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Things I want to Buy / Re: 5-8kw Gen Head Australia
« on: December 06, 2018, 11:59:42 PM »
May I please, please, please have the job of rounding up those that are going to be incinerated.  :laugh:


Hmm, well..... that depends...... there could be a considerable number of applicants for the position Bob and I'd have to be fair in whom I appointed. You would need some highly specialised qualifications to be successful......

Are you a good shot?    :-\

Things I want to Buy / Re: 5-8kw Gen Head Australia
« on: December 06, 2018, 07:05:03 PM »

Might be time to start stockpiling what is going to be in short supply in the near future.

Too late Bob.

Common sense, logic, honesty and credibility have already become extinct with decision makers and leaders the world over.
We do have an incalculable excess of greedy, self serving  corporate puppets that will spin any BS in order to line their own pockets.

Maybe instead of coal, we could feed these types to the furnaces of thermal powerstations?
There would be an inexhaustible supply of fuel and the emissions reduction outside the power plants on a world scale would be beyond what anyone could even hope for!

General Discussion / Re: Power outages
« on: December 05, 2018, 12:21:14 PM »

Geez, and you didn't even tell me you were coming!   :embarassed: Kept an eye on my emails and phone but all for nothing! That's OK, I can take a hint!

How did you go mate with the flight and the traffic?  Where about did  you stay?
Why am I not surprised it was a bust? Do these things ever go to plan especially when anything governmental is concerned?  Would be cheaper to pay you out and be done with it than sped a fortune trying to get out of it and then having to cough up anyway. 

Why the hell couldn't they just send you to Brisbane anyway?

Generators / Re: Batteries
« on: December 04, 2018, 11:38:55 AM »

No, totally separate, non related.

General Discussion / Re: Power outages
« on: December 01, 2018, 12:45:21 AM »

Hope Bobs Flight was OK.
According to the arrivals info,  he should have touched down about an hour ago. 10 Min early which will be a relief to him.  I was out the back yard and saw his plane go over. I waved, hope he waved back and wasn't too terrified.  That flight radar app tells me what plane is going over and I am under the regional flightpath so can spot them all dropping out from 11,000 Ft to about 8000 as they are in viewing distance right over head.  can always hear them but never enough to be annoying.  The idiot with the Pitts Special that flies out of the local airport about 3 KM away is far more annoying.  Pitches the prop up on the thing to make it scream and then comes in hot on approach and makes the engine backfire and crackle like no tomorrow.  He can fly the thing quietly and does when it suits but most times just makes a pain of himself. Going to start complaining if he does not pull his pitch in.  They are VERY wary of noise complaints here and with where that airport is with so many residential areas surrounding it. 

By now Bob will be out the airport and right in the thick of the Sydney shit Traffic.  Few places where it's worse than round the airport and on a Sat morning.
If he's staying in the city, he's not going to know what hit him.  They are digging up the CBD atm putting in a light rail, a brilliant idea to really Fk up an already bad but workable traffic situation. Just getting from one end to the other is an abomination.

I feel for you mate. Had you let me know you were coming, I'd have come got you and taken you wherever you needed to go. Home turf for me after all.
I know what you must be going though. I was sick to the stomach for a fortnight before going to NZ. Not scared of flights, just hate the ridiculous tiny space they squeeze you into which I don't fit. Was pissed at the people hiring me as well because Part of my going was conditional on extra legroom seats which they didn't book me and was all gone time I realised.
The whole thing, getting to the airport and fear of missing the plane, getting mucked around in customer, frigging round with idiots at hire car cos all had my anxiety levels off the scale so I know the fear and for me, the guilt of being scared of nothing and something I would have laughed at a few years ago.

Try not to worry about the traffic. It's moving too slow to hurt you which is one upshot. My dad freaks out about the traffic as well so I understand that and why you would be wary of it.  I know I go up the coast and round your parts visiting family and the time I get back here, I'm thinking why the hell is everyone driving like maniacs and the world has gone into fast forward?

Hopefully we can catchup while you are here.
Just waiting on a guy to deliver an excavator now so I can do some more gardening.  There are some powerful Big weeds up to 30Ft high I need to get rid of as well as cut a retaining wall and strip some garden beds.
Should be a long, hot, hard weekend carrying on into Monday.

Things I want to Buy / Re: 5-8kw Gen Head Australia
« on: December 01, 2018, 12:19:14 AM »

The power Co's have successfully won over the soft of heart and head now to think they are hard done by.

For the last few days I have been watching and talking on another site where idiots there are pushing the idea that people with solar should pay more on their power bills to offset the cost of power for those that have no solar and to "Be fair" to the power companies whom have to maintain the grid and do all the admin work in running their businesses.

They are also Championing that the " Supply charges", the price you pay to be connected to the grid, should be higher to offset price increases in the energy used because it's not fair to the power cos that people have holiday houses or other low use connections and the poor grid operators have to pay for and maintain a connection without getting much return. They make out like the power cos come out every week or month to service them instead of every 20+ years from what I seen.

Several posters were saying that the power cos were wanting to charge them, up to $50K because they were the last ones to build in the street, the PC's said all the allocation was taken up and they would have to pay for a transformer to be put in..... that would then do the whole street.
Some how these Brain washed Koolaide drinkers think that's fair and as well as paying for the maintence, the power used, getting a low FIT on power they send back, people should also pay the full cost for having power connected because the power co's stuffed up on their calculations and won't connect the last guy.

Cry me a freaking River!   ::)

We are not talking about a charity here struggling to feed the homeless, we are talking about greedy corporations posting Millions in profits every quarter.
Nothing like the bleeding hearts carry on about must make money to survive to provide the service or we'd have to live without power supply.
The gullibility of people these days is just plain scary!

Can't wait for the supermarkets to complain about their profitability and they need to double prices in order to make better dividends for their sharholders. No doubt the Numptys will think that's fair and support it as well.

That said.... I did say on the thread that those that felt they would like to express their gratitude to the power co's and make sure they stayed in business would no doubt be welcome to make donations to their profitability. I asked who would like to contribute a donation we could pass on with out thanks for all they do and help keep prices at the same level for those without solar.
Surprising while many parts of my post was quoted and challenged tot he effect we should pay more, not one person, even after being reminded again, wanted to make a donation.


On oone hand we are browbeaten about saving the planet, reducing emissions, getting off the devils fossil fuel and all the rest of it, then on the other the power co's are doing all the can to stop the average person doing the one thing they can of any significance in making their own clean power.

And people wonder why I have nothing but Contempt for the green movement, Big Biz and politics.
It's all a joke and insult to ones intelligence.

Listeroid Engines / Re: ran fuel dry
« on: November 30, 2018, 10:09:47 PM »

I have run plenty of diesels out of fuel and never had any damage and never had much problem bleeding ( if you call just turning them over) either to the point I wondered what all the fuss is about? Small engines with plunger pumps never seem to be a worry in my experience.

Weird things can happen with air though.  Are you also sure that there is no leaks getting into thing now you have been fidling with it? Air leaks can be very difficult to find and they have caused me grief when there was plenty of fuel
I think a bit of pressure would help to displace any air and make sure it does not backflow as it were in the system.  Either a pump on the fuel line to the IP or use a well raised Fuel tank of some sort may help. If you have the ability, putting suction on the IP line while turning may help as well.
 In the past I had the engine connected to an electric motor and just spun it up. Didn't take much at all and off it went. My fuel tank was remotely and High mounted though come to think of it.

Got an idea the thing is dry now actually after a hose fell down and seemed to drain all the fuel in the system.

General Discussion / Re: Power outages
« on: November 30, 2018, 01:05:24 PM »

Hi Bob,

If you would like to catch up while you are here or need any help getting around, let me know.
I'll message you my details in case you have lost them.

General Discussion / Re: Power outages
« on: November 30, 2018, 03:56:49 AM »
Thanks Bruce, thought that would be the case, I`ll start looking for a decent second hand stand alone inverter. Wonder if I should get more panels or put a diverter switch on the panels I have?


Few insights to that Bob....
Firstly, You will need batteries of some form. I'm not aware of any inverter you can feed Direct from Panels without batteries.... apart from maybe one built by some Electronics Geniuses on another DIY forum I look at.  A narrow operating window with very precise setup of dedicated panels for the job.

The best/ most economical way to go is exactly like I did in my Vid.  Panels/ charger/ batteries/ inverter/ load.
You would not be able to just switch from your grid tie panels. They will be wired in series to give somewhere around 300V on average. The input to an inverter will need to be 60V at max, more likley, 24. 

The way I did my setup was to put a stack of panels in parallel. Being house panels they were 30+ V which suited a 24V setup.  With a big enough controller, the batteries can be quite small as mine were, a couple of large automotive batteries.  If you have enough panels and a big enough charger, the panels pretty much supply the power direct and the battery  is not discharged, its more of a ballast to take up any small variations.
I could boil an urn for instance and the batteries were not touched because the chargers supplied all the power to the batteries as soon as there was any voltage drop. The battery was back to float within a minute because it had never been actually discharged.

At night you could supply the chargers with power from an engine and a truck alternator and run the same battery inverter setup. Only the input source would be different.  Everyone will say you can't use car batteries or they will die quick but that is not all together true. they will die quick if you discharge them  below about 70% capacity frequently but if you are only every taking maybe 5% off them because they are attached to a charger that is supplying sufficient current all the time, they there is no reason they shouldn't last longer than in a car and many reasons why they should. Spend some more on marine Deep Cycle batteries and you should get up to 5 years or more.

 The other way is to get a battery compatible Inverter. These will charge batteries with excess power normally exported to the grid first then if there is a power failure  ( or you turn off the mains) they revert to batteries. They are smart inverters so you could probably program them to discharge the batteries at night then go to mains if needed.

These inverters start at $1500 and I think average about $2K. As far as battery compatibility, I'm not sure. I have a feeling you would have to hook them up to something packaged from the manufacturers. I have been looking at and argu..... discussing batteries on another site and at the present time they are a VERY long way from being economically Viable.

If this was more occasional use then no question the car battery setup would be cheapest hands down. If you use the batterys as ballast rather than reserve of any kind, no problems. You would have to feed them from solar or a generator.  24V is the most easy setup.
You could use a truck alternator for the generator or a couple of 12V units with modifications and external control.  Not sure but on some it may be possible to buy a replacement regulator/ brush module to go from 12 to 24.  If you wanted a couple of 80A Mitsubishi internal fan types to play with. Let me know and I can send them up. I have not worked them out for this myself as yet but I'm sure it would be very simple for a man of your electrical engineering knowledge.

I have been looking at panels again this week for someone. Some good deals going on used stuff atm. Obviously isn't selling very much.
I spose you could wire an array up to be all single or parallel but what a Job that would be.  Better keep them dedicated I reckon.  Only other alternative I can think of to utilise them both ways is a Powerjack inverter.  these can run off 12 or 24V and plug into an electrical socket in your home and backfeed that way.  You have to be grid connected but they would allow you to utilise your Low voltage array when the power was on and get credit for that extra power.



Changfa Engines / Re: What's this really worth?
« on: November 30, 2018, 01:31:12 AM »

Everyones waste water round here goes to watering trees.... and plants and lawn.
It's like liquid fertiliser. Stuff goes nuts.  Most people put it on the lawn but I have recognised it's too valuable for that. Goes on everything I don't want to eat. In some states you can put it on food and fruit crops. I'm a bit in 2 minds about that but for everything else.... Dynamite!

I was watching some Vids a few weeks back where they recycle waste water to drinking water.
Time they are finished it is more clean and inert than rain water.  The process is solar powered and aimed at dessert locations where sun is plentiful and water is not. Can be done viably on a Municipal scale.

Been out this morning doing some gardening to get the place looking better. My way.
I have raised up about 60 Sunflower plants and and putting them along the pathways which should look nice and supplementing them with.... Corn!
Why not? Looks good, grows tall, grows fast and grows in any crappy soil.  Might stagger the sunflowers and the corn right down the driveway too. Reckon it will look brilliant when it's all up and tall.  Might be a bit late  for Christmas but come Middle of Jan Feb, should look great.

General Discussion / Re: Power outages
« on: November 29, 2018, 11:37:24 PM »
Sydney's climate is pretty mild.

I don't know where they got those numbers but I suspect it was a spot very close to the beach where teh temps are always a LOT cooler.
I'm on the western outskirts where you start to see cow paddocks which are fast being bought up for houseing estates where they shove as many people into the tighest area they possibly can to ensure all sorts of social problems of the future.
It's about 50KM as the crow flies from the CBD and the coast.

Here it's common to have days in a row over 40oC or your 100 antiquated measures that even the people that invented it have abandoned :0)
On average it's 15oC hotter and Cooler than in the city and suburbs.  In the last 12 months we have had  47oC days and a -5's as well.
I'd say it's anything but mild.
Back closer to the thermal limiting heat bank of the ocean, much less variation but I find that chart pretty " massaged" for Tourist comparability.

What is PCM freezing?  Storing cold for later use?
Must remember to quizz my fridgy mate on the practicalities of putting a much oversize Compressor unit in a chest freezer.

General Discussion / Re: Power outages
« on: November 29, 2018, 09:11:53 PM »

Being that I regularly wake from Nightmares and can't go back to sleep, I was just reading the Australian Electricity Market Operators  AEMO summer prediction for power.

In summary, due largely to the closure of Coal fired power stations over the last couple of years amid all the green environmental Hoopla, they are predicting wide spread Load shedding ( Blackouts)  Over Victoria and SA especially with a very high risk to NSW.
The report contains more waffle than one of my tirades and certainly a lot less fact.  There are endless phrases like " AEMO will be working with operators to ensure the best possible supply reliability" But give little to no specification of what that actually entails.

The boogieman is well and truly leveled at weather and the increased demand on the grid from air conditioning.

There are a few points that stand out to me.

The much heralded Big Blattery is of limited usefulness.  Once it is called on for its power, It is out of action for 24 Hours. Much different to the impression I had that the thing could charge up again almost immediately power was available from the solar farm it is attached to. Apparently this recovery time has been kept pretty secret outside the industry.

The next Biggest Contingency and threat to supply apart from the weather is, the weather.
With all the reliance on Renewables, there is clearly a fear factor in a lack of wind and cloudy conditions over solar farms which are outside the city's while the citys receive high temp weather events. Wind certainly seems to be the most unreliable supply and poses the biggest threat to their balancing act calculations.  Clearly without it, blackouts WILL happen.

Private solar PV input is largely saving their arses as much as the power co's are trying to limit it atm.
They not that while overall power consumption is increasing, demand on the grid is stable as it is being offset by the PV input.  It also notes the risks of localised load shedding in the city centered is greatest because of concentrated demand and low localized PV input ratio.

There is a lot of talk ( complaint) by power cos about excess midday power from private PV generation.  The market operator's own figures show this time as having 90% the demand of peak useage. In other words, the excess power at midday is no where near as much as they make out at all.
This confirms what I said earlier this week in a discussion about this that people just don't leave home of a morning and go to work on another planet.
If they are not using power at home, they go to work and boot up computers, machinery, turn on lighting, AC and use power at work.
The power private PV systems backfeed to the grid is not an excess with no use as constantly made out, it's simply used in places other than homes.
Didn't need to be Sherlock to work that out.

Another "Inference" if not outright statement I got from elsewhere on the site indicated that the majority of private PV power is consumed within 2km or less of where it is generated, even in area with the highest rate of PV installations.  Something else I have maintained. In most areas I can think of, there are shops, businesses, factories, hospitals and other huge power users within a short distance of housing  concentrations. I can only Imagine the amount of power one shopping centre sucks down and it's not hard to imagine that being all the PV generated within a 2KM radius. that won't be the only large power draw within that radius so I'm sure the circles on a map  overlap extensively. "

The highest probability of Blackouts will occur about 8PM. This is when demand is still high thanks to summer days being longer and hotter and daylight saving time in conjunction when the PV input from solar farms and private generation disappears. People come home to Houses that have heat soaked all day long, the ambient temps haven't fallen much as the sun has only just gone down and they want to cool the place off so fire up the AC.
 This time frame leaves the greatest potential power shortfall as even though some areas will still have light, there is only so much power that can be transferred and the distances for the areas that have solar are too great to send much to the areas that are now dark.
 Again, if that wind isn't blowing down south, it's going to be candle time for them.

It is pretty clear that the reliance on fossil fueled power is really the hinge pin of the whole system.  They are trying to reserve a LOT of Renewables but clearly are nervous about their reliability and their ability to be available when needed.  Coal and gas stations however are clearly what is going to be keeping the lights on in anything but a perfect weather outcome.

Having your own generator(s) Bob will be far from being pedantic or over cautious. It may be the smartest thing you could do in fact. You seem to be in about the best location, far away from the Mexicans where the greatest risk to supply is but there is also the risk of a cascading effect.

Reading this I'm seriously considering getting a couple of decent sized used batteries and setting up my system I had before with the panels and inverter.
Might also re motivate me to set up that 10Kw genny I was trying to do before. May well come in very handy.

Changfa Engines / Re: What's this really worth?
« on: November 29, 2018, 01:52:37 PM »
Trees have their place, in forests or as windbreaks.

My sentiments exactly.  The real annoyance is people plant the wrong tress in the wrong places and then they become a problem.
3 of the trees I want to get rid of are Peppercorns. In most states here they are considered an Invasive species.  The bastards grow like no tomorrow.  I have given them all a short back and sides down to 4 ft off the ground to leave some leverage for the excavator to push on them but they Burst out in new growth in weeks.  The roots I have pulled up 10M away and they go along the surface not underground out the way.  They just do not belong anywhere near a backyard.  2 of them are going to be real challenges to get out. Probably take half a day each with a 1.7T excavator. then I have to get rid of the stump and root ball.  More effort and expense!

Another one is a small popular. Again with the spreading surface roots and being deciduous they drop leaves everywhere.  I also don't want another tree growing 50Ft tall in the back yard. I have a 80Ft gum in the front yards that's going to cost me a large fortune to get rid of as it has a disese.

Trouble is the human population is growing so fast that we have to build housing in forested areas.

All the massively expanding houseing round here is going in cow paddocks that were cleared a century or more ago. from what I see, more forest is cleared for farming land and things like solar farms.  they have stripped massive amounts of rain forest some years back to grow renewable oil in the form of palms. then the arse fell out of the Biodiesel market and a lot of that forested land that was home to a lot of animals lie dormant and overgrown with weed type species.  More environmental BS doing more damage than good.

Anyone for outlawing procreation?

For sure!
if one looks at the worlds major problems,  Globull warming, energy, polloution, poverty etc.... if you get to the grass roots it all comes down to one thing... population. the prolems are getting worse because the world is based on growth and to have that you have to have growing numbers of people.
It really is where all the problems start.
The wold needs to do a former China and strongly encourage people to have one child only.  This will put the brakes on the exponential and serious ramifications of the population explosion and level things out.  But of course there is less money in that so will never happen till there isn't enough food, water or clean air and then it will happen by calamity.

I`ve always believed that if you need to cut down a tree you should be made to plant three more somewhere more appropriate.

Sounds reasonable but where you going to put them? I doubt there is much cleared land where there is want or need to re plant it. Maybe some 3rd world shitholes where the over population has caused the land to be stripped bare but good luck keeping there sources hungry population out of there. They will strip it of every twig like Locusts.

Doubt any council or government agency have the wit or imagination to implement such a simple policy.

You may remember a period before 5 years back where in Oz we had the feelgood, look good to the world, carbon tax. A waste of money and stupidity beyond comprehension.

A significant stated goal of that was to plant Millions of trees to help the environment and rising Co2 levels.
I wanted to know where these trees were being planted and in what number. I sent emails and made calls and went round in circles over months.  Kept getting told money is going into planting trees.
Great! Where is being planted now that I can go see this happening? NO ONE could tell me. They couldn't even find anything where it was happening, who was doing it or anything else.  In other words it NEVER happened and I don't believe one single tree was planted from the hundreds of millions of $$ raised.

I found the whole thing was beyond comprehension. something like a 90 percentile of the money collected went back to those it was collected from and those that had to endure higher costs as offsets and the rest went on admin. It was the most ridiculous, pointless, Bullshit tax ever heard of.  Far as I can see, the gubbermint of the day didn't profit much if anything at all. The tax was so unpopular they gave it all back in grants, subsidies and offsets So as to stay in power and appease the greens in the parliament at the same time.  Political insanity at it's best.... or worst.

I certainly won't be planting any trees to replace the ones I pull out but I do want to put in quite a few Native shrubs and a LOT more hedging.  May not be trees but I'd think it's likely to have the same benefits to the air we breathe.

General Discussion / Re: Power outages
« on: November 29, 2018, 01:12:39 PM »

I think that's bit of a moot point Bob.

The insulation varnish on whatever windings will be well and truly Kaput at 300o no matter what the windings are made of! There are a lot of advantages of copper over ally, price is about the only drawback but given the same units in each, I doubt the difference would be that much.

Maybe biggest problem with ally windings is if they cheap out on the coils, they probably make everything else as cheap and dodgy as they can as well.

Lister Market Place (things for Sale) / Re: Nice 6/1 for sale
« on: November 29, 2018, 12:17:33 PM »

No worries Bob.

Least now I don't feel so bad for putting in a half reasonable offer on that engine soon as I followed your link.
Figured if I am going to come up there to bothe..... Visit you, may as well have a crack at that and go a bit further.  Besides, If i did get it , would keep our Mrs occupied complain.... sharing stories about us for hours.

Sounds like your Mrs is indeed a very smart woman with a lot of life experience to draw from.

My nephew also ran a few pubs in London when he was over there for a few years. His girlfriend whom he brought back with him and was working in one place loves to recount the story of the New Aussie manager who on his first day on the job, went over and told Prince Harry to Calm the fk down and stop laughing so loud or he'd throw him out on his arse.  Apparently you could hear a pin drop for a few sec before the place erupted in Laughter.
Apparently Harry and the nephew became pretty good friends after that.

More I think about that engine the more I like the idea of it. I do want a genuine roid and I could sell the jackhammer Punjab one I have so it would cost me nothing.  Might ask if they have something to lift it into my ute.  Don't want to drag a trailer all the way up there and my chances of getting it freighted down probably aren't good either.  If it can be lifted in the ute, I could make up a frame to sit it on and just bolt the thing in place. Couple of tie downs and all would be well.

Only Job then will be convincing the Mrs to come all that way in my car. She hates it. Lowered, stiff suspension makes it a bit hard in the ride but it corners like the thing is on Rails!

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