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Title: micro-vee PK pulleys
Post by: mikenash on July 26, 2018, 10:12:42 PM

Here you go Glort

I forget how people got onto the subject of micro-vee pulleys, but this is the driven pulley for my 3000 RPM head off the 24 wheel of the CS (should run no-load 3150 at 580 engine RPM if my count-on-the-fingers is right)

Its the aircon pulley off a big truck.  I went to the local truck wreckers with a pair of vernier callipers and checked out the pulleys on lots of engines until I found one close to perfect

There were lots of those 8PK pulleys of all sorts of diameters from 250mm downwards driving water pumps and power-steering pumps and some quite big-load sort of truck stuff

This one had a clutch in the centre as it was an aircon pulley and I cut that out and filed the stubs of the lugs out of the way

I just cut a bit of M16 plate into a circle, welded it onto the end of a bit of 40mm shaft, got the local machinist to turn it to 107mm to suit the I/D of the pulley and face-up the back of it square

Tacked the pulley in place using the thumbnail-ometer to get it flush and gave it a trial spin on the lathe to check it for true it came up primo.

$80 for the pulley and $20 for the machinist
Title: Re: micro-vee PK pulleys
Post by: glort on July 26, 2018, 11:09:30 PM

Very Clever!

there are a couple of truck places down the road form Me. I hadn't even thought of  truck parts but I'll go see what they have on Monday.
I'm interested in a Hi amp 24V alternator as well so kill birds with one stone.
I Bought home an AC clutch last time I was at my fathers for the magnet. The Pulley is still up the shed. That could be usable in itself if I mod and adapt it this way.  I'd prefer something larger as well so might be cheaper to get 2 done at the same time at the engineering shop.

Thanks for the idea and heads up.