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Generators / Tough Alternators.
« on: April 24, 2019, 02:36:26 PM »

I have played with and admired the robustness of twin/ concealed fan modern alternators for a while now and the abuse I have given them without having one fail.

Had a ( too ) graphic demonstration of just what these things will do last week.
For a couple of weeks the lights on the dash of my ute have been flickering a bit, going out and then resetting like the ignition was just turned on while the car happily drove up the road.
Last week up at my fathers place I put the old girl up on the house and did a bit of work to it.

I thought I had a bad connection somewhere but eliminated that and looked at the alternator. I pulled out the regulator and saw the internal contacts were really corroded and dodgy looking so cleaned them up and re installed which made the problem seem to go away.
Threw a new serpentine belt on the thing, tightened the steering rack a touch, changed the PS fluid, pulled all the wheels off and balanced them which they had changed a surprising amount in a short time (wobbles wasn't my imagination after all ) and called it all good.  So I thought.

About 30  min into the 4 hr Journey home, the dash lights started flickering again as did the headlights brighten and the thing mucked around for a bit before I got a constant battery light.

Once I got off the freeway though I could smell something definitely Funky but wasn't concerned because I knew if the alternator popped now I could make it home without question on the battery alone.
As I got up the driveway I could see wisps of steam coming out the bonnet and thought Oh ohh, I think I had this all backwards. Should have known but I was tired from the driving and mentally exhausted from dealing with morons every day for 2 weeks looking after the business for Dad.
He can't do this anymore, I'm going to wind it up for him at financial years end so he doesn't have the stress any longer. No one can take that especially an 80 Yo.

If i had been at home I would have worked out the problem but I just wanted to get home and see my wife and daughter whom I had been missing... for inexplicable reasons.

Sure enough, I lift the bonnet and the battery is boiling like a tea kettle. Leave the thing running, grab a multimeter and I have 19 + Volts. I was then surprised the headlights and stereo hadn't blown hours ago. 
The battery was wharped and I was concerned and amazed it hadn't exploded. I turned the engine off and the alternator was intensely hot as well.
Poured water over the battery to cool it and took off the caps to find no water at all.  Refilled it and the water I put in started boiling.

Clearly the regulator had gone and the alt was pushing the full 110A and had been for at least 3.5 hours.  Impressive if not desirable.
Had I the smarts to realise what was happening I could have disconnected either the field wire or the output and driven the thing at least an hour on battery then hooked it up again to charge and repeated.

Next day I come out and battery is toast and bulged like a balloon.  Wash around the thing real good top and bottom to get rid of the acid deposits.
I get the old battery I replaced a few weeks ago and it has enough kick to just fire the thing up.  Put a multi on the battery and the Voltage is shooting north indicating the alt is still pumping out full charge.  Give the batt a top up then switch the car off.

I have played with these internal fan Alts a lot before and never broken one for trying.  I have run them overloaded for period of time and got them hot but never  for as long or as hot as this one had been.  The ones I normally play with a mitsubishis but this one was a Bosch of the same twin, internal fan design. I looked at replacing the Bosch with one of about the 9 Mitsi's I have but way too hard and fraught with danger.

I really admire these things. Far as the windings go they seem virtually indestructible. I put that down to the cooling ability of the twin fans they have inside that cool the windings and the electronics.... for all that did this time.  Probably still kept the alt from burning off the enamel from the wire if nothing else.

I have also run these alts with no battery direct to a load for long periods which is supposed to be a no no and never had a problem and also fed them full battery voltage for hours and they have not flinched at that either.
Running one in an engine bay flat out for hours and boiling a substantial battery dry and surviving is something else.

Us old engine lovers are always looking for the bullet proof and I have had many people express reservations about using car alts before but I think this really shows how tough they are built.  I have no idea how old this thing is, could be the original as fitted as every thing points to that which would make it 17 years old with over 171K Km on the clock.  For those in the US, 171K Km is...... 171K Km!  :0)

New alt from fleabay is going to be $130 delivered which I think is great value.  Local wreckers quoted $95 for a used and wanted the old unit as exchange.  I'll keep that as it's working well and see how it goes with the reg replaced. I have another alt up the back off the same model but the thing seemed to be dragging in the bearings so I'm not enthused to fit that especially as I'll be clocking up some miles up and down the highway in the next couple of months going up to look after Dad.

Battery will probably add insult to injury.  That will set me back $150 at least.
Hopefully the alt will be the last one the ute ever has and will last me out as well but there will be a few more battery's to come yet.

I'd never have any hesitation in relying on these style alts for home backup power. Run in the far more cooler and kinder conditions of a stationary application, with a set of bearings and brushes/ regulator pack they would last a very long time I believe and could be relied on to put out very solid power. I have 2 Mounted on my 'roid which would easy supply a 2 Kw inverter and charge battery's at the same time.

If one assumes an average speed of 40 Kmh which I think is high for a city car, this would give the life of this alt as being about 4275 hours.
With the exception of we willy weirdos 10K hr engines, I don't think there would be many that could do that sort of hours untouched as this alt  seems to have been.

No doubt even at 12V, this thing has generated a LOT of Kwh and isn't done yet!

Original Lister Cs Engines / Re: stratomatic 6-1 power hertz
« on: April 24, 2019, 01:25:30 PM »
I pluged in my tv and smoked that and is not working any more.

I can't see how on any relatively modern TV Frequency would do that.
Everything I look at these days is specced at 100 -250V and 50-60Hz.  All these things run off inbuilt power supply's that regulate and condition the crappiest of power inputs.

Before worrying about the frequency, I'd be putting a meter on the thing to check the voltage output.
That's far more likley the culprit than a Frequency Mis match.  Might be something in the gen head has let go and you are making 300 volts or worse.
Simple and easy check to make before changing the pulleys and still blowing the snot out of something.

Waste Motor Oil / Re: Good to see what you have done with WMO
« on: April 21, 2019, 09:29:52 PM »
I'm blaming WVO. 

OF course you are.
Everyone always does the minute they have a problem.

It could never be bad fuel prep, the fact the car is years old with a heap of miles and worn out or a lack of maintence. Nothing apparently EVER goes wrong with engines running Diesel, they last for eternity!   ::)

Perhaps you might like to tell us how bad WVO is by letting us know how you Filtered ( to what Um rating)  and dried your oil what you had to replace in the vehicle and how many miles it had on it.

I'm glad there are people like you making unclarifed fear mongering statements and scaring people off using WVO.
It ensures there is not too many people trying to get it and that the rest of us that do know how to use it properly don't run short on supply.

Changfa Engines / Re: Laidong and alternative fuels
« on: April 18, 2019, 04:55:04 PM »

My China's came with a spares/tool kit. Had a head gasket, bearings, filters and piston rings. Maybe something else I forgot and the usual crappy tools.

In My experience these things are very reliable so all I'd be looking at would be an extra head gasket and side cover gasket and Maybe a pump and  injector. Pump is probably a bit overkill, they are a very straightforward design unlikely to fail but maybe an extra spring would be worth having if you are going to depend on the thing for power.

Best source is cheapest as these things are all clones. Alli express has all the parts for these things you'd need.

Given the prices of the engines quoted, I'd be looking into bringing some in yourself. I don't know what the laws are where you are, I have read conflicting reports but can't be too hard to bring an engine in in 2 boxes as parts.

I have sold 4 used car engines in the last week and none were more expensive than the cheapest one quoted here.  I think if that's the prices you have to pay, I'd be looking at things like Kubotas, yanmars and even alternatives like Toyota / Isuzu ETC Diesels.
All you need for a car engine is an electronic Govenor kit  that are about $200 US which would give you more precise and stable regulation than any mechanical setup that's for sure.

Things I want to Buy / Re: 5-8kw Gen Head Australia
« on: April 17, 2019, 10:55:20 AM »

Nice to see something like this running.
You are aware that is is said those legs on the engine are for packing purposes and are prone to failure if used to mount a working engine?

Figuring out Mounts for a couple of my engines has been quite a procrastination.
Mounted one on an old Tyre the other week to see how much it was going to vibrate.  Tyre at least stopped the thing skating across the floor.  Wondering about using 2 Tyres with some beams across as a mount  With about 250Kg of engine and generator, not sure about that either.

Everything else / Imperfect Solar
« on: April 12, 2019, 05:01:10 AM »

About 9 months ago I came up and put some panels on my fathers shed roof.

Had a lot of doubts about it, tilt was very wrong ,orienation was west,sort of, and there are loads of 100ft  gum trees shadowing the array most of the day. Of course they drop leaves and rubbish on the panels just to make things worse.

I put 3kw of crappy 175 w I think they were panels up with a 2kw inverter.
Going up in winter, first bill savings were negligble. Spring to summer and summer to autum bills have been less than half despite an extra and a much larger ac being installed and dad told to use them!

Looking at his meters for this quarter, i think he may save even more due to the lack of need for heating or cooling.

On what hes saved and what the used components cost, he is breaking even about now.
I think he had his doubts about tg hem, maybe it was he just doubted me as often is the case, but hes certainly happy now.
I'm thinking about bringing up some more panels and a 2.5 kw inverter.

This would keep the max input back to the circuit in check but overclocking the panels grossly would make up for the shading without overloading things when the summer sun was right for the 2 hours a day to give full generation. Might also be interesting to put an array on the east side of the shed as well as that may generate a more even output than a peaky one. I might have to look when i get up there in the next few days to give them a clean how many trees would shade that side in the mornig as midday will be about even.

I wonder if there are any current limiting devices that could work with a GTI?

I have read so many rules and advice with solar that just does not bear out in practice.
I know this system is horribly inefficient but the thing is it is still able to return its cost in under a year and that is what it is really all about.

The other bonus is this was done with panels that here should have been destroyed due to not conforming to  ever changing standards designed to  keep the solar  industry humming along above all else.
Nothing more eco friendly than using things longer than scrapping them. Recycling till still takes resources, sometimes more than starting from scratch.

Everything else / Re: Solar water heaters.
« on: April 11, 2019, 12:29:45 AM »

Matching your PV voltage to the heating element voltage helps. Putting 12V into a 120V element will not do much heating,

Actually depends how you do it.

-IF- you match  the ohms and parallel and series the panels correctly,  and you can be WAAAY below 120V, one can in fact get useful heating by using lower voltage panels with higher voltage elements.  It's actually more about the resistance than the Volts.

I was testing a 2000w 204V element with 2 and 3  32V panels in series and getting heat output that frankly surprised me. On a couple of sunny days I had over 100L of water  Too warm to take a bath in that's for sure. I'd guess given my threshold with hot water it was about 50oC from a start temp of 16.

Putting a single panel, 12V or otherwise, on a 120V element  would be completely and utterly useless.  Putting multile panels, often and surprisingly in parallel, can in fact be very effective in putting heat into the element.
From there it depends how much water you want to heat.

I did see a few years ago a DIY heater that had a Dozen elements.
The builder first matched it  to panel arrays and then Built an arduino controller that stepped the elements in and out to match the solar input  through a PWM controller.  This was certainly not a cheap effort for heating some water for a holiday shack but the principals are entirely scaleable.

There is also the ability to use a PWM type controller with large Capacitor banks to discharge the power at a compatible output to the element.

Everything else / Re: Solar water heaters.
« on: April 09, 2019, 11:45:53 PM »

12v will work but be low powered. We have 240 ac here so you would need to use 20x more amps wphic is a lot of amps to get the same input..

Im testing a 24v setup atm which shows promise. 24v has much more going for it..
Amps are lower, domestic solar panels are better matched as are cheaper controllers, there are more 24v elements availabe and you just need 2 batteries instead of 1 which if you are using the setup for something else give you more capacity.

You would want a LOT more than 100w to heat any useful amount of water. Off the top of my head ,if you had 6 hours of iseful sunlight, aat 100w ( which will rarely if ever produce the full 100w) id guess you be lucky to heat a bucet of watery above about 70c. Maybe youd get 2 buckets in summer with a good start temp but in winter, i think that wpuld be about the limit..

24v isnt complicated nor need  much more than simple maths even i can handle.

Where it gets more complicated is where you start chasing real efficency using mains rated elements with solar panels.

Because of the resistance built into both, its not a matter of just volt and Amp input, its matching the resistance in ohms.  You cant just have say 1000w of panels on 2000w element and expect to get 1000w of heating. One has to know or calculate the ohms of the panels to be used and the resistance in ohms of the element.

I am currently heating 120l barrel VERY warm using 3 190w panels on a 240v, 2000w element.
Although the volts and amps are way out, the resistance is well matched and i get the full heat value of the power the panels. Thing is if i said great, it add another panel, id actually get LESS power because the resistance would be out of the matched window. To up the input, id have to recalculate the resistance and probably  go from 3 panels in one string to 2 strings of 4 panels or whatever  the window allowed . You dont have to be exact but one does have to take volts,amps,and the resistance in ohms into account and match them all up within the limits.

One can always put whatever panels with whatever  element within limits but the actual heating power one may get without properly taking into account the resistances involved  stands a good chance of putting say 125w of heat into the element from say 1000w of panels. Match them up and you could be getting say 900w or 450w from 2 panels.

Now that WAS
a good 20 min of my life sitting here hen pecking on my tablet while looking after the paitent.
Dad had a cataract op yesterday not even 2 hours from calling him in to the call to come fetch him . Scared the shit out of me when they rang so quick. Said last night the tv looks brighter so seems good already.
2 min just for that add on.

Wheres my laptop?

Engines / Re: Unidentifed engine recommission
« on: April 09, 2019, 09:53:35 AM »

If the manual is a PDF or other easy to send format, you can email it to me Bob and I'll put it on my site so others can download it from there.

All the files I have a large so another won't matter!   :D

Everything else / Re: Solar water heaters.
« on: April 09, 2019, 09:49:51 AM »
A question from my electrically-challenged self, so excuse me . . .

Am I right in thinking that the element in my hot water cylinder is simply a resistance-becomes-heat device and that it won't give a hit whether electricity fed to it is AC or DC or what voltage it is?

Sorry Mike, Much as I'd love to answer your question, I'm not going to waste 2 Minutes of my life I'll never get back writing a reply your lack of comprehension and reading concentration would be unable to cope with. 

Everything else / Re: Solar water heaters.
« on: April 09, 2019, 09:43:40 AM »
Here in the land of ice and snow . We are getting away from plate collectors and pumping water . Instead PV panels are used to power resistance heaters in an “ordinary” electric water heater .
  No risk of freezing , less to leak, no pumping and higher water temperatures.

I think the ease of PV and the fact the power can be dedicated to other uses when the water is hot has turned the preference for water heating around in a lot of places.

PV used to be considered a waste for water heating but that has now turned around. A lot easier to run wires, If you even have to, than do the plumbing for Direct.

That said, .....

Direct water heating gives you about 85% efficient energy collection, so for space heating, it's worth it.

What do you think of the evacuated Tube Heaters Bruce?
I have read and spoken to people first hand with very differing opinions of their effectiveness.

Engines / Re: HR2
« on: April 08, 2019, 11:53:14 AM »

If a diesel is not smoking, it's not over loaded.... or even fully loaded in some cases.

 In my experience, effective exhaust Muffling is all about slowing down the gas speed so when it hits the atmosphere it does so gently and there is no straight line between the exhaust port and the end of said exhaust.

I always like to where possibly use an over size Muffler.  The bigger the muffler the less restriction and the better the noise attenuation as well.

One thing to be aware of with a lot of diesels is the intake noise can be as loud or louder than the exhaust.  This is particularly True on my China diesels.  The mufflers are quite effective  but the intake silencing is poor.  On the Ruggerinis  with the Big oil filled air cleaners, the intake noise is non existent. A new Muffler can be fitted with the air cleaner element on the end. Definitely recommend over sizing an intake muffler to avoid starving the engine for air.

The other thing is Mechanical clatter.  Aircooleds are of course the worst with this but some water cooleds aren't so great either.

General Discussion / Re: Earth Hour
« on: April 08, 2019, 12:41:37 AM »

The strongest force for reduction in birth rate is wealth.  Increased wealth results in reduced population growth.

I'm not so sure about that. I would suggest that is true of first world country's, to a point.
Certainly the poorest countries in the world also tend to have the highest populations. Take India and a number of African nations for example. China until fairly recent times was also a poorer country and they have more people than anyone.

Also in the first/  western world one tends to find those in the lowest socio economic sectors also tend to be very prolific breeders. My impression of the poorer parts of the US is there are always more than 2 Children per family and the same tends to be true here. The more dependent on social security, the more  future recipients they tend to produce. I was watching a report on that some months back and because these people tend to be having buns in the oven much more in the mid teens than late 20s as is the average, it's not hard for these kids to grow up in households where the occupants have never had a job. Growing up with that as the norm programs the generations to accept it as normal.

I have certainly seen this with my  POS step brother and his equally low life Mrs.  They live Literally in a one room shack with a curtain across one corner for the thunderbox and the last 4 out of 6 Kids she has produced have been no more than 14 months apart. Adding to the irony and the obvious social security payments they are after, she has been sick with MS and done many fundraisers to pay for her treatment yet she is still pushing out more mongeral Children.  Due to the social security system  they can have 15 Kids and their payments just go up and up. How the social services people allow  6 People in one little shack I'm buggered if I know but it just further proves the stupidity of the system we have here.

Meanwhile My wife, daughter and I and everyone else with a job is paying for this and then you have People like Bob that are going through endless bullshit to be compensated for endless pain and suffering he has been though and to be able to afford medical treatment to have some semblance of a normal life after working his guts out and paying taxes unlike these other dead beats have ever done.

Agggh, time to drop that one before my blood pressure goes up any more.

Your Point of wealth would be effective if it were to come into play that after the first 2 spawns of satan, you are on your own.
Far too logical for our gubbermints here to implement and the cry from the probably hundreds of thousands of deadbeats it would affect would be something that had the PC do gooders in a flat spin over. Thus, the problem will continue to multiply itself as a perpetually growing problem.

Thinking about it, perhaps that band  where wealth is considered is quite narrow?  The middle class tends to talk about the cost of kids a lot  and in my impression, a lot more than to put it bluntly, a lot of the social security dead beats.  I do't know what it is  like in other countries but there would be a lot of evidence to support that belief here.

Certainly I agree those that are well off do not look so much at cost or worry about it in consideration of Children but then again,  the above middle class people I can think of also have less children on average than a lot of Down and outs I have come across.

I did pick up a prune tree and planted it this last week in celebration of Earth Day.  Thanks for the thread.  I may have apples from last year and the previous years planting as well.

One of the things on my winter do do list ( always a sketch proposition)  it to erect a framework I can cover with netting.
I pumped the water into the many and different fruit tress I had up the back last season and they all flourished well. Got bugger all to nothing off them  due to the Birds just destroying any and all fruit on them.  Most annoying. I'm not sure that anything less than building the trees into a cage will do much good. Cage is going to have to be about 20M long, 4 Wide and at least 4 high.  Pretty big job.

The cockatoos also wreaked havoc on my sunflowers I planted out the back which thankfully weren't attacked till after Christmas get together when they looked beautiful and seemed to give everyone a good feeling.  Next year I'm thinking of some sort of solar  powered device like a big spinning set of arms  so hey can't get near the things.

Right now I'm having to deal with the  Birds  eating my 10 Ft Tomato Vines.  They are still loaded when everyone elses have died long ago but I'm having to pick the fruit the moment it shows any colour to prevent the birds getting in sooner.
I want to keep these vines alive over winter so will have to decide what sort of heating and frost prevention i'm going to try to keep them alive.  So far I managed some for 2.5 years until the frost here wiped them out last year which was very disheartening.  I'm prepared to invest a bit this winter to prevent that.

General Discussion / Re: Earth Hour
« on: April 07, 2019, 12:41:25 PM »

I think you are correct Bob.
Labour is well in bed with the greens and we saw the absolute Fiasco they caused last time round.

There is no doubt a HUGE disparity between the beliefs of the PC softcocks in the city and the down to earth people in the bush and that's not limited to environmental issues by any stretch.  The city people just tend to think what they believe everyone does. People in the bush are far more realistic and aware of a lot of things in my experience.  Glad i'm heading north again tomorrow  for a week or 2.  Dad is having a small OP on Tuesday so Nurse glort will be in charge.

I have many times seen the EV green crowd plainly state that EV's are better even if powered by coal because it puts the pollution in the country side where it's not such a Problem.... For them.
I think this is very indicative of the selfish mentality as well as narrow minded attitude of many .  If I read or hear about the " No tail pipe  or oil changes" rubbish again i'm going loose my shit.

On that note, I'm going to concede defeat on this climate change topic and bow out.
MY ability to self moderate and get overly excited on these issues in not good and I don't want to cause any more division here.  It's not worth it and these discussions always go down the same track.

No matter what any of us think here the future actions will not be decided by us so it's not worth  causing hostilities over here.

I'll just say I was wrong, apologise for any upset caused and leave it at that.

Still happy to whinge about idiotic gubbermint decisions that do not serve  the climate believers or non believers but rather feather the nest of gubbermint  election campaign main supporters.

Once again, we are faced with a decision not of whom is the better pack of lying snakes in the grass but the ones who we think will screw the country over slightly less than the other morons.

I won't be voting for other either. I'm going to be all  PC and gender equality for once and vote for a certain red headed woman. She will never be in power but the more power she has  with her right thinking to keep the other idiots under control,  the better. I'm surprised she didn't have a better showing in the last election but I think once all the country people in all the states have a say she will do very well.

I think a LOT of the other independents are going to do well this time round also.  Everyone I talk to is sick of the mainstream idiots and much to my surprise are quite openly admitting they will be going for the under dogs as well.
Wonder how many Prime Ministers we will have this time round in the one term?

I always laughed at the whole Preppers ideal and thing it was overkill buy a lot of zealots. having ones own generator and a good supply of fuel is just looking like good forethought more and more every day here.

God ( or your preferred Daiety) help the city folk whom are completely dependent on the grid whom are about to get a taste of the idiots they voted for in action.

I'm 2 streets back from the very edge of the Sydney Sprawl.  Behind us is all bush till you get to the west coast 4000 Km away.  Been saying to the mrs for some months now, suburbia is chasing and catching up to us, I think we should have gone further out.
The last blocks that will ever be available in this area which is noe deemed the most desirable in Sydney are selling for $1m+ down the road.

At least when we move further out we will be able to get something decent  for what we will be able to get for this place.

Other Slow Speed Diesels / Re: Southern Cross ETB diesel engine
« on: April 07, 2019, 12:05:36 PM »


So far from finished but already looks great and the attention to detail is very evident.
If this is what you do with Crook hands, can't wait so see what you can do when they are good again.

I had a similar thing last year when I bought a pulley for my plough engine.  Told the guy the correct metric size, got the imperial closest..... which didn't fit.
Took it back ( Only 15 KM for me each way) and he told me " It's close enough, should fit".  I think the manager came in just in time to hear me ask " Are you an idiot or just trying to take the piss? I told you the correct size, do you have it or not? "
Manager got me the right one which lesson learned, I confirmed with my own verniers before moving from the counter. Had I a brain I would have taken them the first time and checked.

Can't trust anyone these days to have any knowledge of the game they are in or to give you the right thing.

The Pics are very inspirations thanks but I look forward to the Vid of it running.

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