on song as well which would mean a big power saving in both powering the blower and the inverter being already booted up to supply the main power for the compressor. 

Question is, what is the best practical way to limit the current when only the blower is running?
Thoughts run to using a 500W halogen flood light tube ( or 2 as I'm not sure they will pass 500W when used like this?) or maybe a PWM controller which is then bypassed for full power with another relay.
That's probably my preferred option and would allow a lot of fine tuning on the PWM but wondering if the educated people here have a better idea?

It would be nice to be able to limit the solar feed in, I could then direct the unused array to another inverter BUT, solar generation is highly variable and what is producing 1kw in summer sure as heck won't be in winter nor on a cloudy day. Regulating DC is a pain as I have not seen any PWM's capeable of handling the voltage and current anyway.
As such the control of the AC side seems much simpler and easier.

My mate was concerned about Voltage drop on the solar phase until I explained that the mains would be Connected at all times and the feed in would be to supplement that just like it is now on the other phases.  I am also hoping that the PWM won't cause any problems as I know it makes some of my inverters hum a bit when on the line but I am more concerned about the board on the AC.  Not sure if a cap in circuit would help with that?

Anyway, that's the Bright idea, any Ideas, suggestions or heads up on anything I may have over looked or forgotten?

Everything else / Panel Cooling.
« on: December 29, 2018, 02:43:30 AM »

Way too hot here to go work in the shed on any engines but I have  been playing with the solar stuff again and thought I'd start another topic on that to bore you all.

I have set up 5 x 250w panels on a garden bed I just stripped, ploughed and leveled. They are in series so I could test an inverter I ( successfuly ) repaired.
Being 40+ here today, I noticed my inverter was only outputting about 840W.  seemed a bit low for 1.25 Kw of panels in the middle of summer at close to midday.

With the garden hose nearby I decided to put something to the test and gave them a good spray.  Going straight back to the meter I noticed I was now getting about 1030W although it was falling pretty fast.  Go back out 20 Min later and I'm back down to 840w again.  There sure is a fall off when these panels get warm.

I have read people saying that this is due to the magnifying effect of the water droplets but I don't think there is much to that.  I spose I could set up a test and spray the back of a panel and see the difference in output but I think I'd still see a significant jump.  I did not think I'd see a near 200W jump though.

This solar generation has so many inefficiency it's a wonder it works at all. If they can in years to come  overcome a lot of these things there will be great gains to be made.

General Discussion / New Years Goals and achievements.
« on: December 25, 2018, 12:32:06 PM »

Not going to call them resolutions because that dooms most things to failure by mid Jan IMHO but interested to know if people have any ideas for what they would like to do or achieve in the new year?

My primary one is small but I see as a possible stepping stone.  I want to push myself to get back to doing my YT vids.
Haven't done one in 2 years. Tried a couple after a break mid way through 2015 due to a problem but just couldn't bring myself to putting on a happy face and trying to be funny... Not that I ever thought I really was but others seem to either laugh at me or with me so whatever.

I think doing some vids as silly and useless as it may be might be a good thing for me. apparently my physical health is OK according to the doc but my head is still messed up.  Perhaps doing some vids may be a first step in getting going to bigger and better things.
A saw that once you get 100K subscribers they send you out a " Play button" which is large medal like thing to mark the achievement.  I'd like to try and get one of those.

My son always said my YT vids were a waste of time and no one would watch them. He didn't believe me at the time when I said I had 20K Subscribers.  Then he was amazed when he saw I was right and it was picking up. Getting 100K award would be something for him to show him I could do something in the modern internet age.  I have 33K subs atm so I'm 1/3rd of the way there and even after 2 years I'm amazed at the amount of people that still send me messages asking if I am OK and when I am going to get back to vids.  been going to for a long time but I haven't had it in me. I think pushing myself with that might help achieve more.

The other thing I want to do is get my business going again proper.
Been procrastinating on that for about 3 years after I dropped it 3.5 years ago but hopefully if I can do the vids It will give me the focus I need to get back to the other as well.

I got my Pulleys and shaft adapters back from my brother in law today and also got a half decent car battery off dad so I'm going to set up my Off grid play solar setup again and probably wire that up to the diesel driven alternator(s).  Might be something I can broaden my YT content with as well but It will be difficult to try and be entertaining with that.

Anyone else had thoughts or made up their minds to do something they have been thinking of or wanting to do for a while?

General Discussion / Before it's all over.....
« on: December 22, 2018, 12:55:46 PM »

Merry Christmas to every and all.  I hope you have  wonderful Christmas with loved ones and a great new year that brings all you want and more.

As pathetic as it may sound, this place and all of you bring me a lot of comfort and contentment. It's like a sanctuary of right thinking amount a world gone well past mad.
I love to log on here and see a long list of unread topics I can digest, learn from and then bore you all with my rants and carry on.
 I look at other forums and just shake my head in disbelief maybe most of all at the mindset so many have today. While we don't all agree here all the time, I never get that feeling to want to bang my head against a wall at someones way of thinking that shows they have no clue about life, the world and are obviously caught up in PC and modern thinking crap.

I'm sure I cause a few heads to be banged on walls but thanks for putting up with it or even just skipping on by. So many of you I'd like to meet and see you in your natural habitat and some I will make a point to annoy on their doorstep one day.

Thanks Ade for keeping the place going and providing an outlet and an internet family for many of us here.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you all!

General Discussion / And the rip off of the day award goes to.....
« on: December 11, 2018, 01:48:30 AM »

My beloved little Honda mower Failed to start last week. 35 years old and I love this thing. Twin Cylinder water cooled engine Purrs like a Kitten.
Couldn't get it to turn over. Diagnosed the starter motor.  Had to pull the engine out to get to it because the bolts holding it in are behind the flywheel. Not impressive but anyway, wasn't the worst job I have ever done although connecting a few things back up may bring about a few blue words.

Starter has gone though one brush although the other is fine.  Can get starters from teh US for about  $60 plus the usual bullshit postage of over $120 US sellers insult people with. It's just a small sized run of the mill japanese ( Nippondenso) starter motor.

Not available here after market so I was directed to 2 Honda dealers and asked about the starter and the cam belt I figure I may as well do while its all out.
Price for this starter was the same from both dealers who seemed rightfully embarrassed to tell me the price of.......

$1006.00      :o :o :o

YA! tell me that is not a complete and utter blatant ripoff!
I told the first guy, I think you have the wrong one, I'm after the starter for a Honda lawn mower not a Rolls Royce Mulsane Turbo!!

Ex mechanic neighbour last week put me onto a local place that does Auto electrical reconditioning of starters and Alts etc.  Told me about this old guy who knew everything and go see him.  So I went round straight from first stealer and found him in this non descript old building literally the last place before you leave town.
I knew I had the right joint when this guy came out that was old about 40 years ago and is now completely ancient! A very shrunken hunched over old fella that despite his highly advanced years obviously still gets out of bed every morning and comes to work.  Should have the guy doing talks to dole bludgers to put some shame in them!

Looks like his son works with him, a man of retirement age himself that looks like a poster boy for an ad for automotive servicing from the "50's.
Both VERY nice fellas and the sort of rare people in the automotive industry that you walk away from feeling supremely confident that they know what they are doing AND will charge a fair price.

They were a little worried the commutator may be a bit thin but are going to look at it and get back to me. Said making up a new set of brushes would be no problem and I get the feeling they would probably be able to look at them and know a '48 Allis Chalmers tractor took the same size brushes that would fit straight in....  and they have 3 sets in stock!

Lets face it, they could not even begin to think to rip me off as much as Honda want to for $1006.00 for this tiny little starter motor.

Anyone else been touched up with some BS pricing on something of late?

General Discussion / Haloween. WTF??
« on: October 31, 2018, 01:06:02 AM »

Mrs is going out with the girls tonight and won't be home till late.  Looks like it's Fish and chips for Dinner!   Fish shop down the road is great but she won't let me have it too often.

She tells me it's  Haloween.  Yeah, not even sure what that is?  She tells me little children may come to the door dressed up in fantasy costumes asking if I want them to turn tricks or I should give them lollies she has put in a bowl I'm not allowed to eat.  She said be nice to them and not your grumpy self.

What in the hell???  :o

I have NO interest in little kids, don't even really like the snot nosed whiney little buggers especially when there is always one screaming their head off in the shopping centre or at any restaurant I go to.

I know there are a lot of weidos out there and the cops have to catch them but I think this is taking sting operations a bit too far and reaks of entrapment for unsuspecting twits like me who never had a clue about this. In any case, WTF would I want to give them Chocolates and attract them round the place like Seagulls? No thanks!  They can bugger off back to their own homes and annoy the guts out of their own parents.

I'm also now thinking the Mrs wants me out the way seeing SHE bought the chocolates and told me to give them to the small children. Yeah, that would sound legit when the cops arrested me wouldn't it?  " My wife bought the chocolates, went out tonight and told me to give them to any little Kids that came to the door"  Yeah sure Mate, you are going to have at least 10-12 years to be telling that story!

Even I know that's what the low lifes do and has to be illegal right there and could get a person locked up. If she starts talking about us buying a White van and me parking it near schools, I'm out of here! She definitely wants me out the way!!

Maybe she has finally found a decent bloke and has got tired of waiting for me to off myself and the only people she knows that could do the job for her are my mates... some, but maybe not all of whom may have reservations or tell me.
Maybe I better start buying her flowers?

Come to think of it, why is she going out with " The GIRLS" on a week night?  Why are little kids coming to my door at night and in the middle of the week? I smell more than Fish and Chips going on here! Clearly I have some serious marital problems I have overlooked!

Anyone comes knocking at my door tonight and there is no way in hell I'm answering it!!
Certainly won't be giving kids Chocolates at any time when I can sit here and eat them myself. That's another thing, She NEVER buys me any chocolates and when I come home with any myself, I get read the riot act. Any she buys she hides on the lowest shelf in the pantry where I have to get down on my hands and knees to find them. Now she is putting them out in a bowl right on the Coffee table.
I'm thick as 2 Planks but something's definitely not right here!

I know this thing comes from the US but I never realised there were so many weirdos out there praying on Children that they had to have a sting operation this big to catch them. Seems the local cops have taken the idea on here too. 

The motives are good but I sure question the way they are going about catching these low lifes using little kids as bait!!   :-\

General Discussion / Any experience with Mini excavators?
« on: October 27, 2018, 11:28:17 AM »

After being frustrated with not being able to do what I want around the place and the distinct of any decent used machinery, I am ready to buy one of these little toys:


I know they are only a glorified powered shovel but that's probably all I need round here anyway. I have been doing my research on YT and they seem more capeable than what I would have thought.
I got a quote from an excavator guy the other day for $2500 for some work we want done, mainly landscaping although that was with taking a lot of plants and a few stumps away.  It's pretty much the price of the machine and I reckon if I took a trip to the tip which will cost about $350 a ton here, I'd get rid of most of it.

Just wondering if anyone has owned or played with one of these little things?  I know they are sold by Hava Fright in the US and saw some UK distributors as well.

I reckon I could do a lot with one of these even if I can't do it fast.  Time to think too much is something I have too much of as well so speed isn't real important.  At least I would have an assett I could get probably decent money back on it I sold the thing rather than having dead money just hiring... which really is a pain in the arse anyway.  Much better to have the gear there when the inspiration strikes you than have to plan an event to get something.

Spose the best thing with one of these will be I'll have the gear to build a new shed which I'll need because I have so much damn equipment here!   :laugh:


Was searching for some way to have my Camera directly Download pics to my camera or better still, print direct from the camera through WI-Fi. Think I got that licked but in browsing " apps"  I found something I have been playing with  today and am really stoked with.

It's an app that goes on your Tablet ( which is better so you can see what going on without going blind) or your phone.
It tracks aircraft flights the world over.
You put in your location, or move the map anywhere you want and it shows you the position of all the aircraft with a transponder  ( pretty much and twin engine up and decent chopper) and tells you what they are, who owns them, the speed the plane is doing, height, where it came from and where it's going, time it departed and when it will arrive, where it's been the last week and a lot of other info for the techno plane geek.

The accuracy of the thing is quite astonishing to me.
I loaded it up and went outside. Zoomed in on my house on the satelite view and could see the dot on the map marking my location.  It located me to virtually the meter! I went from one side of the house to the other and it showed that. Walked down the letterbox and that's where It pin pointed me.  Incredible.

I zoomed out and looked at planes heading my way. Was way too overcast to see any jets today but I sure could hear them and the map seemed spot on.
I live not far from a light airport and learned that there are some regional operations  working from there.  I was tracking a Beech baron coming in and with the map orientated, watched as it came nearer then looked up and there it was.  It went round  to land the opposite direction which is rare as they normally head for a straight in approach here but I guess the wind was turned today so he had to do a go round.  It disappeared out of sight and I kept watching on the map as it landed.  Shortly after the app said 0 altitude, I heard the thing at the airport in full reverse thrust so was pretty impressed how real time the thing tracks.

The app is called Flight Radar 24.


The thing that completely blew me away more than anything else with this is seeing just how many freaking planes there are!!
There are thousands of the things in the skies at any one time. Might be naive but I had no clue there were so many goddam planes! Look over Europe and you wonder how they are not crashing into each other every day. Same with asia, the flight paths look like highways at holiday time with all the cars in a traffic jam.

Even if you don't install the app, I think everyone that frequents this place would find a look at the site very interesting and eye opening.

For me it fulfills something I have wondered about as long as I can remember. I recall as a small boy I would hear a jet and go racing out in the back yard to see it.  Right up till now I have still looked up, particularly at night and wondered where was that plane going or coming from and wondered how a motivated person could find out. thought it would be a matter of studying arrivals and departure info from the airport or something but in any case take effort and research with a fair degree of inaccuracy.

Not likely. I can pull out my tablet or, god forbid, Phone, as see where any plane is anywhere in the world and a ton of info on it. Can even search by airlines, flight numbers and type.  Got to admit, been a long time since I have been as much in awe about anything as this app.
The level of technology this puts in anyones hand astounds me. I bet this would have cost millions 10-15 years ago and not been nearly as informative.

I noticed they wanted people to put the tracking radars up.  I applied straight away. I'm near an airport so that may be of interest but I'd love to be a part of something like this.

Have a look, might be something that impresses other people here as well!

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