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Title: Nice 6/1 for sale
Post by: ajaffa1 on November 29, 2018, 03:56:26 AM
Nice CS for someone, has cooling tank and large fuel tank:

Title: Re: Nice 6/1 for sale
Post by: mikenash on November 29, 2018, 05:43:03 AM
Good price too IMHO
Title: Re: Nice 6/1 for sale
Post by: ajaffa1 on November 29, 2018, 07:25:13 AM
It`s very tempting Mike but I think I should finish the one I`ve got before antagonizing the Wife by buying another.

Title: Re: Nice 6/1 for sale
Post by: mikenash on November 29, 2018, 07:28:12 AM
Title: Re: Nice 6/1 for sale
Post by: glort on November 29, 2018, 09:59:06 AM

Dear Mrs Bob....

If you are like most good wives, ( and Bob is constantly telling us here at the Lister forum how lucky he is to have such a Young, smart, attractive and elegant woman like yourself at his side)  you are probably worrying yourself sick over trying to buy your wonderful husband the perfect Christmas gift.....  Being how it could be his last one and all given  his fast diminishing condition and triple digit birthday on the horizon.
Of course in this situation with the years not being at all kind to Bob and the limited days he has left, this is even more important that he be as happy as he can before he wanders down the back paddock of the great after life . 

I thought you might be interested to know he remarked to me how dearly he would love another lister engine so in cases like the recent blackout you suffered, he is able to provide all the power you need to keep you comfortable and as happy as he says you more than deserve.  With incredible luck and good timing, there just happens to be such a unit not all that far from you and going for an exceptionally keen price! I know how much it would mean to Bob to fulfill his life long dream to have one of these and something to cross off his bucket list, before he kicks that very same bucket into eternal Slumber.

Bob told me if he happened to have a machine like this, he'd be able to sell off 10 of his others and all his other " treasures"  as this would replace all of them! Of course the returns he would get on the others would cover the cost of this one many times over so he would have plenty to buy you the Christmas gift he really would love give you, the single and forever love of his life and see the Joy in your eyes when he did.

Bob and I share many of the same aliments but since my Macqurie St specialist put me onto restoring old engines ( which is how I met Bob) I'm like I was 40 years ago! Thrown away the walking frame and the Diabetic socks, Lost 30 Kg, now jog 10 Km every morning to the gym and back before breakfast, have taken over all the house chores from my good wife and no longer take any medication.... a substantial monthly savings in itself let me tell you!
I have also regained all my own hair and had to throw my dentures away as my teeth all grew back as well!
 That was a bit of a waste of money but I spose was worth it.  My wife is very happy and says my newfound energy and passion has also been very " Satisfying". I'm a bit concerned that I look so many years younger now but my wife seems to be happy with that too.

There is a lot more to restoring these old engines than meets the eye. I was recently reading a peer reviewed paper in a medical journal on how restoring old engines and their specific type of dirt and grease has an abundance of vitamins and chemicals that are readily ingested through the skin and olfactory glands that have what was deemed to be " Fountain of youth" like powers. To the untrained eye these incredible compounds just look like every other type of unspeakable filth and grot but their medicinal qualities are amazing.

That's not counting of course the incredible level of mental improvement a man gets from working on Lister type machinery exclusively in his shed. there is just no medical equivalent of that either in the form of word therapy or medication.  Studies have shown that working on a lister engine restoration can add decades to a persons life and restore the will to live where once there was none!

I'm presently trying to corner the market on all these old bangers as once word gets out, they will be worth more than their weight in gold. Even owning one will make a person VERY wealthy.... just from the product endorsements multinational companies will be clamoring for these studly men lucky enough to have one to do!

 I have heard sometimes it take 2-3 engine restorations for the effect to take place so you might not see the results straight off. When you do, it will be something to behold let me tell you. Certainly worked for me!
 In any case, seeing that one last glint in "ol Bobs cataract eyes before his flame fades out completely and the smile of his dentures would have to be worth it wouldn't it? Seeing him return fitter and more handsome than when he was in his prime all those endless decades ago  would just have to give a person as much warmth in their heart as it would his.

Anyway, I just thought I'd give you that heads up as Bob is probably too frail in his present condition to let you know and would never think of asking for anything for himself anyway. I was hoping to come Visit and meet you, the incredible woman Bob can never stop telling me about but I will have to put that off till next year. I hope you can secure that engine for him so he will be around  for so many more years but if not, I understand and pray I can get there before it's too late. If not, I'll do my best to be there for his final sendoff anyway.



PS, I have Attached  a picture of myself 1 year ago before I did a lister restoration and one from a family outing to the beach last weekend.


Title: Re: Nice 6/1 for sale
Post by: ajaffa1 on November 29, 2018, 11:45:51 AM
Dear Santa Glort you are one sick, manipulative SOB, can`t wait to see you, hopefully in the new year.  :laugh:

Don`t imagine Narelle is going to fall for any of that sadly. She spent twenty years running London pubs and has heard every hard luck story there is. She even threw Pierce Brosnan (James Bond at the time) out of one for being disrespectful to her staff. You will need to come up with something infinitely more convincing and devious to have any chance at all!

When she ran the Angel in Highgate, North London, one evening we had David Soul come in the pub. (remember Starsky and Hutch?) He had just been found guilty of wife beating in the USA. My Wife went over and explained to him he was welcome and would be protected, provided he behaved himself and treated the staff and other customers with respect. He was a regular for the next six months, while he was working in London's west end. No trouble at all, even used to bring his dog with him.

Some how, even junkies and wife beaters understand and obey the rules if you lay them out clearly enough, Narelle is one of those people that can explain the reality of life in very few words. I remember her introducing me to her unofficial bouncers, one was called Keith the other Scouse, they had both done twenty years in jail for armed robbery and murder. Two of the nicest and most well adjusted human beings I have ever met, their fearsome reputation kept Narelle and I from harm until we came to Australia, all at no cost other than welcoming them and treating them with the same respect and courtesy as any other customer.

Thanks for trying,

Title: Re: Nice 6/1 for sale
Post by: glort on November 29, 2018, 12:17:33 PM

No worries Bob.

Least now I don't feel so bad for putting in a half reasonable offer on that engine soon as I followed your link.
Figured if I am going to come up there to bothe..... Visit you, may as well have a crack at that and go a bit further.  Besides, If i did get it , would keep our Mrs occupied complain.... sharing stories about us for hours.

Sounds like your Mrs is indeed a very smart woman with a lot of life experience to draw from.

My nephew also ran a few pubs in London when he was over there for a few years. His girlfriend whom he brought back with him and was working in one place loves to recount the story of the New Aussie manager who on his first day on the job, went over and told Prince Harry to Calm the fk down and stop laughing so loud or he'd throw him out on his arse.  Apparently you could hear a pin drop for a few sec before the place erupted in Laughter.
Apparently Harry and the nephew became pretty good friends after that.

More I think about that engine the more I like the idea of it. I do want a genuine roid and I could sell the jackhammer Punjab one I have so it would cost me nothing.  Might ask if they have something to lift it into my ute.  Don't want to drag a trailer all the way up there and my chances of getting it freighted down probably aren't good either.  If it can be lifted in the ute, I could make up a frame to sit it on and just bolt the thing in place. Couple of tie downs and all would be well.

Only Job then will be convincing the Mrs to come all that way in my car. She hates it. Lowered, stiff suspension makes it a bit hard in the ride but it corners like the thing is on Rails!
Title: Re: Nice 6/1 for sale
Post by: ajaffa1 on November 29, 2018, 12:35:04 PM
Hey Buddy the good news is I won`t be bidding against you, good luck, hope you get it, it needs a good home with loving parents.

When I went to pick mine up, I hired a trailer from Bunnings. Cost me $40 for 24 hours. My wife towed it up to Queensland and back and returned it the following day. Very much doubt they have any idea we did more than 1000 Km with their trailer.  :laugh:

Loaded it with a couple of planks and some ratchet straps.