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Title: 4 HP water cooled Petteroid lube problem
Post by: jimt765 on March 29, 2007, 04:43:37 PM
I bought a 4 HP petteroid along with a 12 HP Petteroid Last Year. I wanted to see if the engine has oil pressure at the Cam end of the engine. On the 12 HP engine I was able to see that the Rod journals and Main bearings were getting a good supply of oil including the Cam gear on the side of the engine. The 4 HP Petteroid also was getting good oil to the bearings except when I removed the cam cover on the side of the engine the gears and governer assymbly were dry!... appearantly there is no oil coming through the crank and out to the cam gear? How can I repair this? has anyone had a problem similiar to this? luckily both engines have never been run more than one or one an half minutes... I cound not find any damage to the cam gears.

Does anyone here know how the rocker arms are supposed to be lubed? this did not come with a manual. neither engine seems to have any oil passage ways to the rocker arms... seems like it needs manual oil with an oil can?

Engines are metalic blue in colour. With plaster filler under paint in spots. Other than the problems mentioned they did start easily.


Title: Re: 4 HP water cooled Petteroid lube problem
Post by: Doug on March 29, 2007, 09:27:36 PM
The rocker shaft is hollow and mine has a british thread and banjo fitting about the size of 10 mm banjo bolt. oil is fed from a line that taps off the front of the main oil gallery ( the piston pump type may not have this banjo fitting on the block ).

Oil blows threw the front main bearing carrier on the bushed Petteroid, cam bearing and and retunrs to the sump threw these holes below the gear oil pump pick up.

I don't know how you can improve the oiling on the piston pump TRB Petteroid. They're splash luber everywhere but at the conrod and front cam bearing from what I can tell?

Is this the 12 hp Petter and 4 hp mini from Kissan sodl by Altopro?
How clean was it, and can you post some pictures?

Title: Re: 4 HP water cooled Petteroid lube problem
Post by: Doug on April 01, 2007, 02:49:40 AM
I've been thinking about your Petteroid Jim:

I don't think the piston pump has enough capacity to lube more than just the rod bearing. But if you remove the rocker arm shaft and have a machinist make you a longer hollow one that will accept a fitting you could pack the inside of the shaft with felt like an electric motor oil cup and wick oil to the rockers. Maybe a cheap auto greaser filled with engine oil could be used as a resovoir. Just fill it with oil and let it leak into the felt.

A little extra oil might end up in your crank case and you'll need to watch the level but this is the eaiest solution I can come up with. The only other laternative I can think of would be a small power stearing pump run off the flywheel PTO or the cam stub shaft.

BTW I have a long Petteroid cam extened shaft you could slip a pully on and still have room for a crank handle to start. I would be willing to swap you this for your stub shaft. If the vender who sold you this engine still is accepting orders I'd ask him if I were you to order you a fly wheel PTO and a long shaft ( this part is the exact same sa your came stub shaft only longer ) for the flty wheel.

The Petter flat belt pully also bolts onto the fly wheel and might be of use ( I also have one of these but I'm not willing to part with it )
Title: Re: 4 HP water cooled Petteroid lube problem
Post by: jimt765 on February 26, 2008, 12:46:37 AM
Thank you Doug for the information. Sorry I have not responded to your comments I have not loged on to this site in almost a year. My engine does have a piston type pump. I did order them from the company Altopro, they are made by Kissan. I ended up emailing the company and they told me the 4 hp Petter gears on the side of the engine are oiled from vaporized oil that makes its way through two openings in the castings. The 12 hp Petter has oil galleries that pass through the crank and spin out from the cam gear on the side. Personally I think the 4 hp Petter should have pressurized oil to those gears. In time I will come up with something. I would like to see your pictures of the Petter flat belt pully.

Title: Re: 4 HP water cooled Petteroid lube problem
Post by: Doug on February 26, 2008, 01:32:47 AM
Ok soon as I get the chance.

Can you post some pictures of your Petters?

I believe some oil is directed to the front cam bearing and leaks out to lube the gears.

I know this is the case with the big one.

Have you had them run yet?

All fittings are 3/8 BSP and you can convert to JIC hydraulic lines easy of you decide to add an externa/ pump of some kind
Title: Re: 4 HP water cooled Petteroid lube problem
Post by: buickanddeere on February 26, 2008, 02:20:11 AM
  The oil pump should have enough reserve capacity. The gears will only require a steady drip of oil, not a stream.